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    Relational Analysis with Stock Charts

    in Education

    This week Martha Stokes CMT talks about how you can use stock charts for technical, fundamental, and risk analysis.  The modern charts now have the ability to take fundamental and financial data and put those into a graphical form that makes it as easy to study the financials of a company, as it is to study the technical patterns for the stock.  Having all of the most important information in a stock chart makes it easier and more reliable to choose stocks.  Martha tells you how this new Relational Analysis™ will make your stock selection far more reliable and profitable than just reading the news, or using a recommendation service.  Join Martha Stokes CMT for a fascinating topic on the new chart analysis called Relational Analysis™.

    Martha Stokes CMT

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    LFC-Sexual Relational Healing Retreat Blog-A-Thon

    in Christianity

    This Blog-a-Thon is design to capture the listening audience an assist them in registering for this Free Sexual Relational Healing Conference. One will be thoroughly informed about the retreat as a whole, learn about hundreds of wordshops & opportunities to lend their ministry gifting.  you will have the opportunity as well to Register and qualify for Special Discounted Hotel Room Rates.

    So mark your calendars, invite your friends and be apart of this live blog-a-thon.  If interested come by 1750 w. 103rd st., Chicago, Il. 60643  meet & greet others who will be embarking on this life changing journey. Remember thats Saurday, August 8th from 10-4 onsite.

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    The Neuroscience of a Survivor's Brain in the Aftermath

    in Psychology

    Join Sandra Brown, MA and Jennifer Young, LMHC with guest neuropsychologist, Dr. Rhonda, as they discuss the neuroscience of pathological love relationships. There are some very specific things that happen to the brain of a survivor of a pathological love relationship that help explain why these relationships are so impactful and harmful.

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    Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World with Arlene Pellicane

    in Management

    Arlene Pellicane is the co-author of Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World.  Her other books include 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom.  Arlene has appeared on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, and Focus on the Family.  She and her husband James have three children. 

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    A New View Of Therapy-Ben Belnap Ph.D, Clinical Dir. Sunrise RTC-UT

    in Psychology

    Dr. Belnap suggests integrating behavioral and relational therapies in working with struggling teens, two of the most common used approaches in therapeutics to Lon Jan. 25, 2016.  Dr. Belnap is the clinical Director for Sunrise RTC in Utah, a program for adolescent girls and explains why this integrated approach will be more effective with adolescents.

    Contact: Ben Belnap 888-317-3961  www.sunrisertc.com

    Lon Woodbury: 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com www.strugglingteens.com

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    Taking Risks!

    in Relationships

    Relationships are an integral part of our human existence. Discover the keys to developing lasting connections, and prepare yourself to take the risks which will enable relational growth.

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    Words from the WORD

    in Christianity


    The Seven Wonders in the Word Ministry was birth out of Labourers For Christ Sexual Relational Healing Retreat.  It is a physical presentation of an event, person or thing in scripture.  Each scene represents a time or place in scripture where life changed for those in relationship with God.  Key principles of the Kingdom are revealed through these featured Wonders.   These principles were presented in audio and written form as well. We will be sharing them here with you.  The ministry of the Seven Wonders provides a time of reflection and connection.  A quiet reminder of who has chosen you and how He has committed Himself to you. Listen and feel His presence greet you and lead you into intimate fellowship and wonder.  Past Wonders presented:  Broken Vessels, threshing floor, strong tower, the winepress,  tabernacle of David, trees,

    The twelve tribes of Israel , Holy Priest hood, Refiners Fire, feeds the 5000, woman at the well , alabaster box,   Altars of Sacrifices, 23 Psalms, Gilgal, The Names of God, The Promises of God, Miracles, His Glory, The Fountain, The Well, The Wheel, The Road to Damascus, The Burning  Bush and The Garden to name a few.

    God has such a passionate message for us. He desires to establish His love in our hearts. He will not stop until all  His are safely in His arms. His message is as varied as the number of His Children. We rejoice in being able to share some of them with you here. Each session will include the promises of God found in each book of the bible. Old Testament at the start of the broadcast and New Testament at the close. A blessing of salvation and our scripture prayer for the week. We will be reading inspirational writings  from the wonders and the witnesses of His wonders

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    Using Relational Healing to Thrive

    in Business

    Join host Kelly Galea for this interview about Relating Authentically with Relational Expert & Spiritual Business Coach, Teresa Marinelli.
    We are born into this world through another. We are wholeheartedly connected. We instantly & instinctually begin to use our relationship to others; the people, places and things in our lives to learn, navigate & heal. It’s the process (one of the most natural) of relational transformation. 
    And then something happens. Over time, mechanisms are put in place that block our ability to relate whole heartedly, to continue the transformation process. Instead, we begin to simply, endure.
    We forget who we really are.
    We doubt ourselves & become lost in the roles others want us to play, staying in jobs for the “paycheck” and delaying personal fulfillment.
    We protect ourselves through stories from the past, stalling our progress & our full creative expression.
    We surround ourselves with people & objects that keep us where we’ve been, not where we’d like to go, causing resentment to build.
    We disengage from our authentic selves, our real purpose & our true desires staying in “safe” relationships, preventing full engagement.
    We put great pressure on ourselves to achieve success according to other’s standards avoiding professional fulfillment & greater happiness.
    Feeling stressed is the norm. Feeling stuck, frustrated and confused overshadow feelings of joy & happiness more of the time. The sense that “something is missing” continues for years.
    Many people wait until the alarms are going off in their life & their business before taking action. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is an easier way.
    That way is through Relational Healing.
    Tune in for this episode to discover the process of relational healing.

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    Attachment styles

    in Spirituality

    What is your attachment style? On today's show we will describe the different relating/attachment styles: Secure, Anxious/ambivalent, Avoidant and Disorganized; and how there's a spectrum, from minor/mild to extreme/rigid traits of each style.

    By knowing the different attachment styles we can better understand ourselves and others. Knowing a partner's relational style helps us to really 'get' them and better meet their needs. 

    With this knowledge we also can learn the origin of our limiting beliefs; and with this awareness help us to heal.

    We will also discuss being 'triggered', what this is exactly; how our unresolved childhood patterns can create reactions in the present moment which are not an expression of our authentic selves. 

    Mirror neurons and how they help to explain why we grow up to repeat what we witnessed our parents doing. 

    We will touch on practical ways to resolve these unhealthy patterns, such as somatic therapy, so that we can have fulfilling relationships and be our real selves. 



    "Why Can't I Change? How to Conquer Your Self-destructive Patterns" by Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri

    "Mirroring People" by Marco Iacoboni

    Somatic Experience Therapy: www.traumahealing.com/somatic-experiencing

    Del: www.youhavethepowerwithin.com

    Allison: www.artastrohealing.com


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    What's In It For Me - Christian Radio Show: "Does Religion Enslave You?" Part 2

    in Christianity

    Tune in to part 2 of the heated relational and historical discussion on the topic, Does Religion Enslave You? In part two we will address the question, "Does free will truly allow freedom of choice?" We'll offer strategies for how to overcome the feeling of being in bondage, as well as dialogue with the audience to answer heart felt questions on the topic that they posed to the hosts. Special guest hosts Brother Brandon Arnold, Ayton Taylor and Minister Reginald Fuller will rejoin the discussion offering their insight. And as usual you can look forward to us sharing the word of God with you on the topic.

    In the meantime, we invite you to ask youselves, "Who is your Master, and is worshiping him done out of duty or servitude?" 

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    5 Mistakes the Type 4 Mom Makes

    in Parents

    Want more cooperation from your children?

    How about a happier home with more harmony and deep relational connections?

    Learn your Energy Type and your children's Energy Types and all of this and more will be yours.

    Carol Tuttle's Energy Profiling system gives you the tools you need to take the frustration and confusion out of parenting.

    Read Carol's revolutionary book, The Child Whisperer, for insights about how to customize your parenting approach so it fits each of your children perfectly. Conflict will be reduced, understanding will increase and joy will fill your home!

    You'll write in with one success story after another about how your family is creating the experience you always dreamed of.

    If you're ready to start this process, get your copy of The Child Whisperer today!

    Highlights from this show:

    Tune in at 5:37 to learn how to empower your children to speak up when you're being overly harsh or critical with them.

    At 29:33 learn the root issue a Type 4, 11 year old is dealing with when she's triggered by her mom correcting her math homework.

    FInally, catch Carols insights about how to support children who don't seem interested in school at 33:11

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