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    The Joys and Pains of Sex!: Relating to the Opposite Sex

    in Christianity

    You know...men and women are different! You may laugh at this, but sometimes men and women relate to each other from their own perspective and not from that of the opposite sex. God created men to be strong, warriors; pursuers and defenders..masculine. God created women to be soft and tender; nurturers, relational...femininity. We should understand the quallities our Creator gifted us with and accept and appreciate the qualities of our opposite sex heterosexual counterparts. When we do this, we will enjoy healthy dating and sexual relationships! Tune in tonight to find out how! Talk with you then!

    *Please Note: Now don't get me wrong...we can often stereotype men and women, and be a source of riducle when the stereotypical image is 'skewed'. But know while God created us with traits specific to our masculinity and femininity, these traits can transition from one sex to the next. For example, there are some men that are emotionally in tune and wonderfully nuturing, even more so than their girlfriend or wife. It does not make a man weak! Just like some women must be strong warriors for their families because they are single parents by death or by someone's choice. It does not make her masculine! God designs us with specific qualities based on who He has called us to be! Embrace you and embrace the opoosite sex! 

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    THE DETECTORS RADIO NETWORK Murders Relating to Wall Street

    in Radio

    The list is growing while we are seeing more and more people who have ties to Bernie Madoff and or other relating  banking conspiracies die what is going on there is also more about did Gilberts son kill him or what really happened as he was included in the   Bernie Madoff  Scandal http://danneburley.wix.com/wallstreetconspiracy

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    Trust & other topics relating to YOUR kundalini awakening process

    in Spirituality

    Weekly Wednesday Satsang with Chrism and company - in the Studio - in the chat room - on the phone !  

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    Divorce, Breaking up, Relating Part 2

    in Music

    Tonight, Sunday, 9pm - 10pm let's talk about Baltimore, raising our sons and have a part 2 from last week - Break ups, divorce, healing and positive relationships. If I am radiating love will love come to me in many forms?

    As the late Whitney Houston said, "How will I know if he really loves me?" Just because he says he loves me, is he the one for me? 

    661-467-2407 tonight at 9pm - 10pm on CaribbeanRadio Show.com. Dial in or online radio.

    BMichelle - Author, Spoken Word Artist and host of "Loving Our Mandingo." with Professor D.


  • 'The Matt Duffin Show' - Coping & Hoping

    in Entertainment

    Mindfulness.  Relating Assertively.  5 R's of Stress Management.  Recognizing Thoughts, Feelings.  Problem Solving.  


    And so many much needed skills to be a Human Being, to be a person.  Once the brain is scrambled by a TBI or any brain injury, COPING SKILLS indeed get scrambled too, as the brain is our make up.  Coping Skills, taught soon following my Severe TBI of 7-years ago, is what way of life I MUST try to live, to be able to live life on life's terms.  With out it, there is no Matt Duffin.  The shell left of myself would roll, crack and break on a constant basis.  With Coping Skills, we learn to make good of the bad, and make the bad go away.  


    Coping, with a TBI.  Its out of this world, sometimes a delayed flight life can be but we learn to standon solid ground.  Little League World Series ended today with Japan on top, but over 40,000 fans in person and most of the world on TV watched the game live.  Baseball is the one who won.  Also, 'When a Legend Changes Uniforms' and the NEW $10 bill prospects.  Also, at Midnight Eastern, or 6 A.M. South African time, our SA Correspondent Miss Gina Gee is give an update on life as a TBI Survivor not-so 'Out of Africa'...


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    Keeping our Lamps Lit in a Time of Darkness

    in Christianity

    It is imperitive that believers in our day undrstand the meaning of this parable that Jesus offered that speaks of the difference between the wise and the foolish in waiting for His return.  God wants us to be waiting with expectancy.  However, many are not interested in comprehending the importance of this vital story relating to our ultimate destiny.

    Please listen as Mark Joneschiet, The Running Pastor, expounds on this classic parable from scripture.

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    As a courtesy, we note that on the spreadsheet there is one open matter that involves you (Carmen Sabatino v. City of Modesto, Case No. 620253).  It is our understanding that Meyers Nave successfully defended the City in a lawsuit you filed challenging the City’s conduct related to the Charter amendment to create Council districts.  In the course of litigation, you filed an amended complaint.  The City instructed Meyers Nave to file a motion to strike the amended complaint pursuant to California’s anti-SLAPP statute.  The City prevailed in its anti-SLAPP action, and was awarded all of the attorney’s fees it sought in its motion for attorney’s fees relating to the anti-SLAPP action.  This matter is still open because the City has not received payment.

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    Are You Ready To Get Your Influence On?! - Get Your KII®

    in Business

    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Are You Ready To Get Your Influence On?! - Get Your KII®

    My guest this Wednesday is Dr. Karen Keller, who is author and creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). She is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in influence and human behavior. Dr. Keller develops programs, materials and resources relating to the Art of Influence. Her latest influence report, SOCR®, incorporates a person’s Seven Influence Traits® as related to 5 Organizational Competencies.  Dr. Keller speaks to groups around the globe about the impact of influence in business and relationships. Some of her clients are American Express, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Lear, and Wabash National.

    The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the first influence assessment designed to help people understand the exact influence traits it takes in order to create the change they want to see, both in their personal and professional lives. The KII® is a scientifically, validated assessment that accurately measures a person’s capacity to be influential. Once a person takes the KII® they receive a 50 page report that offers scores and goes into detail about these 7 traits: confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness and likeability. It provides an overall score called your K-Factor® is a benchmark of where the person currently exists with regard to each of these traits.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:00 pm EST. Find Out The Reasons Why You Must Become Your Most Influential Self - Dont Miss This Second Show!

  • Moving Towards Light 8/26/15 - Reading is Fundamental

    in Spirituality

    Good evening, fellow seekers, and welcome to Moving Towards Light, a forum where we discuss and provide some hard earned insight relating to our own explorations of the many roads and methods which promise to lead us to the ultimate answer: a higher purpose, the meaning of life.

    Those old commercials had it right: reading is fundamental. 

    Spiritual texts. The importance of literacy and critical thinking. There are many things being said out there, and a lot of them are crap.  You need to know what to look for and when to pay attention amidst all the detritus on display.  

    And more than that: you don't want to railroad yourself by working from a limited palette. If you want to get anywhere or touch anything of value, you'll want to draw the truth from different sources...while rejecting the misinformation and lies. 

    Plus our usual tangenital flow of thought and transference of deep knowledge and esoteric wisdom...regular listeners know the score!

    For all those frustrated in their quest, who've been through various stops on the spectrum of spirituality and found them ultimately unfulfilling:

    Join hosts "Doc" Savage and Janna (the "Esoteric Mom") as we share both hard learned lessons and thoughts on potential new directions in the quest, on our journey towards light.

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    Shemittah--Stockmarket Close Low--What Does it Mean? Dr. G Live & Periscope

    in Religion

    Discussions referencing the Shemittah, Stockmarket, Personal Finance and Investing.  Babyboomers and future decisions relating to finance.

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    Endings are always and only new beginnings... welcome to my point of view

    in Paranormal

    The question was asked long ago: "Why do bad things happen to good people?" A book was written titled: "When bad things happen to good people." Negativity is neccessary for ends to occur. Often it takes negativity to get people past where they are so that what will be can take place. Endings are always and only new beginnings, so that greaterness can be one's new life. Death of the body only means a new path for the soul. The trick with anyone who has passed on is what are they now as an existence? The importance of this is what does the soul exist as after the body has ceased to exist? What this means is people need to stop relating to those of the past as if they still exist as they did as their ego/body. Everyone fails to do this. Jesus and Buddha both exist differently now than they did when they were in the flesh. Does anyone know what they are like now? The answer is no. I beg to differ with anyone who claims Jesus of Buddha has come to them looking anything like they did humanly. Welcome to my point of view.