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    NABWIC TALKS: with Rekha S. Jadala - President of SRR International Inc.

    in Women

    Rekha S. Jadala is the president and owner of SRR International which provides

    ·         IT and GIS solutions for Industries like Construction, Health Care, Aviation, Engineering

    ·         Provide Engineering & Construction Staff Augmentation Services

    ·         Construction Inspection and Material Testing Services.

    Ms. Jadala holds degree in Alternative Medicine and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.Ms. Jadala has a broad background in engineering, construction, environmental, health care and forensic systems, integrating data for applications, planning, operations and decision support. Because of her combined professional background in industry, science, engineering and technology, Ms. Jadala can translate between providers, scientists, operations managers, decision makers, and information-systems staff to define common goals clearly and implement specific solutions.

    Contact info:


    Email: rekha@srrintl.com   |  Website: www.srrintl.com


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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy DeNador and Guest Kristen Sharma 03/11/15

    in Lifestyle

    Kristen Sharma is my guest for Live Your Music 03/11/15.

    Kristen is the founder and president of Inspired!, Inc., a training company that organizes life improvement and success events. She is also the owner of a spa and wellness company. She is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur who has dedicated all her projects to healing and inspiring others. As an accomplished lifestyle trainer, singer and songwriter, Kristen believes music can transform people’s lives.

    Kristen believes in designing the life of your dreams, and she has done just that. Her work with thought leaders Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Barbara DeAngelis and Bob Proctor over the past two decades has brought her to her current work. 

    Kristen is the founder of the "Be Your Best Conference" series and "Sparkle Retreats" which will be taking place in 2015 in Sedona, Arizona, one of the world's most beautiful and peaceful locations. Both programs are designed to inspire attendees to live life to their full potential in all areas and go for their dreams, while experiencing more success, love, passion and peace.

    During the show you'll hear a beautiful song titled I Believe sung by Eliot Sloan and Kristen Sharma.

    To connect with Kristen online, and learn more about her retreats and her music, please visit her website: www.KristenSharma.com.

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    Alka Total Fitness with Alka At the LizyT show

    in Fitness

    My name is Alka Sharma and I have three passions: dance, kickboxing and helping people be the best they can be. Fitness is all about passion.
    I learned how much a good trainer can help people when I was young, overweight and lacking self-confidence. I trained hard and eventually performed in dance competitions across the United States and Canada. It was at this point that I became passionate about cardio kickboxing and began taking classes at a local gym, training hard to master kickboxing.

    I earned my trainer certification at Fitness Kickboxing Canada, a recognized professional organization for kickboxing instructors. My approach as a certified instructor is to use upbeat music and combine dance movements with traditional kicks and punches. This approach can help you to burn up to 400 calories and possibly more in your workouts. But most importantly, you’ll build confidence knowing that you look and feel better as you begin to experience the multiple benefits of my combined choreographed dance and kickboxing routines:

    increased cardio health,
    better stamina and energy levels
    increased muscular development and tone
    better flexibility.
    stress relief
    weight loss and weight maintenance
    a helpful approach to nutrition

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    Record Talk Radio with Janet Sharma

    in News

    Join us on Wednesday July 2 at 1 p.m. when our guest on Record Talk Radio will be Janet Sharma, executive director of the Volunteer Center of Bergen County.

    We'll talk with Sharma about her non-profit agency's work in distributing about $3.78 million in relief funds for Moonachie and Little Ferry residents whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.

    Have a question for Sharma? Send you suggestions to me at johnensslin@gmail.com


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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Judy O'Beirn 02/25/15

    in Lifestyle

    My guest for 02/25/15 is Judy O'Beirn.

    For  the last 7 years Judy O'Beirn has been helping hundreds of authors become bestsellers in her role as president of Hasmark Services. More recently she has become an author and Creator of a book of short stories titled Unwavering Strength.

    Judy decided to write the book when her husband, Gerry, became ill with cancer and ultimately passed away from the disease in 2012, to help her channel her grief. In the two previous years before she lost him, she lost her mother, two sister-in-laws, her dog, and her daughters’ best friend all to the disease, and a brother years before that.

    Her goal with this book is to help others deal with loss in their lives.

    Judy is excited about the release of Unwavering Strength Volume 2: Stories to Warm Your Heart and Soul. During the show we'll talk about the new book and I'll also play a beautiful and inspiring song called Gerry's Song during the show.

    To connect with Judy O'Beirn online, please visit her websites:

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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Mucus/Heart-Health Answers/PSA Test

    in Health

    Miss the show? Here is the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio 02-28-15 PODCAST 40min mp3 Mucus. It isn’t pretty, but it’s a frontline weapon in the fight against the common cold and sinusitis. On this week’s Mayo Clinic Radio, ENT specialist Dr. Erin O’Brien explains why. Also on the program, Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Rekha Mankad answers listener questions about […]

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    Finding answers with guests Dr Rajendra Sharma / Naomi Mead

    in Health

    DR RAJENDRA SHARMA, is a private practitioner and an Integrated (Orthodox and Complementary medicine) practitioner. He has a special interest in Anti-ageing medicine and the treatment of chronic disease. Dr Sharma is the Secretary of the British Society of Ecological Medicine. The BSEM is a group of doctors, scientists and advanced practitioners in nutritional, allergy and environmental medicine in the UK with associated groups through-out the world. He has wrote a family book on health as well. http://www.drsharmadiagnostics.com http://www.theinfusionclinic.co.uk   Based in the U.K., Geeta Sidhu-Robb is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational mentor and founder of Nosh Detox – a highly successful well-being company that delivers delicious, nutritionally balanced menus straight to customers’ doors. Nosh Detox creates custom health packages and unique, natural health solutions to achieve optimal well-being, from promoting healthy eating, treating problem skin and working with weight issues to solving digestive problems, coping with stress, fighting infections and more.   Naomi Mead is a Nutritional Therapist trained and accredited at the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition. She is passionate about the role of nutrition in health and the therapeutic power of good food. Her approach is both supportive and practical, and she will provide you with nutritional advice tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. She has a particular interest in the areas of weight management, female health, stress, low energy, and digestive disorders. Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better.   http://www.noshdetox.com/

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    ENCORE: Divine Life with Usha Sharma

    in Self Help

    What does it mean to live a Divine Life? What does it mean to be a conscious entrepreneur?

    Do you have a spiritual practice but still struggle with money? Or, are you stressed out with the demands of life, career, and family? 

    Usha Sharma, founder of the Divine Life Institute, will share ways to tap into your wisdom, reignite your passion and bring more meaning and abundance into your life and business on a special encore presentation of #RadiantLivingRadio !

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    NDB Radio on Tuesday Evenings . . . Rekha Sharma of V and Battlestar Galactica!

    in Entertainment

    Rekha Sharma, FBI Agent on V and Tory Foster of Battlestar Galactica - the secret Cylon!

    NDB Radio is on the air! Join the regular cast of cellar-dwellers as we dish about everything and anything! Tuesday night is NDB Radio night! Join us on Joke Nights, Collateral Damage and many others!

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    Joseph Finder, Lauren Francis-Sharma, Anthony Doerr & Adelle Waldman

    in Books

    In this episode, we focus on great fiction and feature great giveaways! Join us for conversations with:

    Joseph Finder on Suspicion
    Lauren Francis-Sharma on 'Till the Well Runs Dry
    Anthony Doerr on All the Light We Cannot See
    Adelle Waldman on The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

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    Fabulous Careers with Rekha Yalamanchili, The VANT Group and Mosaic Services

    in Entrepreneur

    VP Enterprise Radio is a radio show developed to discuss topics related to business, entrepreneurship and success.

    The show offers tips, how-to's, guest speakers discussing their business and how they became entrepreneurs and other valuable information to lead individuals in business with strategies to continue to move up the entrepreneurial ladder.

    Fabulous Careers, Doing What You Love with Rekha Yalamanchili, Business Development Officer at The VANT Group and Board Member of Mosaic Services. 11:00 a.m. Central Time.

    Your Host, LaToya Haynes | Administrative Consultant at Driven Results VP

    Visit www.drivenresultsvp.com to learn more information about how I help small business owners and entrepreneurs stop struggling with not enough time in their business to get important details done to continue to grow their business.

    Guest Speaker: Rekha Yalamanchili | Business Development Officer, The VANT Group and Board of Directors Member at Mosaic Services.

    Find me on:

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/latoyahaynesdrvp

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drivenresultsvp

    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LatoyaHaynes/about

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/drivenresultsvp #VPEnterpriseRadio