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    5 Myths of Facial Rejuvenation

    in Health

    Join guest Dr. Joseph Niamtu, III of Love That Face cosmetic surgery center based in Midlothian, VA.  There are many facets to achieving facial rejuvenation both surgically and non-surgically and there is often much hype in the news about the best ways to achieve a great look.  As Dr. Joe says, "My patients just want to LOVE their face. It's my job to help them achieve that goal in the best way possible."  If you want to learn about how to achieve a great look from your forehead to your chin, don't miss this episode. www.lovethatface.com.

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    Manifesting Through Intentions

    in Health

    Join us as we launch Pure Rejuvenation Station where we talk about finding Happiness, Health & harmony in pure ways. today's topic is all about setting your intentions to manifest the dreams in your life! 

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    Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Technologies

    in Lifestyle

    Greetings and Welcome to our show "Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Technologies". Look 20 years younger with a few treatments. Valerie Jarrette Bass, Host at RadioTimeProductions, I will talk about my personal experience with "The Lunchtime Face Lift" treatments at Sue Lee Beauty Spa. A very impressive facility with experts in a variety of Beautifications! Join us for the Exciting News about Looking Younger, much younger. We Welcome Call-ins: 347.852.2452

    Ms. Sue Lee, CEO of Sue Lee Beauty Spa

    Welcome to Sue Lee Beauty in Coral Springs, FL

    Sue Lee Beauty proudly offers A’ List Beauty Treatment as seen on E News! At affordable prices. At Sue Lee Beauty, we provide Non-Surgical body contouring and Facelift treatments that take place in a spa-like environment with low lighting and soft music. Each session is an oasis away from the stress of your day. At Sue Lee Beauty, we believe that achieving your desired beauty should always be Relaxing, Painless and Affordable. We have clients ranging from the age of 18 who wants to look and feel better, whether male or female. Complementary consultation.

    Dr. Howard Stoller, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Stress Management Therapist will discuss Light & Sound Technology and managing stress.




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    Vaginal Rejuvenation /TheWWShoW

    in Dads and Family

    Vaginal Rejuvenation /TheWWShoW
    I mite say something you mite not like.
    The Willie Williams Radio Show
    free call (347) 677-1859 to listen/talk
                 To Watch Live:
    www.Facebook.com/Willie Williams

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    Getting Focused on Your Intentions

    in Health

    Taking your Thoughts to the new level. We have many thoughts every day. Find out how to stay focused and live the life of your dreams!

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    The Secret Essence of Love Conjure & Sexual Rejuvenation

    in Romance

    Join us on this episode as we learn how to be sexually rejuvenated. And how we can apply love and sex magic techniques to our love relationships. This is going to be a powerful episode as we discuss love conjure, sexual rituals, love spells and love rejuvenation. We are going to be accompanied by our special guest, psychic and sexual intuitive Daddye Duvayne. We will even discuss what church’s don’t want you to know about the art of sex and it’s energetic powers. Stay tuned, because as always this is going to be a show you don’t want to miss.


    If you are not in our group on Facebook, please find us at Erotic Talk Radio and ask to join the group to stay up on some sensual BUT tasteful topics.

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    MysteryMasteryMagic presents: Secrets of Rejuvenation

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we continue reading from Almine's book the Secrets of Rejuvenation pages 182-194. The Spagyric Remedies.

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    The Rejuvenation Collaboration IV on RN.FM Radio!

    in Health

    The RejuveNation Collaboration is a bi-annual webinar series chock-full of strategies, tools, and resources to help you nurses practice better self-care.
    The host, Elizabeth Scala – herself a nurse and wellness coach – has assembled nine fabulous presenters with specific knowledge and expertise to leave you 
    Feeling energized and refocused, with renewed dedication to your personal and professional goals and ready to make more time for the relaxing, fun activities that leave you fulfilled. You’ll also find yourselves armed with a variety of supports for continued accountability and lasting success. The series has served over 350 participants worldwide and you’ll be pleased to know that the Collaboration has been approved by the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
    The next RejuveNation Collaboration begins on October 21, but we have a special treat for you. On this episode, we’ll be hosting speakers from the RCIV right here on RN.FM radio. They’re going to tell us a bit about themselves and the topics they’ll be presenting on.
    Plus, for all who listen to that show on September 23,  you can register with the RC while we're live and on air and your name will be entered in a drawing to receive two RCIV Backstage Passes – that’s one for you and one for a friend. Those passes will get you access to all the live Collaboration presentations, their recordings, the series workbook, a week’s worth of daily meditations, and the conference swag bag filled with additional goodies from the presenters.
    Again, you must register during the show on September 23 to be part of the drawing and we'll be announcing the raffle winner at the end of the show. See you there!

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    Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy Expert Dr. Theresa Dale

    in Health

    Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D, CCN, NP is a renowned healer and educator with over 30 years of experience helping patients transform their illness into wellness. Her training in a wide variety of transformational technologies, her own personal healing triumphs, and her decades of clinical experience qualify her as one of the pioneers in Natural Medicine. 

    Dr. Theresa Dale's training as a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (IAACN) helped fuel her passion to create the Wellness Center for Research & Education and the California College of Natural Medicine.

    In private practice since 1980 Dr. Dale now practices in CA as a traditional Naturopath specializeing in advanced homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification and emotional release technologies. 

    The pioneer of Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation, she invented a Naturopathic approach to balancing hormones including the first Five Element Saliva Test, endocrine rebuilding diet, homeopathic hormone rejuvenation, detoxification kits, Non-Toxic supplements & Mind, Body, Meridian remedies. Dr. Dale acknowledges that the emotional component of an illness needs to be released before a permanent health change can be effected.

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    The Essence of Womb Love Care & Rejuvenation

    in Romance

    Tune in tonight on Erotic Talk Radio as we discuss intimate self womb care, love, and rejuvenation with our special guest, owner and founder of The Womb Sauna, Reiki Practitioner, and womb specialist and healer, Thema Azize Serwa. Tonight, on this special erotic topic of the hour, you will learn the right way to have a much better and healthier relationship with your body. Learning how to communicate to it with love so that it will responds with detoxification, healing, and care.
    Ladies you know what I always say? This is a show that you don’t want to miss, because tonight you will learn how to get deep down to the root of the problem that causes you dis-satisfaction, dis-ease, and dis-comfort, with your mind, body, and soul.
    Tonight we are going to get deep and soulful before we get sensual, because you can’t feel sexy and embrace your sexuality if there is a deep discomfort, or disheartening feeling within you.  Tonight I look forward to your input, questions, and comments, because tonight, it is all about the ladies. So join in for this ladies night special, right here on Erotic Talk Radio. 
    And as always, don’t forget to join us on our facebook group page at Erotic Talk Radio and request to join our group so that you can get in on this erotic topic of the hour. You can also go to erotictalk.net and like that page. And finally, you can also follow us on twitter @eroticpleasure.

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    MysteryMasteryMagic presents: Secrets of Rejuvenation

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we continue reading from Almine's book the Secrets of Rejuvenation pages 182-194. The Spagyric Remedies.