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    Apple’s WWDC & The Challenge of Home Delivery

    in Business

    Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off. Sears plots a turnaround involving a REIT.  Plus, as Dunkin’ Brands becomes the latest restaurant chain (joining Starbucks, Chipotle & McDonald’s) to test delivery, we analyze the opportunities and challenges for the companies and customers.

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    This Is Kind Of A Big (Energy) Deal

    in Business

    Wayfair.com is growing, but Wall Street seems unimpressed. Noble Energy buys Rosetta Resources for $3.7 billion, but only one stock rises on the news.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss REIT investing and how quickly driverless semi-trucks will destroy us all.

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    Portfolio Report Card: A $200, 598 Retirement Plan Stuck in Neutral

    in Finance

    Ron DeLegge does a Portfolio Report Card for J.W. in Nashville, TN. Does his investment plan PASS or FAIL? Here’s some background on him: He’s 48 years old, he’s married, and he works in the healthcare field. His 403(b) plan is worth $204,899, it contains 18 mutual funds and he’s saving around $12,500 annually. Ron looks J.W.'s cost, risk, diversification, tax-efficiency, and performance. 

    Get $100 if your Portfolio Report Card is an "A" 

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  • Flip Tip #090: The best kept secret in real estate investing

    in Real Estate

    Want to invest in real estate without having to deal with tenants and toilets? Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are widely used investment vehicles at the institutional level, but probably not used enough for individual investors. If you want to own and get the benefits of real estate, without all the hassles, investing in publically traded REITs may be right for you. Ryan Daniel Moran tells is more in this FlipNerd.com Flip Tip.

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!

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    Introduction to Patricia Baronowski's Pristine Advisers

    in Marketing

    Patricia Baronowski's Pristine Advisers -- a full service Investor Relations/Public Relations and Media Relations firm.

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    $100mm REIT raised for Distressed Impact Investing

    in Finance

    Rebecca Regan develops and manages the Housing Partnership Network’s capital market relationships and oversees its neighborhood stabilization and foreclosure prevention initiatives. She also plays a critical role in leading business collaboration and peer exchange among the network’s high-performing affordable housing organizations. Previously she served as COO for Boston Community Capital as well as president of its Loan Fund. 

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    Call4All w/ Heather Stotland: Auction Wars Fact or Fiction

    in Real Estate

    Over just a short period of time, investors have flocked to purchase single family homes (“SFR”) and the new craze has even been on TV with shows such as Auction Wars. However, have you wondered is the portrayal true? Is this what an auction looks like? Is the SFR REIT investment class the new future? This topical seminar and Q&A will touch one the basics of the auction process, state and federal protections, construction surprises, leasing, management, the pros and cons, and what REITs have been doing.

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    Bringing Value to Your Goals

    in Self Help

    Ever feel like your goals are not bringing enough prosperity into your life?  In this episode find out the questions to answer that will help you establish a more prosperous life.  Also, listen to "Grow Your Finances" with Mario Payne as he shares about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and how or if you should invest in them.  This "Financial Friday"  is sure to help you manifest more into your life and it will help you make this October a  blast.
    Remember to register to win FREE gifts at https://www.designingyourlifetoday.com.

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    WSJs Late Tech Briefing Thurs, Oct. 11, 2012

    in News

    Sprint Nextel may just have found a buyer; Is that company REALLY a REIT?; Square is rounging the corner in New York City

  • How to Play the REIT Game

    in Legal

    REITs are a wonderful real estate investment vehicle, but they're are subject to significant  compliance issues involving tax and securities regulations.  While they are they deemed an attractive and chique vehicle to raise capital, develop property and operate real estate, there is a perception that a REIT is merely a high-powered partnership without tax implications that  traditional corporations are subject to.  This is not the case.  REITs are unique, complex corporations which hold real estate interest..


    Today, our guest, David Ford will talk about REITs and its importance in your practice of law. Dave Ford the principal of the Ford Law Firm, LLC, a transactional tax  law firm based in Columbia, SC, focuses on minimizing federal, state and local tax and transactional costs, while maximizing the client's wealth and achieving its business objectives. David serves on the Government Relations Committee and the State & Local Sub-Committee of the National Association of REITS, and is a member of the Urban Land Institute and the ABA’s REIT committee.

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    Non-Traded Reits vs. Direct Real Estate Investing

    in Real Estate

    As a real estate broker or investor, you might typically look to buy an office building or shopping center directly from the owner or seller.  As a seller, you may direct your broker to market your property to individual or corporate investors. However, are these your only options?
    Join us as we discuss non-traded REITS with John Bessey, President of Phillips Edison-ARC and Tony Chereso, Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Factright.
    These are two highly experienced, knowledgeable and interesting gentlemen who will discuss, among other things:
    Non-traded REITS as an alternate to direct real estate investing; The benefits and detriments to non-traded REITS vs. publicly traded REITS The relationship of non-traded REITS to Commercial Real Estate Brokers Property types and classes of properties owned by non-traded REITS The good, the bad & the ugly or are all non-traded REITS the same and what should you be looking for in a good REIT investment Mr. Bessey served as Chief Investment Officer for Phillips Edison & Company from 2005 to 2010. During that time, he managed the placement of more than $1.2 billion in 140 individual shopping centers comprising over 14,000,000 square feet. Prior to that, he served Phillips Edison as Vice President of Development from May 1999, starting the ground-up development program for the company. He started and completed more than 25 projects which included Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Safeway and Wal-Mart. 
    Mr. Chereso has a well-diversified financial service background ranging from corporate accounting, finance audit to management sales leadership.  Most recently Tony was national sales director for a securitized TIC sponsor.   Tony is a principal and Chief Operating Officer of FactRight. 

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