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    Earth Magic – An interactive workshop.

    Returning The Craft To Its Natural, Positive Roots


    Rediscover life’s richness through daily magical practice. Learn how to harness Earth’s elemental forces through ritual and the spoken word. Strengthen your spiritual practice, heal your own body, enhance relationships, increase business and remove the uncertainty from life. Make your own talisman out of rare herbs, crystals and charged powders/oils- all materials included in admission.



    Dr. Makeba Judge (Licensed Acupuncturist/Board Certified TCM Herbalist, Founder of Petalwise, Practitioner of The Craft)

    Diane Earl (Reikki Master, Native American Healer)

    Gina Jean (Spiritual reader with mastery in a unique fusion of tarot, astrology and numerology)

    Tainted Love- Hemp Food Specialists



    Visit www.petalwise.com for full details

     Saturday June 7th 3 pm - 8 pm


     Nicholas Brooklyn 570 Fulton street, Bklyn NY 11217


     Admission $20. All materials included. Refreshments available.


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    Living With Hope with host Trudy Thomas

    in Health

    Reikki is the topic today.

    My guest is Elizabeth Scala, a Reiki Nurse.


    Check out her website at:



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    The I AM Well Show welcomes back Kristian Pierce

    in Spirituality

    The I AM Well Show hosted by Annemieke van Eijkeren from the Netherlands
    This will be a rebroadcast of the 11/27/2012 Show that was Hosted by Jeff Pierce and Co-Host Justin Abner with Guest Kristian Pierce.  
    Welcome back Kristian Pierce of True Touch Massage! He is a Master Medical Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reikki Master, Flowing Hands Energy Therapy Instructor, Universal Shaman, Paranormal Investigator, and Spiritual Counselor.  

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    The I AM Well Show

    in Health

    The I AM Well Show hosted by Jeffrey R. Pierce and co-host Justin Abner 
    TNAlienAbducteeHelpNetwork.com AETHolisticConcepts.net AETParanormalResearchGroup.com 
    Our Guest this week is Sara Griscom. She is a talented holistic healer of many modalities and has created Gypsy Hands, a center where one can receive holistic healing for the body, heart, and spirit. She was born in Malaga, Spain,  from there she spent her childhood in Mexico. A gifted intuitive since her youth, Sara received her call to healing in Guatemala from a Mayan shaman in the mid 1990′s, while conducting research in Mayan healing and midwifery.  Sara moved to Knoxville, TN and opened Gypsy Hands, where she heals through Soul Reading, Reiki Training, and teaching tribal fusion belly dance classes. Sara has studied and works with the indigenous Maori healers of New Zealand. Gypsy Hands is graced annually with a visit from them, which includes powerful healing sessions and intensive workshops. Sara has received her Reiki Teacher Training certification after studying under four Reiki Masters. She has developed an incomparable Reiki training program that is individually based and guided to one’s own pace. Ultimately, she is preserving the integrity of this sacred tradition by passing it down only to those willing to commit to this practice.

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    Living With HOPE Guest Wendy Joy

    in Caregiving

    Wendy Joy is the author of Clear Channel: A Guide for the Newly Awakening. She is host of Bringing the Light Radio Show on the Para-X Radio Network, and writes a column for the free online spiritual magazine, Bellesprit, called Ascension Tips: Moving through changing times with Grace and Ease. Wendy maintains a healing practice near Emerald Isle, NC.  A Reiki Master Teacher, she is certified in many healing techniques, including Past Life Regression, IET, Multidimensional Healing, Dysfunctional Core Belief Release and more.

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    The I AM Well Show

    in Health

    The I AM Well Show hosted by Jeffrey Pierce and co-host Justin Abner
    tnalienabducteehelpnetwork.com aetholisticconcepts.net aetparanormalresearchgroup
    Welcome back Kristian Pierce of True Touch Massage! He is a Master Medical Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reikki Master, Flowing Hands Energy Therapy Instructor, Universal Shaman, Paranormal Investigator, and Spiritual Counselor.  

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    The I AM Well Show

    in Spirituality

    The I AM Well Show hosted by Jeffrey R. Pierce and co-host Justin Abner
    tnalienabducteehelpnetwork.com aetholisticconcepts.net aetparanormalresearchgroup.com 
    PJ Thompson will be talking about his healing methods which include herbs, reikki, and so much more. He will be telling first hand tips on good health within the mind, body, and spirit. He studied with Native American's and various other knowledgeable healers of old and new. He carries a high cancer recovery rate with his clients. 

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    Hope42Day Interviews Shannon Ogg and James Hymes

    in Spirituality

    BTR's Hope42Day interviews "Ambassadors of Hope" from across the globe, in other words, people who are up to good things and bringing inspiration into many lives in all manners of form and fashion from creating NGO's that feed the hungry to providing inspiration to the soul-hungry, Host Lynn Kindler finds them and brings them here to share their stories so you too can be inspired to be an Ambassador of Hope as well.

    Today, Hope42Day Host, Lynn Kindler interviews Psychic and Master Healer, Shannon Ogg as well as Body Worker and Reikki Master James Hymes.

    Shannon Ogg and James Hymes are answering the call of spirit and have brought their collective healing gifts and modalities together to create a powerful and expansive energetic experience.
    Shannon has been working in service for over 15 years as a psychic medium, Reiki Master, Channel, Light worker, master healing facilitator.  He has spent much of his life in dedicated service; has travelled and studied extensively and is certified in over 10 healing modalities
    James’ path of service began with his call to body work over ten years ago, which initiated a series of unfolding’s that has led him to working with the stone people, The Akashic Records, as well as channeled information.
    They are both humbled by the opportunity to work with each other in service.

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    Living With HOPE Guest: Sylvia Bryden

    in Spirituality

    An encounter with the Master Jesus at the age of ten years in the Pentecostal Religion arena triggered an inner knowing that I was here for a special Mission but I did not know what until years later after a very interesting life journey.
    As a child I was used to “prophecy” in the Pentecostal movement and was seeing auras around Minsters plus Spirit Form outlines on walls but did not question what I saw. I was use to working with “The voice of God” in my ears and naturally developed mediumistic abilities!
    During my Nursing years my intuition was strong with predictions in terminally ill patients and a “knowing” if a patient had problems they were not able to talk about and could draw them out. My Spiritual Teacher came my way whilst I was working in Kent and becoming interested in the Spiritualist Movement. Sylvia Howarth was a well respected and very accurate Medium and I was blessed to be taught one to one with her.
    I am blessed to help people through connecting with God’s world and those who have something they wish to communicate to a grieving relative or who need some re-assurance in their circumstances. Guides and Angels plus Ascended Masters work with me and channel empowering messages. I am exceedingly honoured and humbled to be chosen in this way.

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    Blog Talk Radio's Hope42Day interviews Intuitive Shannon Ogg

    in Spirituality

    Please join us today as Host Lynn Kindler interviews Conscious Communicator and Healer Shannon Ogg. Shannon has direct contact with guides, angels, and those beings that work with us in this experience we call life. As the one known as Shannon surrenders to his higher self, the being of light called "Samuel" is just now emerging publicly and increasing in brightness, serving Gods purpose here on Earth.  There is much to be assimilated into our understanding, so don't miss this unique opportunity to escalate your own process of awakening and emerging!
    Please emal Coach Lynn at lynn@lynnkindlercoaching.com if you would like to call in during the show to speak with Shannon Ogg

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    Living With HOPE Guest: Dave Robinson

    in Health

    Dr. Robinson has been a licensed Massachusetts Chiropractor since 1989. After having run a preventive & wellness-oriented, subluxation-based practice for over 10 years, he chose to stop practicing to pursue other passions.  

    He is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer  through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA, 1995) in Sherman Oaks California. Dave has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer, 

    In 2000 Dave was certified as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner by a Master Teacher. 

    David is also author of Transforming Body, Mind and Spirit - The NonDiet Way to Live Fit, Trim, Healthy for Life (Strategic, NY, NY, 2009) and has just released a revised edition, Dr. Dave's Daily "Dose" (Robinson, 2011) as an ebook available at Amazon.com Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.


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