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  • #1534 Change Your Internal Beliefs, Change Your Health

    in Nutrition

    Registered Dietitian Wendi Francis talks with us about the role that your internal beliefs can play in your health. Wendi’s gift is facilitating permanent transformations for others by helping them first identify their fears, and then break through those fears to create a better life.


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    Your Mind: The KEY to Your Health!

    in Health

    Join us this Thursday August 27, 2015 when we discuss Your Health and how your mind is Key to maintaining health. We will be talking with Tracy Stopler, MS,RD who is a Registered Dietitian with a  Master of Science in Nutrition from New York University, and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).She is the nutrition director at NUTRITION E.T.C. in Plainview, Long Island. Tracy is an adjunct professor at both Adelphi University teaching "Nutrition and Human Performance" and Lehman College teaching “Nutrition and Health.” Tracy has authored over 30 abstracts, papers and book chapters in the scientific literature on the topic of nutrition and exercise. She also created a series of meditation classes.

    We are excited that Stephanie Sakaily will be reappearing to talk about Intrinsic Behavior and how it can positively influence your health.Stephanie Saikaly MEd, BCBA, Autism Specialist,who in private practice focuses on Applied Behavior Analysis and Early Intervention programs. Stephanie also teaches Graduate Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Stephanie specializes in Intrinsic Behavior Methods and will discuss how these techniques can benefit each of us in promoting good health. 



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    When Justice Fails: Kamila Harris Where are you?

    in Women

    Awareness is 9/10s of survival. When you carry a license of any sort good or bad you become a target.  People assume only "bad" nurses and doctors are dragged in front of the law.  often it's minority nurses who run afoul of jealous co-workers and backstabbing coniving managers.  Often hospitals hire and keep on staff nasty hateful racist because they do the nasty dirty work no one else will do.  But let's also talk about dirty nurses who backstab other nurses, let's talk about messed up administrative hearings and crooked judges and more importantly let's talk about Jonathan Cooper, Esq. the minion who works for the AG's office offing innocent nurses to bolster his rep.  

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    #1533 The Wonders of Greek Yogurt

    in Nutrition

    Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and author Toby Amidor talks with us about the incredible versatility and health benefits of Greek yogurt. She will tell us how it can be used in unexpected ways, making even the most “bad-for-you foods” healthier, tastier and more satisfying.


  • Challenging the Rhetoric with Cheri Roberts - Show #1

    in News

    No political endorsements. No corporate dollars, No hype. No lies.

    Meet the Press Meets The View? Who knows, but it sounds like a great model to strive for! 

    Join Cheri Roberts with special #theGRILL guests Wednesdays @ 6pm PST/9pm EST for an engaging analysis of the week’s news and current events along with the other popular CTR segments: #LiarOfTheWeek & the #MusicJones.

    Please visit the CTR WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER @CTRNewsFeed & #CTRMusicJones, YOUTUBE AND G+.

    Every $5 helps so please consider a donation to the maintenance of the show HERE.

    *Challenging the Rhetoric is a legally registered, “Assumed Business Name” or ABN owned by Cheri Roberts. Cheri is a 20+year media veteran and freelance investigative journalist, popular blogger, business owner and social justice activist. She is also a long-standing member of the National Writers Union (NWU).

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    The Porch - The Pentecost Protocol Part 13

    in Spirituality

    We have covered the speaking/Word related part of the Gifts of The Spirit.  Tonight we start with the ministry/action part of the pattern established for us by the Holy Spirit in the use of miracles to further the Kingdom of God.

    Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book of Acts Church, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into how the early church served the Lord.

    Our desire is to find and restore the priesthood of the Believer and the world shaking influence the Early Church had. By delving deeper into scripture, we will find the Church the Lord intended and not the one man created.

    The Church Age is not over and, therefore, what took place in the Upper Room is as much for now as it was on the Day of Pentecost. If you know that there is more to your spiritual walk with Yeshua/Jesus and you want more then you are welcome to join us on this journey as we get back to basics!

    The Porch is an outreach of Solomon's Porch Inc. http://www.onsolomonsporch.org.  If you have any questions please visit the site and use the comment button.

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    These lessons are proprietary information except where noted that the information comes from outside sources.  The combination of that information and the manner presented is exclusive and cannot be repeated or reused without permission.  The date of this broadcast serves as the registered date of the following information.

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    in Self Help

    Angels join BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO for an Inspiring conversation with a young lady who has had the courage, strength, determination and FAITH to move herself and two children acoss the Country so that she can create the life she is choosing for her and her family!

    Let her Story Inspire YOU to STEP OUT ON FAITH! Great Insight, wonderful tips and Spiritual tools that you may use as well as helping YOU stay connected!

    Tuesday August 28th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST

    Talk with you then Angels!  Stop by@www.buzzardskoner.com

    Check out our new makeover, Receive personal support, BUZZWORD OF THE DAY and more!


    bringing people back to themselves


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    MXMGBTR - 08/25 "True Life Experiences," Reflections with Delores & Marlanna J

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Giving-A-Hand, Executive Director Delores Bunch-Keemer, and Marlanna J (MJ), Management Services at Atlanta Black History Tours!

    Delores, shares her "love data and numbers. I like to paint a picture of the population using demographics and statistics. I began my love for statistics as a Registered Representative on Wall Street where I had the opportunity to work with one of the best analysts and teachers, Sam Hale. I built a 14 year career holding different positions trading and making a market in investments and securities. Since the death of my mother, Cleopatra Jones, I have been committed to continue her work in at-risk communities. Delores specialities include management, logistics, procurement, and volunteer management."

    MJ will share with us how Atlanta Black History Tours, are bringing to light many of Atlanta's hidden treasures!" Atlanta is known for being the birth place of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as for it’s rich African-American culture and history. Travel back in time from the time when Atlanta was a racially polarized city despite it’s population being nearly 50% black. Experience historic places and museums to soul food restaurants." Create your customized tour today! Many times we have family and friends that visit Atlanta and the only place we know to take them is along Auburn Avenue.  

    MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR - We are Motivating & Inspiring the Next Generation - X, through "True Life Experiences."

    Live on BlogTalk Radio - 24/7 

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    John Carver Show - Colin Powell Speech High Point University

    in Self Help

    General Colin Powell is a man who has climbed from the bottom.  In his speech he said:

    “Find that which you love doing and that which you do well. When you put those two together, you have put into place the roadmap for a successful and satisfying life.”
    “We complain a lot today about politics and politicians and often for good reason. But we can’t sit around waiting for superman or superwoman to come in 2014 or 2016. We the people are the supermen and the superwomen. We are the deciders.”
    “As you go through life, listen to the other side. Have your eyes and your ears and your heart open to counterviews so we can get back what makes this country great in the political sense – the ability to compromise with each other and not just freeze ourselves on a spectrum of political desire from the right or from the left.”
    “Make sure you share the talent and the time and the treasure you have with others who are in greater need than you.”
    “If you want to save the world, start by saving just one kid. That’s what it’s all about.”
    “As you move on into life, do what you can to reach down, back and across to help a young person stay in school, to help a young person believe, to help a young person to a brighter future.”
    “Don’t stand on the sidelines complaining and moaning; speak out and vote. If you’re going to be a responsible citizen in this country, get qualified and make sure that you get registered and vote every single chance you get.”

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    The Power of Bench Strength for Business Growth

    in Business

    Bench strength is something that can make or break an organization. It is worthwhile to make sure you have the right people in the right positions so everyone is maximizing their skills. Stacy Feiner, PsyD joins us to share her insights into this very important aspect of business growth.

    Dr. Stacy Feiner is an executive coach for the middle market, and the author of Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength. Stacy brings psychological strategies to business owners that help them improve their performance and advance their organizations. Her methodology addresses complex dynamics within owner-operated companies, family businesses, management teams and boards. She coaches business owners on how to solve people-problems that clear for driving strategy, growing profitability and eventually transitioning to the next generation. Stacy earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, MS from Northeastern University, and BA from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. She lived and worked in Asia and was an SEC registered financial advisor. Stacy is a licensed psychologist, executive coach, author and national speaker. 

    Today’s sponsor is Audible.com, a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

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    Monday Morning Prayer

    in Christianity

    PRAYER is the KEY and FAITH UNLOCKS the DOOR. Go with us in Prayer this Monday Morning!

    Listen to a short clip at this link "Wealthy Place" by LaShun Pace and Edwin Hawkins based on Psalm 66:10,12 which is also our Ministry, A Wealthy Pace ® and Registered Trademark


    Elder Holman

    A Wealthy Place

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