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    On Fire to Inspire in 2016: Author Aleigha Butler shares on Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Aleigha Butler is a mother, author, radio host of “On Fire To Inspire,” motivator, and consultant.  She is a Georgia native by way of South Carolina.  Aleigha is a Purpose Midwife.  She “doesn’t birth babies, she births purpose.”  Part of her purpose in life is to help others push into theirs.  Aleigha is a philanthropist, mistress of ceremony, speaker, and event host. She always strives to empower, encourage, educate, and edify people.  God gets the glory out of everything that she does and every aspect of her life.  One of the things that Aleigha likes to say is “it is time to stop existing and start living the life that you were created to live!”  She has currently authored 3 books and is helping others realize their dream of becoming an author as well.

    Her first book, A Learning Book Just For Me, is a brightly colored, bilingual sing-along learning book with character, Precious the Panda. 

    Aleigha is also the author of On Fire To Inspire, a book of motivation and inspiration divinely inspired by God.  It is a book designed to empower, uplift, and help push people into their purpose.  On Fire to Inspire is available in e-book, paperback and audio cd.  Prayers, Affirmations, and Declarations is book as the title signifies that has strategic prayers and affirmations about different areas of your life (available on e-book in English, Spanish, and French). 

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    A Word for 2016 from Minister Dr. Renee Sunday shares on Good Deeds Radio Show

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    Renee’ Sunday, M.D. is the founder and CEO of Sunday Publishing Company, LLC., and RS Commerce, P.C. 

    I have practiced anesthesia for over thirteen years. My mission is to encourage and empower others to enjoy life and obtain their dreams. Furthermore, I enjoy being an instrument in God’s Plan to render services to others and to show compassion, love, and the standard of care.” Empower others to propel their message to the world. 

    Renee’ is a radio and television personality – Host of Good Deeds Radio & TV Show, Platform Builder, Grief & Loss Specialist, Group Counselor, Motivational & Inspirational Coach, Passion & Purpose Guru, Author, Publisher, and an Anesthesiologist. Renee’s passion is to be a catalyst to stimulate others forward toward their destiny. For fourteen years , I thought my purpose was doing providing anesthesia services until in I went from 6 figures to 0 figure in 24 hours. When one door closed several new doors opened. The doors continue to open on a daily basis. 

    Everyone has purpose. Everyone has a calling. Everyone has reason to be on the earth right now. A lot of people are asking, “why was I created? ” They want to know his/her Grand Purpose in life. The truth of the matter many people are not called to one area or one thing. There are many things we enjoy in life. Can you say you are enjoying life? If you are frustrated with your job, career, where you are right now. Get Purpose Now with Dr. Renee Sunday encourage, empower, and educate others to propel their passions to purpose. One step will lead to an abundant supply of opportunities, obtaining dreams, and achieving a purposefully driven life.

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    Minister, Author & Speaker LaShawn Dobbs shares on Good Deeds

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    LaShawn Dobbs, resides in Florida, she is a disciple of Christ, wife, mother, author, minister and publisher

     . She struggled over the next 12 years of her life to get back to the lover of her soul. 

    LaShawn had been sexually abused by her adopted cousin who was several years older than her. 

     After 12 long years of a downward spiral, LaShawn gave her life to Christ in November 2003. After serving in ministry for six years, LaShawn was affirmed a 

    prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ in February 2009.

    LaShawn serves alongside her husband Marc Dobbs at God's World Outreach Global (they travel 

    from state to state for missions and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ) and on their weekly marriage 

    segment titled “The Dobbs Fusion.” In 2012 LaShawn had finally found her purpose and passion.

    She began to write her literary debut Broken, But Now I AM Healed. 

    LaShawn is the founder of Broken, But Now I AM Healed--which is a ministry that ministers healing 

    and hope to victims/survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and spiritual abuse. She is also 

    the founder of Walking In Divine Purpose-- a teleconference line for women to gather weekly in 

    prayer to receive encouragement—to become empowered and ignited into their purpose.

    LaShawn is a three time author, of these faith building titles, Broken But Now I AM Healed, I AM 

    FREE and You Have Power...USE IT! She also has an inspirational writing journal line: Come Forth 

    Journals, with a total of five journal’s to date. LaShawn is also the Founder of Divine Purpose Pub-

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    Actor Justin Gibson shares on Good Deeds W/ Host Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Justin Gibson and I'm 25 years old and I live in southwest Atlanta I'm an actor whose been down here for 5 years I ran across your information and I would love to perform a monologue in front of you to get some kind of help for my acting I would truly be thankful of the opportunity to do so my email is polkagreene@yahoo.com


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    “Let’s Get Real and Heal” Chaplain & Author Wanda Brown shares on Good Deeds

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    Wanda L. Brown is the mother of three beautiful children, and grandmother to six wonderful 

    grandchildren. Currently, Wanda is employed as a Senior Accountant.  Additionally, Wanda serves as an Associate 

    Chaplain at the Reading Hospital, and she enjoys many other volunteer experiences, such as: Meals on 

    Wheels, feeding the homeless, and speaking at shelters. Wanda has served others as Brownie/Girl Scout 

    Leader, and she was appointed as the first minority Service Unit Director for Freedom Valley Girl Scout 


     Wanda has reclaimed her voice, and she has become a dynamic motivational speaker.  Wanda provides, 

    “Let’s Get Real and Heal” Seminars. Wanda’s first published article appeared on 

    CapeChristianNews.co.za.  Wanda was selected to write 2016 articles for SIBYL magazine, which will be 

    published monthly beginning January 1, 2016.  Wanda is the author of “A Special Gift; My inspirational 

    Journey to Healing.”  The book begins with a scripture God placed in her heart and confirmed numerous 

    times: Jeremiah 29:11. 

    Wanda enjoys supporting and spending time with family and friends.  She loves to worship God; as this, 

    along with forgiveness is key on Wanda’s journey to healing. Wanda is loves fulling her purpose.

    Wanda’s vision is to speak around the world to let others know that healing is available to all.  

    Eventually, she hopes to accomplish the goal of opening a shelter fot hurting young men in honor of her 

    late son. Her next book is entitled; “North Winds Be Still,” which will describe 5 important step to 

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    Your Wellness Is A Lifestyle: Wellness Coach Arlene Spann shares on Good Deeds

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    Arlene Griggs Spann . A woman of God, married to entrepreneur Jerome Spann. She is a mother, grandmother, author, international speaker and radio show co-host. 

    Arlene has a heart to help others and it is evident through her commitment and lifestyle to serve. She founded Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S., a business she created from her struggle of being pre-diabetic, with high cholesterol,  and overweight to her success of reversing diabetes, bringing her cholesterol levels within normal range, and losing over 50 pounds. She uses this success story as a living example of how you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity to inspire and empower others to take control of every aspect of the lives so they can succeed and reach their highest potential and God given purpose for life.

    Her educational successes includes a “How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business” certificate. A "Losing to Live" certificate. Her increasing passion to see others triumph, led her to become successfully certified as a Life, Leadership, and Weight Loss Coach from New Creation Coaching Academy in Maryland. As the founder of Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S., she sees clients for weight loss, lifestyle and wellness coaching. Arlene’s emphasis is on proper nutrition, exercise and behavioral modification and integrates that in her coaching for positive behavior change, strategies for success and goal setting. She is the author of S.W.E.A.T.S. The Arlene Spann Weight Loss. 

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    2016 Is Here Now What?Certified Lief Coach Sheree Parker stops by Good Deeds

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    Shereé Parker is a Christian from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Shereé Parker Coaching and Consulting, LLC where clients are provided life and spiritual coaching to women of all ages. Her mission is to guide women on their journey to self-discovery and spiritual development that will lead them to move forward in achieving their personal and professional goals. She is the Executive Wellness/Lifestyle Editor at BELLE New York Magazine.  She is also known as the Life Skills Strategist because of her passion for helping others to discover their gifts and how to use them effectively and creatively to aid them in living a quality life while fulfilling their mission. She is the President of the Wealthy Sisters Network Philadelphia Chapter. Presently, she is employed full-time as a Mental Health Clinician in a social services agency in the city of Philadelphia. Her first book, Thirty Days of Spiritual Inspiration and Journaling: Living, Loving and Learning about One’s Life Journey was published in October 2014. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies from Millersville University and a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, both located in Pennsylvania. Also, she is a second year doctoral student in a Counseling Psychology program at Argosy University. She has started the process of developing a mentoring program called Sisters Working to Achieve Greatness, Inc. that focuses on mentoring young African American women between the ages of 16-25 to identify and understand their purpose, career development/career exploration, improve their self-esteem and to provide psycho-education about the importance of maintaining their health and mental wellness

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    Renowned Actor & Author Dewane Parker shares on Good Deeds w/ Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Dewane Parker has over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement and as a Security Specialist. As a former Federal Agent and Personal Protection Commander he has exceptional knowledge and personal protection skills in various environments. Dewane Parker has served three U.S. Presidents (Reagan, Bush, and Clinton) and these unique experiences significantly enhanced his overall background to be a positive contributing member of Law Enforcement and around the world. He also volunteers and advocates for at risk youth to ensure that they are provided services to enhance their leadership, education and job opportunities in the future.


    Dewane Parker is also an actor full-time and has been on Cable television shows and movies that includeLaw & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Persons of Interest, Elementary, Blacklist, Limitless, Mysteries of Laura, and Movies to date are Creed and Money Monster. He is also a full-time writer.

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    The Best Way to Keep a Man: Author Joyce Fields shares on Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Joyce Fields started her career as a stenographer at a major utility company in Detroit, working her way up through supervisor of word processing, then as the office manager for an automotive advertising agency, and, lastly, as an executive assistant at a large non-profit health maintenance organization.  She is also a professional proofreader (one of her clients was eHarmony, the dating service). She wrote her first book, Line of Serenity (a memoir), in 1997.  Being the oldest of seven, in a very happy family, Joyce wanted to capture the way their parents raised them so that the way they did it would not be lost when they all passed on.  The book goes from 1944 (the year Joyce was born) through 1977 and includes family recipes and photographs.  

    Joyce gets her inspiration from living and observing life.  In addition to Line of Serenity, she has written eight other books about relationships (The Best Way to Keep a Man is to Let Him Go [among other things]); parenting (Mother's Dozen:  An Easy Recipe for Raising GREAT Kids!), which is also available in Spanish; children's fiction (Jette Black and Her Seven Friends); children's non-fiction (THE VISION:  Telling Kids That They Can Make the World a Better Place); bullying (Dear Bully:  A Collection of Poems about Bullying); the power and simplicity of quotes (My Simple Quotes to Live By); and breast cancer (A Breast Cancer Journey to GREATER Joy!  Taking the Fear and Mystery Out of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis).She also wrote three opinion editorials ("Better examples help kids more than political remedies," "The Golden Rule could improve race relations," and "Provide kids with role models, and sell them education,") which were published (verbatim) in The Detroit Free Press.

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    Moms with Dreams:Erica Gordon is The Mom Elevation Expert shares on Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Erica Gordon is The Mom Elevation Expert (TM) and she helps moms create the life they want without the guilt that women who want more out of life often feel. She is the CEO of MomsWithDreams University(TM), the online go-to source for ambitious and passionate moms. Erica loves to empower through spoken and written words. She is a #1 International Best-Selling Author and compiler of Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have it All. Erica is an empowerment speaker and the weekly Host of Internet talk show, Empower ME Radio.  

    Erica was a teen mom and was married at the young age of 22.  After 14 years of marriage and several years of dysfunction and adultery, her marriage ended in divorce. During her marital separation Erica earned her Masters degree while working both a full-time and part-time job.  It was during this difficult time in her life that Erica discovered her calling to empower other women to live out their dreams. 

    Erica’s personal pain and experience is the foundation of her empire. She empowers moms with the tools, guidance and support they need to create and live the life they desire.  Erica enjoys using her unique gifts to help moms reach their full potential.




    Facebook: www.facebook.com/EricaGordon42 or www.facebook.com/momswithdreams

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    Become a United States, Register to Vote, and Vote in the 2016 Elections

    in Legal

    Become a United States, Register to Vote, and Vote in the 2016 Elections

    As a United States citizen (USC) voting is a basic right that we all should exercise. Too many of us ignore that basic right that we have. Please keep in mind that some people in some countries do not have the basic voting rights we have as USC. Please note, the 15th Amendment gave African American men the right to vote. Second, the 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote.  The 15th Amendment prohibits the state and federal governments from denying our rights to vote. If you are 18 or older and you are a USC, register to vote early and vote. If you are going to be out of your voting station for any reason, you may vote using an absentee ballot or you may vote early. In some states, State of Minnesota as an example, you may register to vote and vote on Election Day. Also your employer should accommodate you on Election Day, so that you may exercise your right to vote. If you vote for one candidate and that candidate did not win, that is fine. You would have made a statement that as to who you think should govern. If you feel that you qualify to become a USC, please give us a call 1-(763) 425 5447 or visit us www.m-jlawltd.com