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    Renewed: An interview with Curt Thomas

    in Lifestyle

    Every one has a story. A personal source of reference that can be used to encourage others. The choice to share that story is up to the individual and oftentimes associated with fears of being ostracized or judged. 

    Curt Thomas has definitely endured the scrutiny of many. An out and proud homosexual who diligently serves God and pastors the Renewed Church of Los Angeles; a ministry devoted to renewing hearts, reviving lives, and refocusing families.

    Tonight's show will dig deep into the challenges of being an openly gay pastor; homosexuality and the bible; and the new shift occurring within the Faith Based community.

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    Reset, Refocus, Re-energize your Business, Your Life

    in Women

    Jodi Santangelo will be our featured guest for this empowerment broadcast. Jodi Santangelo is a high energy & enthusiastic presenter who’s style is engaging, fun & interactive!

    She is a Certified Trainer and has been professionally speaking across North America for over 20 years.  With more than 10 years of corporate training experience and 300 professional seminars behind her, she makes learning new ways an uplifting and enjoyable process in her content-rich, lively programs.

    Audiences include a wide spectrum from Fortune 500 Companies to Government Agencies, Churches, Non-Profit Agencies, and a variety of business settings.  She also conducts training and facilitates professional seminars for National Seminar Companies.

    Jodi speaks on a wide variety of personal & professional topics.  View Programs.

    Her passion is to engage, educate, and empower people with ‘how to’ tools to succeed in their life and business, and those who attend her programs experience dynamic insights and transformation.

    Jodi is a Past District Governor for Toastmasters International, a Leadership Tulsa Graduate, board member for non-profit agencies and also the published author of ‘Dynamic Affirmations’, a step-by-step action plan for creating targeted affirmations that work for.

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    Simple Ways To Relax, Refocus and Recharge - With Sharissa Sebastian

    in Self Help

    Join Sharissa Sebastian, Anna Papa and Lucinda Miles, as they talk about the importance of relaxing, refocusing and recharging. They will also share practical tips on how to do this in our busy lives. Listen in for a fabulous one-time offer to a women's 1 day spa retreat. 

    Retreat website: https://stopsmilebreathe.splashthat.com/  LCRN20

    Sharissa Sebastian is a life and leadership coach for women, a speaker, and writer. Her passion is helping women break free from being stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed to live a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment. Her focus is on career advancement or transition and work/life balance. To learn more, visit www.sharissasebastian.com

    Anna Papa is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. Her mission is to help moms create more balanced, confident, and happy life while reducing stress, worries and exhaustion. She also works with women and couples who feel like the admiration and romance has slipped away from their marriage since becoming parents. She helps them build stronger relationship in which both partners feel loved, appreciated and understood. Her website is www.sflifecoaching.com

    Lucinda Miles is an iPEC Certified Life Coach, Writer, and Motivational Speaker.  Her joy and passion is guiding women to a deeper understanding of their unique gifts and talents.  She brings fun, focus and whimsy into their journey with the proven transformational techniques of V. (Visualization) I. (Imagination) M. (Meditation). Her clients develop the confidence needed to “Come Off The Bench” and play full out with their lives! Her website is www.1111coaching.com

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    2015: Start it off right

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Path Community blogradio program. Our mission is to connect each person to their divine purpose in living their mission and vision for life. We are committed to walking through life with you as you explore the many possibilities that you experince on the Path. We are passionate about the many stories of life, purpose and calling that make their home inside the Path Community. Each story is relevant, accepted and appreciated. There is no one else like you! We are your greatest fans and are honored to be on this journey with you. You are unique, gifted and called to greatness. Join us this week as Coach Kim Skaggs and Coach Greg Reich along with their guest Larry Holycross discuss how they prepare for the new year. It is the time of season that everyone looks at change and refocusing ones direction. It is a common practice to start the new year with  new resolve to accomplish something only to give up after a few months. Join us as we discuss the things we do to prepare for the new year and what we do to foucs ourseves for all the possibilities that may come our way.

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    Pastor Ray Hagins Defends the Murder of Michael Brown & the "Homosexual" Overthrow of the Mike Brown

    in Politics

    While millions of Afrikans from around the world are tuned into the Mike Brown organizational movement, the smallhats and "homosexuals" have moved themselves to the front and are refocusing the energy of our youth.  While our young people are hitting the streets with the purpose of planning to wage war on the wicked terrorism of the blue shield, they are being fed "pro-homosexual" propaganda and being encouraged to support "gay rights." 

    In short, the white-sex offenders have taken over the Mike Brown movement from the front.  While our Brothers and Sisters are being shot and brutalized in the streets fighting for justice, the "homosexuals" are using their money and influence to take the attention off of police brutality and turn it towards vicious sodomy.  They are basically sodomizing the legacy of our Brother Mike Brown.

    Even Jesse Jackson recently begged the "homosexual" movement to come to the aid of the Brown family.  Mike Brown was a heterosexual, young Black man.  It is our resposibility as Black men and women to produce retribution for him - not some filthy sodomites. 

    Let's talk.

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    Part 2/6 Refocus and what does that mean in terms of The Law of Attraction

    in Motivation

    Refocusing is a strong way to draw positive things to you. The Law of Attraction staits that we attract what we are focused on so when you learn the technique of refocusing, it's a bit like lazer focusing in terms of the effect it can have on your life and how quickly you are drawing the things into your life that you do want and getting rid of the things in your life that you do not want by refocusing.

    The Heart Energy Program says You have Absolutely and Completly Everything that You need Inside of You and when you work from that place of Love, God, Universe, Creator Inside of You You Create the world that you came here to live. You become who you came here to Be and your life becomes more magnificent than you could possibly  immagine.

    Become Who You Came Here to Be, Work with that Love inside of You, your gut feeling.

    If you would like to ask a question that will be anwered on the program please direct your question to:

    christinekowalttw@gmail.com or leave your question at 289-979-9306 and if you don't mind leave your phone number so that we can call you back if we need clarification on your question. 

    Thank you

    All of Our Love Christine and The Animals

    The Heart Energy Program

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    in Religion


    WHAT IF????????????????????

    A relatively new arena of research is called energy cardiology or cardioelectromagnetic communication. The heart’s electrical field is measured with an electrocardiogram (ECG). The magnetic component of the heart’s field is “not impeded by tissues and can be measured several feet away from the body. Under certain conditions, the heart’s electromagnetic waves synchronize with the brain waves (measured by the electroencephalogram or EEG) of oneself or other human and non-human animals. For example, heart-focused attention is correlated with greater synchronization of heart and brain.  Sustained positive emotions, such as appreciation, love, or compassion, are associated with highly ordered or coherent patterns in the heart rhythms…and a shift in autonomic balance toward increased parasympathetic activity. This “physiological coherence” is the state of “more ordered and harmonious interactions among the body’s systems.” Cross-coherence occurs when “two or more of the body’s oscillatory systems, such as respiration and heart rhythms, become entrained and oscillate at the same frequency.” When individuals were taught how to use a positive-emotion refocusing technique to generate appreciation, cross-coherence significantly increased. It was expressed as a higher ratio of alpha rhythms in the brain (measured by the EEG) that was synchronized with the heartbeat (measured by the ECG). Increased physiological coherence is correlated with a number of health and mental health benefits. In the converse, experimental evidence suggests that certain prolonged negative psychological states can facilitate the progression of cancer and increase risk for physical illness and early death.



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    Growing H.O.P.E

    in Women

    Today's show:

    Today on Growing HOPE we continue our journey through the #Proverbs. Proverbs 5 offers a reminder to stay focused, so we will share some thoughts on focus and refocusing - with maybe just a touch of accountability to keep it interesting.





    Growing HOPE - The League of Extraordinary HOPERS

    Christian Women Affiliate


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    Meditation: A Breath of Happiness

    in Health

    Meditation is the simplest, most powerful tool for releasing stress and discomfort in the mind. The practice emphasizes conscious awareness of your breath while shutting down the noise and chaos in your head. This is my favorite habit for resetting my thoughts and refocusing my priorities.

    On this episode of Breathe Sexy Live I will be sharing some of my history with meditation and how it has changed my life. I will also be giving tips and ideas of how you can begin or further your own practice of meditation. 

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    Interviewing The Divas .. with guest Candice Smiley

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish, from Interviewing The Divas, each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community. This week her guest is Candice Smiley from AB, Canada.

    Candice says, "And its Summer! What a wonderful time to relax and be and focus on your business.

    Hi, my name is Candice Smiley, and its good to be on this call again!  I am an entrepreneur and an event planner.  I love to network and meet new people.  I also love the summer for the opportunity it is for me to relax.  And in that relaxing I find myself recharging and refocusing and resetting goals.  It seems to me after 6 years of working for myself, that its a little like sailing.  Some of the adjustments are bigger as you catch the wind and go with the momentum.  But some are small as we keep adjusting the sales to keep moving forward to where we want to be".  


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    Gates of Power with Nomi Bachar

    in Spirituality

    Nomi Bachar is a holistic spiritual counselor and a self-healing, self-actualization expert. When the trials in our lives become so draining that we lose our sense of who we are and where we were wanting to go, we may need help in refocusing and taking back our power. In her new book, Gates of Power, Actualize your True Self, Nomi offers the next best thing to a live mentor – a comprehensive guide for looking at each facet of our lives to see where and why we may have strayed off our ideal path and how to get back on it.

    Visit Nomi's website: www.gatesofpower.com