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    We have to be careful drawing conclusions with reductionism. Taking a complex system and reducing it into smaller isolated parts changes both perspective and the results. The human body is much too complex to explain this way.

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    The World as Spirit-Dr. Howard A. Jones

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Howard A. Jones author of The World as Spirit - LIVE from London.
    Today's special guest is Dr Howard A. Jones; Proprietor, Fairhill Publishing; West Wales, UK
    We will discuss his book The World as Spirit and upcoming book, Evolution of Consciousness
      It will be a fascinating discussion on the balance of materialism, determinism and reductionism of science with idealism (the world as spirit), Indeterminacy (which gives us our free will) and Holism (the interconnectedness of all that is - of all people's, all humankind with Nature, and of all matter with cosmic spirit)   For more information visit Howard's web site at http://www.spiritofoneness.co.uk/

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    To Your Health With Dr Dave Schneider

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    This week's topics were: more superbug news; probiotics for colic in babies; Salmonella outbreak update; medical reductionism; artificial cornea; fibromyalgia.

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    The God Theory: Interview with Bernard Haisch

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    Steve is joined by best-selling author Bernard Haisch for a fascinating conversation about Bernard’s new book “The God Theory”. About the book: On the one hand, we have traditional science, based on the premises of materialism, reductionism, and randomness, with a belief that reality consists solely of matter and energy, that everything can be measured in the laboratory or observed by a telescope. If it can't, it doesn't exist. On the other hand, we have traditional religious dogma concerning God that fails to take into account evolution, a 4.6 billion-year-old Earth, and the conflicting claims of the world's religions.

    In The God Theory, Bernard Haisch discards both these worldviews and proposes a theory that provides purpose for our lives while at the same time being is completely consistent with everything we have discovered about the universe and life on Earth. To wit, Newton was right -- there is a God -- and wrong -- this is not merely a material world.

    Haisch proposes that science will explain God and God will explain science. Consciousness is not a mere epiphenomenon of the brain; it is our connection to God, the source of all consciousness. Ultimately it is consciousness that creates matter and not vice versa. New discoveries in physics point to a background sea of quantum light underlying the universe. The God Theory offers a worldview that incorporates cutting-edge science and ancient mystical knowledge. This is nothing less than a revolution in our understanding.

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