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    The Jeff Foxx Show with Dawn Reynolds of "Bessie's Best Sweet Breads and Such

    in Entertainment

    Dawn Reynolds, proprietor of "Bessie's Best Breads" premiers Today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Bessie’s Best Banana Breads are delicious and affordable. It’s good old fashioned recipe includes sugar, flour, vanilla and butter, ingredients grown and produced in the USA, with no preservatives, additives and zero trans-fat. Named for her greatly loved and cherished grandmother Bessie, Dawn infuses a piece of that love and grandmotherly goodness into every loaf she bakes, for you to taste in every bite. Scrumptious!!! TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.
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    Who Dat Confessional

    in Sports

    Co-Hosted by Deuce "Rev" Windham and Barry "Harahan" Hirstius, Who Dat Confessional is the show dedicated to you, the Saints fan. WDC is all about the fans, answering your questions and giving you the latest information concerning the New Orleans Saints, NFC South and the NFL. Call-ins are welcome, special guests and good fun with the "Rev" are what you can expect every Tuesday night 7pm-9pm CST. If you're a fan from another team, feel free to call in! Everyone is welcome, but please remember, this is a family show so no profanity is allowed. Keep it clean folks! Who Dat!? Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WhoDatConfessional

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Kevin Smallwood of "Two Fish and Five Loaves"

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    We all Love Great Food!!!
    Today on The Jeff Foxx Show we welcome
    Kevin Smallwood, the proprietor of the best soulfood  restaurant in the tri-state. "Two Fish and Five Loaves" in Union New Jersey. 

    Kevin a native of Newark, NJ, his grandparents were originally from Georgia and credits his beloved mother 
    Jessie Mae Grandparents Emmett and Sarah with passing on the love for cooking as well as the recipes for classic soulfood dishes.
    Two Fish and Five Loaves originated through the encouragement of his Pastor and friend Bishop Donald Hilliard in 1999. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Economics, which is helpful in  running a successful business. This is one Delicious Interview!!!! Today on The Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.

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    Wedsite   twofishfiveloaves.com

    Email      kevin@twofishfiveloaves.com

    Phone    (908) 227-9065

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Trumpeter Hasani Arthur

    in Entertainment

    Trumpeter Hasani Arthur premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 
    From Brooklyn New York and Classically trained ,Hasani's influences include the likes of Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, George Benson and Grover Washington Jr.. Hasani, a consumate professional is a force  to be reckoned with. Hear all about his amazing story and featured cuts from his latest album "King Arthur" TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!!

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    Intellectual Coitus with Reverend Zesty

    in Comedy

    In this episode, Reverend Zesty talks about the side effects of medication and the shortage of good people in the United States. 

    Intellectual Coitus is a weekly podcast that debuted on January 1, 2015 on Podcast Revolution Since that time, the response has been better than expected and we now offer a FREE monthly eZine and we are also working on our YouTube channel. 

    As an independent media source using sarcasm and humor, Intellectual Coitus was created by and for our patrons. Our mission: to share the REAL word beyond our core or choir to those who didn’t know they gave a shit any longer.

    We’re about “the mindful life” - thinking outside the box, sustainability, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, the arts, personal spirituality, enlightened education…really, anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet, without the delusional beliefs we are indoctrinated in since birth. 

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Author Mikey Brownstone

    in Entertainment

    Author Mikey Author Mikey Brownstone premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Yes we are BROADCASTING  LIVE!!! at the book signing for Mikey's newly released erotic novel " P.I.P.E. Juice". P.I.P.E. Juice is revved up to the end-of-the-year’s hottest book release, so pull up a chair, lay back on your couch or bed, pour yourself a glass of Merlot and get ready to sip slow...TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 


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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Tracey Rhymes of Saphya Shoe Straps

    in Entertainment

    Entrepreneur Traces Rhymes premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.Tracey, the creator of Saphya Straps is the owner of Shoe  Straps Unlimited. Ever need to go from the office straight to the club? What shoes do I wear? Shoe straps are your solution. Hear all about Tracey and her innovative product TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!

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    Chatting it up w/ Forever Redd

    in Entertainment

    Join the Ladies as they welcome Author Forever Redd back to the show. Tune in, as they discuss her latest release and what she's been working on since her last visit. Learn what changes she has in store for her career and why you should follow her work. Get ready for another exciting segment, on Love, Life and Literature. Get ready to let the Truth Be Told.

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    Nigga Church #152: The STATE of The NIGGAZ ADDRESS for the UNREST

    in Comedy

    The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Property and Puss Eye

    Please OPEN UP YOUR NIGGA MINDS! Bring yo NIGGA BIBLE Its "THE NIGGA CHURCH" w/ The Conscious Nigga of Comedy--The Honorable RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA presiding aka SOOPA NIGGA: The Conscious Nigga of Comedy. Rite Reverend DAT NIGGA is Founder of The Nigga Church (a Church OF Niggas, Started BY a Nigga. FOR Niggas Everywhere)! Afta putting on his CAPE he emerges from the CHURCH BASEMENT as SOOPA NIGGA and takes to the PULPIT to SPIT that Insiteful SHIT that is dedicated to FIGHTING against the Social, Sexual, Politikal, Medical and Religious Hypocritical Bullshit of the day that the Powers That Be are tryna Force The Peeple to Swallow!!!! So stay tuned for a Funny, No-Holds Barred, Profanity, Cuss-Filled, Offensive-On-So-Many-Levels night of decoding of world and national news, politics along w/all kinds of Shit Talking & Truth Telling! One thang fa sho you aint never heard a REVEREND like this befo!!

    (a nigga church production

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    Reverend Do Good LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Let's. Have Cherch

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    Raising Vibrations and Readings with Yvette Howell and Reverend Raven

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Raising Vibration Radio.  Join us for 90 minutes of chat and laughter, featuring Reverend Raven and Psychic Yvette Howell.  Reverend Raven is a messenger between the higher self and the sub consciousness of oneself. She brings light into a dark situation. From a young age she has had contact beyond the realm of earth with higher spirit and brought forth a loving, truthful message when someone was basking in the darkness. She has encouraged change not only for an inward introspection of one’s self but for the planet as well. She brings a light to people to face their fears and to radiate from a loving space. Psychic Yvette Howell mixes deep psychic impressions with everyday common sense advice, she promises to give you the very best of her.  Using tarot cards as a backdrop, her readings range from spiritual discussions to life cheerleading. Often she is able to give you messages from your loved ones who have died.  It is her hope that a reading with her leaves you feeling uplifted, empowered, and moving from a place of strength.  You may contact Reverend Raven at http://www.thereverendraven.com. Psychic Yvette Howell can be contacted through yvettehowell.com.Thank you to each and everyone of you that listen to the show everyday. We love you. {{{{Hugs}}}} <3

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