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    Restart or Recycle?

    in Self Help

    Join us for the last show of 2014 as we discuss the importance of not repeating the past if you want a different future. Will you restart or recycle in 2015

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    UGP #369 Is It Time To Recycle The D.O.I.?

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight the professor asks the question: should we recycle the Declaration Of Indpendence and start another revolution to overthrow the bonds of our corrupt government? 


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    Test Your Recycling I.Q.

    in Environment

    Andrew Quigley, City of Tucson

    Do you recycle? Do you know what “not to throw” in your recycle bins? Andrew Quigley and his team are on a mission to educate people about what should go in the bins and what should not. Unfortunately Tucson has considerable challenges when it comes to contamination. Join us to learn what’s safe and what’s not as well as the impact contamination has on the entire recycling effort. Andrew will also share with us information about the recycling markets and hopefully move all of us a few steps forward when it comes to recycling and keeping as much as we can out of our landfills. I love to talk trash so I hope you can join us! This show made possible due to the generous support of the City of Tucson.

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    Interview With Jim Holm Of The Clean Oceans International

    in Environment

    Jim "Homer" Holm, co-founder and executive director of  The Clean Oceans International a nonprofit organization working to clean up marine plastic pollution through new technology, education programs and advocacy projects. The organization is creating partnerships throughout Santa Cruz County to pursue local plastic recycling, beach cleanup, and environmental research.



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    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. REALLY!

    in Self Help

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to take on some Habit work that will literally save planet earth!  In Nicole's S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology, the "H" represents Habit Work. Habit work is essential to letting your light illuminate the world.  WIth good habits in place, we allow the flow of positive energy and create positive outcomes.  Doing your part for the environment is imperative to your future and your ability to live a vibrant and productive life!  

    If you can be part of the process of sustaining the quality of life on planet earth, obviously this will create your own sustainability. This concept is so obvious, so close, so taken for granted, that you may just be numb to fact that you can really do some incredible work that would shift the whole trajectory of planet earth.  

    Take away strategies, systems, and smarts for shifting YOUR behavior to sustain a vibrant life!

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    Urban Lumberman Seth San Filippo in "A Second Cut"

    in Lifestyle

    Our swashbuckling adventures with Seth San Filippo, Urban Lumberman, continues. Down goes a 45 year redwood, saved by Urban Lumberman.



    " Yes, we reclaim and recycle city street trees that have to come down for one reason or another. We are located and work in modern, bustling cities and we work with a diverse customer base which ranges from restaurants, wineries, brewpubs, to hi tech start ups, engineering firms and iconic software companies.  We also take extreme pride in creating a table that a homeowner has dreamed about for a long time. 


    It's a true dichotomy, in that if you visit the mill, you will hear the roar of the chainsaws, and yes, we all have beards, we all wear flannel, and we all are pretty much are covered in sawdust 100% of the time. But for us it's about delivering our custom projects to urban companies in modern cities. Our clients understand the value and aesthetic of what we create, and we consider ourselves lucky to move between both worlds on a daily basis. We are Urban Lumber." 

    Check out Urban Lumber's Facebook page to see Urban Lumber in action.



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    Adventurous Shopping with a Cause

    in Environment

    Natalie Proudfoot, HabiStore Procurement Manager

    When you shop, donate or volunteer at Habitat for Humanity’s HabiStore, you pay it forward to support the Habitat mission. Proceeds from the sales go directly to the purchase of land and construction materials to build homes AND hope in Southern Arizona. As a regular shopper at the HabiStore, I have to add the fun factor. You never know what you will find and you can almost always count on finding something you just can’t live without. Join me as I talk with Natalie about how thrifting with a cause is a win/win/win. This show made possible due to the generous support of Habitat for Humanity.


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    Working with Nature and Tuning Into Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Nature ALWAYS has her say and ALL we can do is listen and act in accordance with laws. To do otherwise is actually foolish so we are dedicating a show to Nature, her elements, and the messages that are coming forth as a result of the recent natural events that have turned many lives and man made structures topsy turvy. We will discuss the present hurricanes, storms and current floods in the east and the wildfires in the the western United States that have displaced so many. We discuss the readings and prophecies for the year, the Laws of Ma'at and what we must do to live in accordance to nature and divine law. As always we must speak of solutions and preparedness measures to take so that we can know what to do to help ourselves as well as others. We invite you to join in as our special guest. Listen, share, and we will alll grow and heal together. 

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    Surviving on Shoestrings - Top 10 Trash Items to Reuse

    in Prepping

    Brought to you by PREPARE Magazine - Visit & Sign up for your FREE Digital Subscription!

    There are things around everyone's home that usually just get tossed in the trash without thinking.  But if you're on a tight budget, you may want to rethink, reuse, repurpose and recycle those items that would easily go into the garbage into items you would have spent hard earned money to replace.  

    Here are the items:

    Plastic Produce Bags
    Mesh Produce Bags
    Produce Baskets
    Coffee Grounds
    Empty Tin Cans
    Cardboard Tubes 
    Desecant or Silica Packets
    Plastic Newspaper Sleeve
    Any Bottle with an Eyedropper
    Used Dryer Sheets

    I always keep all of these items and more to use in multple ways.  It keeps me from spending money on other disposable items.  

    You'll have to listen to the show to hear how I use these!

    Have fun and enJOY the journey!


    Come like our Surviving On Shoestrings Facebook Page for more tips!

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    Top 7 Benefits of a VIP Travel Membership

    in Business



    1. Travel better for less. - Enjoy luxury travel at exclusive VIP member discounted prices that are not available to the general public.  The average person can enjoy outstanding travel experiences that may have been thought to be out of reach.
    2. Enjoy personal concierge service. - No need to spend hours trying to map out the details of your vacation.  Let your personal concierge take care of your travel arrangements, excursions, dining experiences, entertainment, and more.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.
    3. Get the lowest prices or your money back guaranteed. - Booked a vacation on your travel membership site and found the same exact accommodations cheaper somewhere else?...Don't worry.  The company will refund your money to match the lowest price.
    4. Get travel incentives to share with friends, family, or members of your church, organization, or staff. - Each travel membership comes with 10 travel gifts valued at $250 each.  
    5. Recycle your dollars with loyalty rewards credits. - Every time you book travel through your membership, you earn rewards credits which can be used as money to spend on your travel membership site.  Use the rewards credits you earned to pay for your next vacation, a Restaurant.com gift card, shopping at Macy's, or whatever else you'd like.
    6. Share your travel benefits with someone you love. - Include a secondary applicant on your travel membership application so they can enjoy the same great benefits as you.
    7. There are no limitations. - You are not locked in to one property or one type of travel; and there are no blackout dates.  Get access to cruises, car rentals, hotels, flights, villas, resorts, condos, and more; all around the world.


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    The "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" Recycle Edition

    in Comedy

    Join the Greatest SHOW on the interwebz as they tackle the ten best ways to recycle the Toomer's Corner Oaks!

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