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    August 19th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    Topics tonight:

    1. Would you be surprised if Tom Brady is reinstated for week 1?

    2. Should the University of Wisconsin lower admission standards after losing several top level recruits in basketball and football?

    3.  Would you take Ray Rice as a cheap backup for the Green Bay Packers?

    4.  With the recent hiring of an female assistant coach by the Arizona Cardinals, how long before an female head coach.

    Call in at 347.945.7002

    Listen Live at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports

    Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

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    It's A UK B-Ball Recruiting World

    in Basketball

    We will talk about recruits setting up official visits during this closed recruiting period for Coaches. Also any updates on the Kentucky recruits and targets.

  • The 2015 Recruiting Class

    in Sports

    Zack and special guest Derek start reving up for the season by talking about Butch Jones' 2015 consensus top ten recruiting class. The guys talk about how much focus was on beefing up the offensive and defensive lines, how the staff focused more on need than talent, and they also give some breakdowns of recruits. Also in quick twitch the guys make predictions about the 2015 recruiting class and what they will bring. 

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    Checkerboard Radio 8/16/2015

    in Sports

    @AwDarago and @LeeCrowe are back to talk #Vols football!  The open practice is in the books, North's injury/non injury,the awful rock painting for recruits this weekend, and Vols legend, Aaron Hayden (@Ran4UT) joins the show at 11:30 eastern to talk about his time as a RB and a little about his son that will be a heavily sought after 2017 legacy recruit.

  • Victoria Reinertsdatter On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    Victoria began learning different divination styles after a near death experience at age 9 blew
    her mind. Now well versed in the study of over 49 styles of divination: she really has no intention
    of not learning new ones. (Most recently, she learned to read beans from a Bosnian woman.)
    She is predominantly an astrologer, with works appearing on everything from parenting blogs to
    global astrology sites she tends to carry a very blunt approach to her readings. Utilizing humor
    and pop culture references as well as her own special method, her daily and weekly horoscopes
    are seen by millions worldwide.
    An avid theology student, her knowledge base encompasses many religions and spiritual
    practices from a historical and modern perspective. Additionally she is an avid student of the
    psychology behind conspiracy theorieswhich
    doesn’t particularly have anything to do with this:
    but I figured it was worth mentioning. She is also very fond of paranormal research and a few
    researchers, though not really very keen on the standard get in, get footage, get out mode.
    Fostering communication and helping spirits to heal and pass over is an important part of her
    practice. Something of a gnosis generator, she tends to make them a bit jumpy.
    She can be booked for live shows, readings, written material and other fun stuff by emailing her
    directly at badassadmin@badasstrology.com and putting your query in the subject line. She is
    also the dominatriah,
    the mentor that handles all new recruits and potential apprentices.

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    Big Blue Views - Ben Roberts, Lotsa Yahtzees & More UK (episode 29)

    in Sports

    Ben Roberts (@NextCats) is the recruiting analyst for UK Sports at the Lexington Herald-Leader and is our guest tonight.  He will be discussing all the recent football commits, other recruits on UK's radar as well as any basketball recruiting news.

    Kristin York will bring Views from the Street and always has fun surprises for us.  She may Periscope again as well, so stay tuned!

    We invite all listeners to give us a call and tell us what's on your mind! 646-716-4741

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    Inside The Huddle: June 24th, 2015

    in Football

    Co-Hosts Sammy Jacobs and T.J. Inman talk about the four new recruits who have committed to the Hoosiers this past week. We also welcome Nick Holmes of HoosierHuddle.com 

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    GRIDIRONSTUDS SHOW: 12.4.14 Hardest thing for recruits to do + UM, UF, FSU talk

    in Sports

    Call in #347-633-9365

    Chad Wilson dicusses the latest topics in high school football, college football and college football recruiting including:

    - The hardest thing for potential college football recruits to do
    - Miami Hurricanes talk with Brandon Odoi - college football writer
    - Florida Gators talk with Nick De La Torre - GatorCountry.com
    - Florida St. football talk with Bud Elliot - TomahawkNation.com

    Listen live at 10 AM 

    Call in # (347) 633-9365
    Twitter: @GridironStuds
    Email: cwilson@gridironstuds.com
    Instagram: @GridironStuds
    Website: http://www.gridironstuds.com

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    in Politics

    POLITICIAL ANIMALS---Philippine Independence---The special relationship with America--from recruits who worked as mess boys on US Navy ships to legal immigrants who came to America to"Contribute--not to Con-co opt or corrupt!"

    Examples--Raul Vincente Almacen--Ness Aquino and others

    historical audio clip  7-4-1946 Philipine Independence

    Real estate defective construction--The Berkeley California Student Housing Case involving a collapsed balcony--Why everyone should scrutinize the habitality and construction safety of the rental and HUD subsidize properties.

    If you're coming to San Francisco, what to check out before you dine out

    POLITICAL FICTION--American Civil War  was about State's Rights vs Federal Government--South Carolina  had a long history of these state vs federal conflicts

    Slavery was a dying institution in the South--The cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney was vastly more efficient than blacks picking cotton.

    Chris Cuomo is the brother of New York Governor Mario Cuomo Jr.  On CNN Chris Cuomo raised the subject of "black" about  Dylann Roof--Was Cuomo referring to possible black/ african heritage in Roof's ancestry?

    The South has a long history of sexual relations even sub rosa between white slave owners and black women.  Mixed race defintions  include


    Clementa Pinckney one of the victims shared the name of Charles C. Pinckney, an early white governor of South Carolina

    June 19th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    CardinalSportsZone Podcast 6/1/15

    in Sports

    CardinalSportsZone Podcast 6/1/15: Super Regional Info, Cardinal Football and Recruits and Commit Info

  • 01:36

    Bret Cooper Football with Coach Cooper, Riley, and Chambers

    in Sports

    Bret Cooper Football and the discussion of recruits and their academic best. We will get some call ins from the players and the coaches tonight. We will add some needed discussion and applause for the young athletes who are doing it the right way. 

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