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    Will & Grace's Leslie Jordan presents Award to David Morgan

    in Current Events

    In this episode, "David Morgan, recipient of the 'Partners for Life Award,'" is "lauded by presenter-comedian Leslie Jordan who himself was one of the highlights of the evening. Jordan's delightful recount of his "incarceration" with Robert Downey, Jr. had the audience howling," reports Alexis Hunter for The Desert Sun.  

    Dave Morgan is president of Reaction Marketing & Promotions, which created and has produced and presented the increasingly-popular Dancing with the Desert Stars event for four years. The recently-staged 4th Annual “Dancing” raised nearly $65,000 for the 100 Women and Partners for Life annual giving programs at D.A.P.

    Nicholas Snow (with guest co-host Kristin Johnson) is thrilled to present a seven-part comprehensive series documenting the 2015 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards held February 9th at the Palm Springs Convention Center, raising $1.3 million for direct client services at Desert AIDS Project. Special thanks to the gala producer Momentous Events for helping us secure the audio.

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    Heroes of Katrina: 10 Years After - Firefighter Jim Prince, There and Back...

    in Books

    Jim Prince, a native of Central Michigan with over 20 years of fire and rescue service experience spent about 6 months in New Orleans first as a Volunteer Firefighter then as a Logistics Generalist for FEMA.

    Jim will recount his experiences in the shattered region and provide fascinating insight into events and occurrences.

    Jim had some amazing experiences with FEMA in various ways which he will share.  On this show we will focus on aspects of the infrastructure, how the federal/state/local resources may have been better deployed…and provide significant insight into the balance of the three key governmental entities.

    Cary and Gretchen will be hosting…we encourage folks to call in and share their feelings…See ya there!

    If you don’t like FEMA…call in…ask some questions or share your anger…Call in and lets crawl into the controversy…necessary or not…open discussion is a catharsis…let’s get ‘er done!

    Author Cary Black wrote an epoch novel of American heroism called Katrina: A Freight Train Screamin’.  The book tells the real story of the worst natural disaster to hit the United States.  It chronicles the stories of the people who were on the ground savings lives, the people who were reaching out to rescue the millions of abandoned animals, and the people who survived and heroically came back, dug in, and rebuilt their lives from the chaos.  The stories reflect the thoughts of regular folks having to fight for their lives and finding heroism in their souls as they struggled to deal with the enormity of the storm.

    The book tells these peoples stories in a way that makes the reader realize how far reaching the depth of this tragedy was...Never to be forgotten

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    Sober Vacations

    in Lifestyle

    The very idea of having fun on vacation without drinking can be daunting, especially for those of us who once planned our resort time around swim up bars and vineyard tours. Is it possible to have fun travelling and stay sober? How do we ensure that we have the support we need away from our usual recovery-centered routines? Whether it is a summer camping trip or a mid-winter beach getaway, vacations require a little extra planning and consideration in sobriety. On this week’s show Jean, Amanda and Catherine will all recount their recent vacations to explore what worked well, what went wrong, and what they might try differently next time.

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    Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News From the Navajo Rez

    in News

    Listen to my April 16 episode Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous from the Navajo Rez at http://tobtr.com/s/7529969. ?#‎BlogTalkRadio?. The news topics included the unofficial results of the April 21 special presidential election between Russell Begaye & Jonathan Nez and Joe Shirley Jr. & Dineh Benally. A manual recount of voting ballots from ten sample chapters today. Election night interview with President-elect Begaye regarding climate change & water rights. Begaye-Nez April 22 press conference. Council passage of Dine' Uranium Remediation Commission & more than $3 million for Navajo Transitional Energy Company, which was tucked into a multimillion dollar capital improvement project package. Thanks for Tuning In & Staying Informed. May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth!

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    Episode 36 and protest recount

    in Atheism

    we'll talk about 36, Job, the protest or anything else you want.

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    Auto Sales Bad Ass: Dion Santamarina

    in Dreams

    Dion Santamarina is a salesman that I met in 2010. Dion has an inspiring story of how he was able to turn complete failure into success. Dion is now best known in the auto sales industry as a “Top Salesman” and champion. As Dion’s manager I’ve had the privilege working directly with Dion inspiring him to achieve success in his business life and beyond. Dion has faced many challenges in life and will share his secrets to a successful life with us all. I plan to have him recount some of the good times we had working together and talk about his experience in life…

    (This episode was created with Dion in my Studio but his audio was turned off. Since he sitting next to me he can still be heard. This was my first episode and it will only get better from here.)

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    Passover Celebration - Rabbi Joseph Potasnik

    in Judaism

    The esteemed Rabbi Joseph Potasnik talks about the 8-day festival of Passover.  This holiday commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. By following the rituals of Passover, we remember and acknowledge the freedom that our ancestors gained.  The Book of Exodus tells the story of the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt and their journey through the desert to the promised Holy Land.
    The Rabbi will recount the story, talk about the rituals and the Passover celebration.  He will also talk about world events today that interfere with peace and freedom for all people everywhere

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    What Jesus Said During Four Of His 19 Resurrection Appearances To His Followers

    in Spirituality

    On the day before Easter, we will be exploring 4 of Jesus' appearances to his apostles, disciples, and other believers after his resurrection. 

    The Urantia Book recounts 19 separate appearances made by Jesus after his death and resurrection. We'd love to recount them all, but feel like time limits us to 4 of them. Which would you choose?

    His first two appearances to Mary Magdalene

    His third appearance to his brother James in Lazarus' garden in Bethany

    His fourth appearance to his family and friends in the Bethany home of Lazarus.

    His fifth appearance to twenty-five women believers assembled at the home of Joseph of Arimathea.

    His sixth appearance to forty Greek believers assembled at Flavious' home.

    His seventh appearance to two brothers as they walked home to Emmaus.

    His eighth appearance to Peter in the garden of the Mark home.

    His ninth appearance, first to his apostles, in the upper chamber of the Mark home.

    His tenth appearance in Philadelphia to some one hundred and fifty followers.

    His eleventh appearance was to his apostles in the Mark's upper chamber.

    His twelfth appearance to Rodan and some eighty other believers, in Alexandria.

    His thirteenth appearance to ten apostles, whom he walked with, two by two, on the lakeshore.

    His fourteenth appearance to eleven apostles assembled on the hill near Capernaum for ordination.

    His fifteenth appearance to more than five hundred believers from the environs of Capernaum.

    His sixteenth appearance in the courtyard of Nicodemus to many of the Jerusalem believers.

    His seventeenth appearance to Nalda and about seventy-five Samaritan believers.

    HIs eighteenth appearance to a group of believers in Tyre.

    His final appearance to his apostles, again in the upper chamber of the Mark home.

    Please join us as we read and discuss 4 favorites!

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    Special Podcast: Pt 1: Tim Sassone Tribute with Kuc, Hedger, Cimaglia & Willhite

    in Sports

    On this special edition of PuckChatter~Radio, we tribute Tim Sassone, the former 25-year veteran sports writer at the Daily Herald, who covered the Chicago Blackhawks beat for the vast majority of his professional career.  Sassone sadly passed away on March 25, 2014 after battling illness.  He had just turned 58 years old.

    We're joined by 4 former friends, colleagues and competitors of Tim Sassone in this 2-part podcast in tribute to the Sassone.

    Our guests are Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune, Brian Hedger of NHL.com, Al Cimaglia of Sirius/XM Radio and Lindsey Willhite, former teammate of Sassone's at the Daily Herald and current Public Relations Director for the Chicago Wolves.

    Kuc joins Chris Block toward the end of Part 1, recorded and posted April 1, 2015, to discuss the latest Blackhawks news including Patrick Kane returning to practice with his teammates for the first time since fracturing his collarbone in a game on February 24th.

    Part 2 rejoins the Kuc conversation as he shares his experiences and stories of his great friend, Sassone. Then Lindsey Willhite calls in to recount following Sassone around the day the Blackhawks clinched the 2010 Stanley Cup in Philadelphia and much more.

    Chris Block, lead writer and editor of TheThirdManIn.com / PuckChatter.com hosts.

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    28th UFO Conference preview next Spirit Seeker

    in Lifestyle

    March 31: 8-9 pm CT 28th UFO Conference-Eureka Springs featured speakers www.ozarkufoconference.com

    Thom Reed will recount his childhood ET/UFO encounters from the 1960’s. Several of Thom's childhood sketches from 1969, depicting what he witnessed first-hand, are displayed at the Roswell UFO Museum in New Mexico, and the Great Barrington Historical Society of Massachusetts will also include Thom’s extraterrestrial encounters in their collection. http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/reedabduction.html

    Richard Dolan, internationally renowned UFO author, investigator, researcher and reporter. Host of the Richard Dolan Show on KGRA Radio. Richard is a frequent guest to Coast-to-Coast AM, and is featured in the new television documentary series, Hangar One. http://www.richarddolanpress.com/

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    The Return of Tyr: Reflections on March

    in Politics

    On this show I will reflect on the March Against White Genocide/White Man March, and recount my experience doing activism in Knoxville Tennessee.