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    Raymond DeHahn wins the recount do you trust ANYTHING in the City of Racine

    in Politics Conservative

    Ray Dehahn as you know won the recount over the election, many where shocked at the outcome. 

    Should we have been? After all this is Racine WI and Mayor John Dickert gets his way.

    A bit on the RICO

    A bit on is it time to flee Racine?

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    Acts Lesson 65

    in Christianity

    Join us each Tuesday night at 7:00 PM as the host, Andy Young, leads a verse by verse exegetical study of the Book of Acts.

    In tonight’s lesson, Paul is in the middle of a hurricane, and we recount the events that lead to his shipwreck on the island of Melita.

    Tonight’s Text – Acts 27:27-44

  • Upbeat w Tom Hayes,Rudy Guarino,"The Sugar Shack" Melvin and Leslie Wilson

    in Comedy

    Ubpeat with Tom Hayes, Rudy Guarino, George Wilson and B. Porter hos a show with guest stars, Melvin and Leslie Wilson of the group, "New Birth" with their famous hit, "Wildflower". Listen in as the brothers recount their days at the Sugar Shack Boston and with its owner Rudy Guarino. The group formed in the 1960's with Larry Graham who later joined the group Earth, Wind and Fire and then George and Lesliew Wilson who became the backbone of the group and who are still performing today...

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    Ghost Stories, Urban Legends and the Supernatural

    in Entertainment

    In honor of Halloween (our Producer’s favorite holiday),  Playing Devil's Advocate™ hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew will share Ghost stories, urban legends recount some of their own personal experiences with the Supernatural!!

    Join us for some spooky fun as we explore the things that go bump in the night (and sometimes in the day!)!


    And if that's not enough we have our Producer Cousin Chan's "Drink of the Week" and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-Youtube Wed night!



    Playing Devil's Advocate on BlogTalkRadio.com

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

  • Yardie Skeptics (S.03, ep.19): The Theocritization of Jamaican Schools

    in Education


    The Yardie Skeptics are back for their penultimate episode in Season 3, this Sunday October 18th at 12:30pm EDT (11:30am Jamaica time) to revisit an issue which we have dealt with for an unprecedented three times in our media networks - religious encroachment in a Jamaican public school. But this time things are different; the vast majority of voices in the public all agree that religious influence has gone too far and is in clear violation of a code of ethics, and the Jamaican public defender as official declared as much. The removal of a student from the post of head girl on religious grounds proved to be the tipping point for tolerance of religious privilege, and the Yardie Skeptics are putting this issue front and centre. 

    Joining us live on air will be none other than veteran Jamaican human rights advocate Yvonne McCalla-Sobers. Be sure to catch us early in the broadcast to listen to Prof. Verene Shepherd recount the "Walk to Stony Gut" in remembrance of the fateful Morant Bay Rebellion which resulted in the hanging of Jamaican National Hero, Paul Bogle. 

    To listen to this episode live, or catch the archived version afterwards, simply click the link below. Feel free to call in and share your views live on air or interact with other listeners in the live chatroom. 

    Be sure to like our new Facebook page Yardie Skeptics Network!

    "The home of the ackee of rationality and the saltfish of skepticism"?

    "The home of the ackee of rationality and the saltfish of skepticism"?

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    Theme- Life...after the death of a love one

    in Lifestyle

    Hello everyone & welcome to soul  Tuesday , October 13, 2015 at 3 p.m.-4p.m. eastern. 347-205 9957& chat room is open.

     Theme: Life…After the Death of Love One


    On the next edition of Life Is So Beautiful, my co-host Victor Holliday and  I will talk with stateswoman, business leader, and author Barbara A. Robinson about her latest book “Bend in the Road: Reinventing Yourself after the death of a loved one”.   She   will recount her process of moving beyond engulfing grief following the death of her husband Jerry Robinson; to whom she was married for 47 years.

    Barbara has lead a truly compelling life and has transformed herself through many of life’s harshest challenges. She has seen it all, and you will be INSPIRED by her many triumphs!  Her previous books include “And Still I Cry”,  “Yes YOU Can” and  “Eyes of the Beholder”.   She has been widely recognized for her various achievements and is the recipient of more than 100 awards including induction into the Maryland’s Women Hall of Fame.

    Barbara is also an elected Delegate to the State of Maryland and was recently selected as the leader for the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus. We’ll learn more from her about their upcoming conference and the importance of being a leading Representative with  and heart for the people and Spirit empowered by faith.  Join us as we welcome the beautiful and elegant Barbara A. Robinson.

    Love & Bliss!

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    Digby: Clown Car Chronicles Ep 3

    in Politics Progressive

    Each week Digby and Jay Ackroyd recount the most recent crazee events taking place during the Republic Disconnect from Reality while Killing All The RINOs primary campaign.

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    Digby: Clown Car Chronicles Ep 2

    in Politics Progressive

    Each week Digby and Jay Ackroyd recount the most recent crazee events taking place during the Republic Disconnect from Reality while Killing All The RINOs primary campaign.

    This week, as the Orange one steps aside, lyin' Carly joins Crusading Cruz to double down on misogyny. Trump falters under Little Marco Rubio's needle, whicle Dr Ben solidifies his number 2 slot. 

    For background, see Paul Waldman.

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    Will Uncle Luke and the Story of 2 Live Crew Hit The Big Screen?

    in Hip Hop Music

    The success of the big screen biopic, "Straight Outta Compton" has certainly struck gold and also sparked a land slide of interest in having other hip hop stories told in similar fashion.  Conversations have rumored to be floating around about having the stories of Snoop Dogg, Outkast and Tupac recounted in Hollywood style. 

    Since the release of the popular "The Book of Luke: My Fight for Prosperity, Truth, Justice and Liberty City", we can now add the story of Luther Campbell AKA Uncle Luke to the growing list of hip hop biopics in discussion.  Uncle Luke reveals during an interview on Down With The Kings that there is interest in having his story told.  He told The Audman, "I'm excited for the mere fact that a lot of movie production houses are calling up now because of the success of Compton so now people want to turn this book into a movie"

    Considering the controversy, court cases and success that surrounded the very racy 2 Live Crew throughout the 90's, a recount of those events in movie form would certainly make an entertaining story.  Since Straight Outta Compton is considered the movie that started it all, the former CEO of Luke Records was asked to share his thoughts on the popular hip hop biopic. He simply said that it was a "great appetizer to my movie".

    Check out the entire interview...

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    Experiences With Parallel Universes

    in Lifestyle

    This show is about things that happen before they happen.Our guest will try and recount 2 major examples of parallel Universes and what would have happened had he walked through that door. Check out this show for our conversation about his experience in a moment of time and then him back track in that moment.  Our Guest will be unidentified as he is a public figure that wishes to be anonymous. You wont want to miss this-this is a conversation with a person that has very rare unheard of experiences into Meta-Physics and Meta-Knowledge. Trained in one of the doctoral level sciences and practicing in this professional role he brings a practical scientific experimental view into his happenings.   What this means for the average individual to develop such skills will be discussed-please call in in with questions.

    Claiming to have been spoken to/with some form of a universal force/God.  Astrologically his chart shows a Grand Trine and a Yod Pointing to the house of groups in Aries.  Curious in the development of a relationship with what he terms the "Truth" and our "Relationship" with it, he has experienced profound  "Non-Causal and Effect" windows into these matters.
    At his 28th birthday upon Saturn return,  he proceeded for the following 14 days to have a dream which came true the next day.  
    He will talk about what happened next and how he developed these "Conversations" with the "truth."
    This is a non-organized spiritual conversation! Don't be deceived by the mention of "truth" this is a practical conversation. His beliefs/theories our all developed out of non-cause and effect experiences they are not a pure thought experiment!

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    BOAA920: Paul Kimball

    in Paranormal

    Filmmaker, writer, and paranormal pundit Paul Kimball returns to BoA:Audio for a comprehensive (we hope) break down of the East Coast ParaCon which was held earlier in August in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.  We'll also recount Binnall's journey to Canada for the event, dubbed #BoACanadianInvasion. 

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