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    Episode 36 and protest recount

    in Atheism

    we'll talk about 36, Job, the protest or anything else you want.

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    Home For Christmas: December Real Estate Recap With Robert Howe

    in Real Estate

    Merry Christmas! It's our last show of the year and we recount some of the biggest real estate news stories from Brooklyn in December with Brooklyn real estate attorney Robert Howe. Stories dealing with the continued rise in brokers in Brooklyn, the tallest apartment building in the borough, and a $10 million Brooklyn apartment!

    You can tune in to hear Bob discuss New York real estate, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn small business, community affairs, and events. Call in or email us with any questions and follow Bob on Facebook and Twitter @RobertHowePC.

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    Progressive Conversation

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    Andrea Miller, Terence Dicks, progressive politics, American politics, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, justice, social change, candidates, elections, policy, Congress, and more!

    John Bonifaz is the Co-Founder and President of Free Speech For People. Mr. Bonifaz previously served as the Executive Director and then General Counsel of the National Voting Rights Institute, an organization he founded in 1994, and as the Legal Director of Voter Action, a national election integrity organization. Mr. Bonifaz has been at the forefront of key voting rights battles in the country for more than two decades: pioneering a series of court challenges, applying political equality principles, that have helped to redefine the campaign finance question as a basic voting rights issue of our time; initiating and leading a legal strategy for revisiting Buckley v. Valeo in the courts; leading the fight in the federal courts in Ohio for a recount of the 2004 presidential vote in that state; and prevailing in federal court in Pennsylvania on the eve of the 2008 election to ensure that Pennsylvania voters would receive emergency paper ballots when they faced long lines caused by voting machine breakdowns. In addition to his work in the field of voting rights and democracy advocacy, Mr. Bonifaz has also served as co-counsel in international human rights and environmental litigation, including litigation to hold the Chevron-Texaco oil company accountable for its widespread destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Mr. Bonifaz is a 1992 cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and a 1999 recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.

    Andrea Miller will be joined by Rev. Glencie Rhedrick who will introduce her new show Women: Change Agents

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    Visions of the Past - The Scythians

    in Religion

    In this episode I'll be discussing the recount of the Greek historian Herodotus regarding an ancient people called the Scythians. Come on in as we explore their history, polytheistic beliefs and other attributes.

    Visions of the Past is designed to discuss the world of archaeology, anthropology and other such fields and how it relates to modern Paganism. It helps educate people on the real history, beliefs and practices of our ancestors and mankind's view of the divine.

    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    Kansas Coffee Bar

    Program Summary date

    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of smalltown life in Kansas in the second hour after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.) Description: This week on CounterSpin: It's hard to think of a time when a free press is more necessary than when the public needs to know about crimes committed in our name. So the release of a Senate report on CIA torture is a test for US media. We'll talk about the report and the media response with Baher Azmy, legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.) Description:

    Section of CIA torture report declassified; brutal torture tactics revealed
    Demonstrations calling for police accountability continue around the U.S.
    Recount confirms defeat of Oregon ballot initiative to mandate labeling of GMOs
    Turkish police raid and shut down community center squat in Istanbul
    Gaza farmers face low yields after fields damaged during Israeli offensive
    Indigenous leaders face risks for environmental defense of Amazon Basin

    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.

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    Super Power Hour: Fort Lauderdale Feeds The Homeless Edition

    in Comedy

    Join the discussion (347)857-3346 or email redbroward@gmail.com

    lets talk feeding Fort Lauderdale homeless, Mayor Jack Seiler, marina development, food not bombs, Broward school board bond oversight, Broward Republican. Party elections, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Homeland, Florida State Seminoles, College football, district 2 Broward county commission election, Broward SOE recount, will muschamp, Miami Dolphins, Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, Democrats, Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare, Governor Rick Scott, Facebook, Twitter, Judge Ian Richards, Arnold Abbott, The Homeless Voice, The South Florida Sun-Sentineland more

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    "You, Me and Sicily" Part 2

    in Social Networking

    WACR: BlogTalkRadio: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 7:30 (EST). Join Nick and Eva in welcoming back Eszter and Alfred recount their amazing adventures in Sicily. Call TOLL-FREE (323) 792 2931 to join in with your comments or questions or just to sit back and listen. Sponsored by A Few Good Books Publishing.



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    Simplicity Welcomes Psychic Medium Geoff Allen and Beth Deering

    in Spirituality

    Specials guests Edwin F. Becker and Marsha Becker joins us for an amazing event! Ed is the author of True Haunting, a recount of their experience as the first televised exorcism broadcast on NBC in 1972. We will interview them plus take your phone calls in the second half all live from the houseboat and Sips Coffee shop. 



    Island Jeff was born with a gift to be able to see and communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side. He has been documented by several independant sources and found to be accurate. https://www.facebook.com/charliesheenrox  https://www.facebook.com/IslandClairvoyant

    Simplifying your world with your host Brian Treybig.  We bring you helpful topics, free tarot readings, psychic experiments and special guests weeknights at 9pm central.  Call in to speak with the host 646-478-3271


    Follow us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simplicityradio

    Like us at https://www.facebook.com/simplicityradio 

    If you would like to advertise with Simplicity message us on Facebook or email us at briantreybig@gmail.com

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    Children, Parents, Marijuana plus Winners of SF MMJ Cannabis Cup

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    The Family Law & Cannabis Alliance is a clearinghouse for local, state-based, and national information related to marijuana policy, child protective services (CPS), and family court. The Alliance’s Executive Director Sara Arnold provides an overview on the problems parents who are medical marijuana patients are facing and overcoming and how her organization works with local Children’s Protective Service agencies and other private and governmental organizations to keep families intact.


    The 8th Annual San Francisco Patient’s Choice Medical Cannabis Cup was held the weekend of November 29th with patient judges awarding prizes for best cannabis in all its form - bud, concentrates and edibles. Cup organizer David Goldman will recount the highlights of the 2014 cup competition including a look at the entrants and how the judges decided on what was the best.

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    Bellesprit Radio Show presents, Bellesprit December Feature, Noreen Reinier

    in Spirituality

    This month's feature is one of history's most noteable female psychic-detectives. If we go back to the 1960's, where anything dubbed "paranormal, psychic, or medium," was considered to be that of an occult nature. I would like to invite you to join us on a facinating journey with Noreen Reiner,  as we recount some of her most exciting cases, as well as her life as a psychic detective!

    If you have a question for Noreen, join us in our chat room where you can interact with the show.Chat Hostess Laurie, will be there should you have any questions. We will not be giving free 1 question readings tonight. We want to reserve this time for our guest and questions relating to her life.

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    Always a Woman

    in Comedy

    Mark and Joe recount their experiences in The New York Comedy Festival. it's the soak of the year!

    Follow @TuesdayStories @MarkNorm @JoeListComedy and @StandUpNYLabs.

    Use promo code STORIES at www.StandUpNY.com for 2-for-1 tickets to Stand Up NY.

    Visit www.StandUpNYLabs.com to listen to all our other great podcasts.

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