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    I Filed For Divorce In California Now Want To Reconcile

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    We have had a few California divorce cases where the parties filed for divorce and then later wanted to reconcile.  We will discuss what your options are and why you don't want to cancel the case right away.

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    FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK live Morning Broadcast daily at 6:30 am, Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Pastor Mary Washington, Ft. Worth, TX PUREWORD FOR EVERYDAY CHRISTIANS Evening Broadcasts MONDAY - SUNDAY

    TUESDAY ~ 8 Pm TEEN TABLE TALK [16-25 yrs}
    WEDNESDAY ~ 8 Pm IN THE WORD [Mid - Week Discipleship]
    THURSDAY ~ 8 Pm WOMEN OF FAITH [Sister to Sister]
    FRIDAY ~ 8 Pm: MEN OF VALOR [Brothers Bonding]
    Online: School of Prophets Theological Institute (Bible Curriculum).

    Join us for 6:30 am prayer service. Visit us at www.thevoiceofreasons.org and contact us voiceofreasons@live.com.  We appreciate you, Partner With Us in carrying the Gospel to the nations making disciples; your gift will help us reach more people and fulfill the great commission. Thank you for your generous donation.

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    SELMA the 50th Anniversary the MOVIE, TIMES, PEOPLE and the 21st Century

    in Spirituality

    The Focus Show - {Follow One Course Until Successful}  "A male/female becoming a man/woman". The show is live at studio 670 10am to noon Wednesday in Louisville Kentucky. Come hear a mid-week dialog for men /women to be heard, understood and share their life style living choices (LSLC) as men/women. The Focus Show visiting guests and the co-host of men/women friends. We are discussing our life living style choices and our wisdom we have matured. We want you to listen or join in but, determine for yourself the value of spiritual, real, confident and free Believer's. As we dailog about the processing issues from birth to present-day to a male/female becoming a man/woman.

     MeShorn will lead a focus thought, as a professional believer in God. He has come to live by his own beliefs and make his own choices. Why? Because of the adult-males/Alpha-men who sowed some valuable lessons into him. MeShorn now seek to give back. MeShorn, believes the process to life living choices for all, is knowing your own beginnings. (KYB). The Focus Show will remind, witness and reveal (RWR) to believers and non-believers through our "keep it spiritually simple" (KISS) "barber-shop" format. A method style & conversation, listening and teaching within the show. The Focus Show has a message & mission to restore males/females to the understanding, knowledge and wisdom to becoming a man/woman. We invite any & all to enjoy this 21st century programming. The Focus Show - A male becoming a man.


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    After An Explosive Argument, How Do You Reconcile With Your Spouse?

    in Women

    Even in the most loving, peaceful relationships, arguments happen. Sometimes they get heated and very ugly. What happens when in a moment of rage, you and your spouse begin to say the unspeakable? What happens when bad names are called and someone hits below the belt with hurtful remarks? What happens when someone threatens divorce? When it gets this bad, can you reconcile? What words can you say to erase the effects of the extreme hurt caused by the argument

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    The Holy Universe: David Christopher's Soulful Story of Creation

    in Spirituality

    When asked why he wrote The Holy Universe, David Christopher replies, "Like so many people who left the faiths of their youth, I still wanted to believe, yearned to believe in something. But just as I found the interpretation of the stories of traditional religions deeply unsatisfying, the cold, factual stories of modern science also failed to speak to my spirit. Like the Seeker, I threw out the story of the scriptures that I was given, but couldn’t reconcile with the “Big Dumb Rock” theory of creation that emerged out of the mechanistic worldview of the European Enlightenment. More important, since I found myself in a world that seemed bent on economic and ecological self-destruction, I wanted a new spiritual direction beyond the platitudes of the self-help era."

    David Christopher is an award-winning author and teacher of the “new story,” a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe.

    Today, David travels around the United States teaching about the importance of telling our collective story and finding one’s role in facing the crises of our age. He appears before a variety of audiences, including Unity and Unitarian Universalist congregations as well as college classrooms.

    David has served as a facilitator and facilitator trainer for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums produced by The Pachamama Alliance. His work and his book are part of a growing worldwide effort to cause a major shift in humanity’s consciousness and worldview regarding ecology, social justice, and spirituality.

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    Genetic Science, DNA, Sin, and The Bible

    in Christianity

    It seems the further science progresses, the more it confirms the Bible. But that's not all - it seems the further science progresses, the more it sheds light on some Bible passages that were somewhat confusing, misunderstood, and in some cases even rejected.

    This confirms the passage in Daniel 12:4 that reads: "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

    In this episode of The Pursuit of Truth, we will examine some new scientific findings and consider how they align with Scripture. Are you familiar with epigenetic generational curses? How about micro-chimerism? Do we truly understand the effects of eating unclean meats on our DNA?

    Join me, as we undertake to reconcile difficult Bible passages with cutting edge scientific discoveries. Knowledge is indeed increasing in this End of the Age. Are we brave enough to run with it - or will we choose to stick to our dogma and run from it? The Pursuit of Truth is not for the faint of heart. Dare to follow truth... no matter where it may lead!


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    Being a Public Christian in Your Business

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    While out shopping for chocolate and furniture, you meet Jesus Christ. What? You should expect to meet Jesus in church, a Christian bookstore or gift shop. Then there are businesses whose products and services draw various customers through its doors, and serve as an opportunity for the lost to encounter Jesus Christ through a Christian business owner who's dispersing salt, light, love and truth. How does this mesh in a politically correct, secular, "anything goes society"? Meet Father Stan Smith, a former quality assurance engineer turned founder of Mar Toma Enterprises, offering overtly Christian products such as Holy Chocolate and Burnt Sacrifice BBQ sauces and spices. Also meet Ana Martinez, our beloved Voices Against the Grain devotional writer, who's a chef for celebrity athletes and co-owner of full-service interior design studio, Dulce Designs. Father Stan and Ana are public Christians in their respective businesses. Hear their amazing stories of how Christ is working through them in their businesses to reach the lost. Their experiences may encourage you to be more of a public Christian in your business. 

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    The New York Jets offseason begins, TJ Barnes joins us live

    in Football

    Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone it is time to look forward to free agency and the draft. Early reports state that the New York Jets have interest in Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie? Are Jets fans willing to reconcile with Revis? Cro a good player to help Bowles implement his system? Also should Gang Green get a deal done with Mo Wilkerson this offseason? Then should the team consider options like Demaryius Thomas or a Julius Thomas if they hit the open market?

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    Personality Speaking presents "Ask Karen" - Q&A

    in Relationships

    Every time I speak at an event or facilitate a training class, people line up to ask me questions about their personal situations.  As a result, every first Thursday of the month, I am dedicating my show to answer your personality/relationship questions.  You can ask me anything about your personal situation.  You can ask me about people you interact with and are having difficulty relating to or understanding.  You can ask me about your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, co-workers, ministry workers, etc.  Please do not mention anyone’s name without his or her permission.  If you email your question(s), please give me some information about each person’s personality, so I can speak from a personality perspective.

    If you want to ask me a question but you want to remain anonymous, you can email me at KarenWard@beyondtwollc.com.  I will answer your question(s) without revealing your identity.    You can also call into the show by dialing 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to comment or ask a question). 

    Personality Speaking is helping you reconcile your relationships one personality at a time.

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    The Gay Christian: "Straight-Face" author Brandon Wallace

    in Books

    I’m a minister. Well, sort of. I am no longer a “minister” of the traditional sense, in that I do not have a full-time job with a church. But, I have always felt the call of God upon my life in ministry, in some way, shape, or form. What is ministry, anyways? I believe it is something we are all called to in some way, no matter what your occupation is. Ministry is simply fulfilling someone else’s needs in the name of God.

    I worked for several years as a Southern Baptist youth minister in Arkansas, and honestly, I loved it. I loved the programming, the worship, the time spent investing life into young people’s lives to lead them closer to their Creator. But as of January 2012, I left my post in the SBC for quite a few reasons; the main one being that I am gay. I have always known I was gay, just as I’ve always known I was supposed to be in the ministry.

    I spent the majority of my life to date trying to reconcile my feelings and attractions with what I was taught about Scripture. After many, many years of toiling over the Scriptures and struggling with God, I finally came to terms with my theology, my sexuality, and my faith. Which leads me to where I am now.

    I currently live in Memphis, TN where I am in education and going to a more mainline denominational church here. I am continuing my journey, my struggles, and battling it out with God as I move forward in life. As part of the 4 paths I have to know about God, I am struggling to live as authentically a I can. I spent so long in the closet, shielding my true identity from everyone, that it takes work every single day to be as authentic as I can be, so that’s why this site is here. This is my step. This is a part of the journey. And I want you to join me as well, because journey’s are much better when you do not have to travel them alone.

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    Consciousness 3.0...The Religion Edition

    in Culture

    Can you be "holy" and "hotep" at the same time?

    There is no doubt that Christianity is a driving force in the melanin community. History demands its respect as an ideology which counteracted the mental anguish and brutal forces of subordinancy and slavery. Our forefathers adopted, embraced, and cultivated this doctrine in order to secure strength in volatile times. As the conscious mind dissects the legacy of religion and its importance to our survival, it also recognizes various inconsistencies and incorrect respresentations of biblical images. Does this mean that the system as a whole is another agent of white supremacy, or is history so tainted that the truth will forever elude us? Can we reconcile our feelings of anger and reclaim the core beliefs that held our families together through one of the most despicable time periods in American history?

    Let's dissect and build.

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