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    Run Your Mouth Night: Predators On A Higher Level...Creflo Dollar On The Loose!

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    It's Run Your Mouth Night. And the Hot Topic is about Creflo Dollar, we have came up with another word for ECONOMICS for this cat, it's Trick-Con-Nomics. Creflo, has asked 200,000 of his followers to contribute $300, to a cause/campaign to buy a  $65M G650 Jet, so him, Taffy, and his crew can travel the skies in comfort in order to share the word of Grace around the globe.  Creflo Dollar has done the do, now. Do you followers know how much money it takes to fill up a jet to fly one way? Is yall, getting on the Jet, with him and them? Y'all getting a tax write-off...What?

    Has Creflo gone mad!? Is this a trick? We know God said ask, and you shall recieve, but now I have to question Creflo's grace with God.  The Devil is a liar! I thought the church is suppose to be about savings, Dollar on reserve? In this case, "The World Changers Church," is changing lives in the world of trick-con-nomics, and fleecing the sheep and pulling wool over their eyes to do it. Is Creflo Dollar pimpin' in the pulpit, or pimpin' in his convo?  Please somebody come and help us talk about this Brotha' cause if, the Church allow him to get this Jet, souls are going to be lost and their possessions too!

    Predators on a Higher Level, Yall! God don't need no gifts, and neither is you the President of the United States, Creflo; even the President is flying a jet, based on the economy...what's up with that?



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    FeMale Sexual Predators cont: APS Update

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    Whats good fam and definitly THE ELECT? Ran out of time last night and didn't get a chance to play my last clip on how having sex with NEANDERTHAL leper cave dogs, give we melanin rich aka BLK folks CANCER. Evidence shows that prior to cleverly crafted integration and leper caucasoid planned and orchestrated racial amalgamtion. Negro Black Americans (never) suffered from diseases like Breast Cancer or Prostrate Cancer. So if we are suffering from a high rate of these disease NOW and more, it simply stands to reason that it is the LEPER Cauacasoid Tribes their (half cast) progeny and there never ending JEALOUSY of we who are giving these disease to us and aslo creating them for us. Sorry if these FACTS hurt some of you out there who feel swirling with the NEANDERTHAL is the best thing next to ice cream. But the high mortality rate at which we are dying when we where living to over 100 yrs not to long ago should want you/we to consider the PRICE we are willing to pay for being in love with and cohabitating with the leper neanderthal races.


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    Discover Your Inner Voice and How Recognizing That Voice Determines Your Success

    in Business

    There is an outer and inner side of life and success. The outer side of success is most obvious with accomplishments we see in ourselves and other. Recognizing the inner side is the golden key to the foundation to continued success.  So what in the world is that supposed to mean??

    Join Chinello Haney, spiritual teacher, former commodities broker, and entrepreneur and me on Now&Next Radio as we explore the ancient teachings and tools that lay the foundation for inner and outer success. 

    This segment applies to everyone who wants greater success, entreprenuers and employees and volunteers. The answers are within!


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    KKN: WWW. : "World Wide War: Recognizing Spiritual Attacks"

    in Spirituality

    Next on Kingdom Kids Network

    Every Fourth Saturday of the month  @ 10:00 am EDT. 

    Hosted by Junior Ambassadors Clinton & Imani

    Visit our page @ Kingdom United Ministries Network

    You've seen it;  attacks caught on video, gruesome murders, bizarre behaviors around the world and the list goes on.  It used to be a time when a person being attacked would be helped by someone passing by, but now crowds of people grab their cell phones and the whole world will see it in "real time" in a matter of minutes, and this is from school!  Where is the compassion for humanity?  Have we really become so cold in our hearts that we no longer care about our brothers and sisters? What is happening that evil seems to be more accepted than good?

    Join us for this months broadcast and invite others and share.  "Like" our page by visiting www.kingdomcomenet.com  

    You are welcome!

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    Recognizing the Signals

    in Business

    Having been in the recruiting field for as long as he has, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has owned agencies and worked for agencies.

    On this show, Jeff speaks about the warning signs candidates and clients often give that let us know we're in trouble.

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years. The American Headhunter podcast is one in which he will talk about his career as a recruiter, challenges he faces, his experience as an agency owner and much more.

    In addition to his work as a recruiter, Jeff creates content for job hunters, HR professionals, small business owners, hiring managers and now recruiters to help you do your job better.

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    Effective Communication Series - Part 2: Recognizing Individual Styles

    in Jobs

    Brand Expert, Latrice Collins, will conduct a four part series especially crafted to enlighten you and strengthen your communication skills.  This episodes focus is “Recognizing Individual Communication Styles.”

    We are excited that Reggie Carney, President and CEO of Lead Strong Inc., will be our special guest this week.  Reggie will share powerful tools and insight for recognizing different communication styles and tips for improving your communication effectiveness.

    If you are struggling with communicating with one or more individuals in your life, you don’t want to miss this series.

    Part 1: The Power of Emotion Intelligence

    Part 2: Recognizing Individual Communication Styles

    Part 3: Emotions VS Logic, which one will win in a battle?

    Part 4: Navigating Through Company Culture and Management Styles

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    Conscious Predators PT 6: When Consciousness Changes U 4 The Worst

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    Always remain your beautiful self. We're all on different levels in our lives. We're all awakening at different speeds. Some so called conscious people can promote a conscious cuss yo ass out moment.  We have some that feel as though they are above and beyond everyone else and want people to follow in their footsteps. You have those that feel as though they can bully you or change your frame of thought. It’s ok to complement each other, but to think or believe that someone is smarter than you to the point where you allow them to change you is morally wrong and shows a great deal of how strong minded you are. Never allow someone to dictate your spirit. We claim white supremacy is the cause of why so many Blacks are at odds with each other well some of us are practicing white supremacy within the Conscious community. Do what you feel is right in your own heart  always. 

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    Bruins vs Predators Post Game Show | Studio # 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    After an overtime win against the Sabres, the Boston Bruins will look to make it a winning streak as they take on The Nashville Predators 

    Joe Marracchino and Jeff Kane will break this one down on the CLNS Radio Bruins post game show immediately following the last play.

    As always, the Bruins Post Game Show is built for and controlled by our callers. The studio is equipped with 150 call lines, so you will never get a busy signal.

    Call into the studio: 347-215-7771 (press 1 to speak to the host)

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    10 for 10 Network 4/18

    in Sports

    Join Johnny Showtime, Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, & Chuck the Deacon as we give you another one hour show jammed packed with all the latest stories in the sports world. Chuck is headin our NBA discussion with all the biggest stories as the regular season winds down, As always, we give you our SHOWTIME MOMENTS, followed by Nascar with Whiteboy Stew. We don't talk golf much, but spring is here so we have to give our views on the results of The Masters. Last segement is your weekly views of the world of the MLB.


    So dont miss out Saturday @ 10



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