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    Great Awakening On College Campuses - Pastor Joe Sazyc - BHTE

    in Christianity

    Next Great Awakening Ministries (NGAM) was founded by Pastor Joe Sazyc after several significant encounters with the Holy Spirit. The call was to establish the apostolic priorities of continual Word and prayer in strategic places with the goal to spark the fires of revival and awakening. After receiving direction from the Holy Spirit to stay in the Detroit area, Rev. Sazyc began to notice that numerous significant prophetic voices were declaring that the Detroit area was indeed a key to the next Great Awakening...

    Joe has recently accepted the appointment to Chi Alpha ministries releasing God's glory on college campuses in the metro Detroit area.




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    The Wellness Blueprint

    in Self Help

    The Power of Plant-Based Diet for Kids

    Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday with their special guest Dr. Ruby Thomas! This week’s show is titled, The Power of Plant-Based Diet for Kids and is sure to be an informative show! See you Friday morning at 9a (ET)!

    About our guest: Dr. Ruby Thomas received her medical degree and completed her medical training at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She is board certified in Pediatrics and has specialized training in Preventive Medicine. She is currently a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Preventive Medicine. Prior to joining MBS Wellness, she practiced urgent care in the metro Atlanta area and held a faculty appointment at Morehouse School of Medicine department of Pediatrics. Dr. Thomas continues to hold a part-time faculty position with the Department of Preventive Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine. Her clinical and educational interests include integrative medicine, motivational interviewing, healing with nutrition, and preventing childhood obesity.  Dr. Thomas is a native of Atlanta. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, reading and painting.


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    Episode 41: A Conversation with Julia Trantham

    in Christianity

    This episode of Connect airs on November 18, 2015.  Julia Trantham is in her first appointment as a deacon in Cullowhee, NC.  She is a native of Canton, NC and and a 2013 graduate of Duke Divinity School.

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    PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF! with… Dr. Hanan Islam in our First Annual Health Seminar! 421 E. Miner St. Stockton Ca. 95202 December 5, 2015 9:00 a.m.-4:00p.m.

    Have you been sick, in pain, overweight and tried everything without success? “The Treatment Plan of your body can only be as accurate as the INITIAL DIAGNOSIS”. Dr. Hanan Islam Come and learn how to take that FIRST step in your personal healing! Our goal is to help spread knowledge on how to heal the body, expose misconceptions and help you make healthier choices! Register today! Registration only $75.00 Registration plus appointment with Dr. Hanan $150.00 Appointments available Friday-Sunday December 4-6, 2015 (couples-275.00) for your appointment today, minimum slots available! wellness0706@gmail.com


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    Remove the Hinderances

    in Christianity

    Just Read a poster witha  Quote from Pastor John Hagee

    It said "If something or someone hinders you from your divine appointment, push it out of your life. 

    Get rid of It.

    Let's Talk about it!

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    11-15-15 Marvelous Work and a Wonder®

    in Education

    The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is about disclosing the real truth to the inhabitants of the world by giving each individual human being an equal opportunity to discover things that have been "hid up from the foundation of the world."

    This is the time of the true Apocolypse, which correctly interpreted from its original Greek source: Disclosure.  The Marelous Work and a Wonder® (www.marvelousworkandawonder.com) is the anticipated, and correctly interpreted, final Apocolypse, or full disclosure of real truth.

    Christopher is the true messenger who has been chosen to deliver the real truth to the world. Although the claim of his appointment seems impossible and, to many, lunacy, there is only one way anyone will ever know if he is who he claims to be, or if his message is what it claims to be. The way is simple:


    In this venue, Christopher will discuss any aspect of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® ("the work") and speak to any who wish to ask him a question or discuss any part of this work.

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    #16 Light Workers, Multi-Dimensionality, Dreams, & Out-of-Body Experiences

    in Spirituality

    Who are light workers? Are you one? We are multi-dimensional beings, who are evolving. In our sleep state, we naturally exit our bodies to visit other dimensional realities for our growth and learning. Learn about OBEs. Hear Katy share an extraordinary OBE she had on 11/4/15. 

    Soul Evolution Center Show to Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics.

    *Follow the show!*

    *Call-ins not taken*

    Rev. Katy Simmone* Founder of http://soulevolutioncenter.com/ * Host*Advanced Channeler of Light Beings*Author of the free eBook"Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings "(Free download at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575068) 

    *Speaker*Workshop Facilitator

    *Phone/Skype/Computer Evolution Coaching & Certifications*Book on Website Calendar

    Connect with Katy for her sharings of her psychic experiences & channeled messages on her Blog, on Soul Evolution Center FB page, & YouTube. 


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    Healing The Pain From Childhood Trauma - Do You See What I See?

    in Spirituality

    When we look at the world, we view it from our own filter. If we like what we see in ourselves, we will see the world as a magnificent, magical place for us to enjoy and explore. If not it does reflect our vision. In this episode, let's heal so that we can truly see cleary. 

    We are born on the planet in drama and emotional struggles. Our first moment was a painful struggle for our mother and ourself. This impacted us severely. Without knowledge, our childhood journey followed us into adulthood creating mental, emotional and physical disease. Sonia Nadina Haynes takes you on a journey of reflection and healing to change your unconscious story. She helps you to heal in a powerful way. She is an emotional healer who works from the energetic and emotional level to help you heal your physical pain. Sonia is author of The Power Of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself, Law of Attraction In Design, Oneness, Reincarnation, Separation and Integration, all available on Amazon. Sonia Nadina's website: www.soniahaynes.com. To book an appointment, Email: contact@soniahaynes.com Or call 778-786-1301.


  • No Show Today I have to go to the Courthouse

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    No Show Today I have an early morning appointment. Tomorrow I will ome live.

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    "Runes" after Elder Futhark as tool for the Soul with Amanda

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we are goind to talk with our special guest about Rune Divinations. Although little is known about the origins of the Runic alphabet, which is traditionally known as futhark after the first six letters, we are going to discover more about this anciens knowledge. Amanda's fascination with the Runes began when she received them as a birthday gift many, many moons ago. After reading for family and friends for several years, Amanda went to work at a local metaphysical shop. While there, she first offered her readings to the public and quickly built up a loyal clientele. She has been reading for others with the Runes and Tarot for 18 years. In 2013, she launched a channel on YouTube called Runescopes, where she provides free monthly Rune readings and yearly overviews for each zodiac sign. Amanda offers private readings via Skype and also teaches a six-week, online Rune course several times throughout the year. To schedule an appointment or request more information about her Rune class, you can reach her at runescopes4u@gmail.com. Her channel on YouTube can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkpusXas2CrsOy4yNgQNXQ. 

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    USA vs St. Vincent and the Grenadines World Cup qualifying preview

    in Soccer

    Listen to our live broadcast of Friday's game here: https://rabble.tv/broadcast/563e995716ec767406dc5ce5/view

    The soccer podcast that can't stop talking about Darlington Nagbe ...

    0:00 - 6:30 Explaining World Cup qualification, picking an abbreviation for St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    6:30 - 15:30 How St. Vincent plays, which players to watch out for, and how we think they'll approach this game against the USA.

    15:45 - 30:30 Picking our US team, approach and style of play to face the Vinnies.

    30:30 - 44:20 Answering listener questions about this game.

    44:20 - 56:08 Discussing the US Soccer Federation's ruling about headers and concussions.

    56:08 - 1:04:36 Weighing Patrick Vieira's appointment as NYCFC head coach. 

    1:04:36 - 1:08:10 Getting excited for Bob Bradley's tenure at Le Havre — the French Fulhamerica.

    1:08:10 - 1:18:00 The Total Soccer Show Scouting Network: adding one Liverpool player and one frighteningly talented young Colombian.

    Support the show by joining the Scouting Network here: http://totalsoccershow.com/subscribe