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    Ellen Roach and the 200 Million Dollar High School.

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    “I don’t want to spend $200 million on a beautiful new high school that the state is going to take over next year,” she said. “I believe our top priority should be doing what it takes to fix that school and get it out from under that receivership threat, not making plans for seven years down the road.” - Ellen Roach

    I'm joined by Ellen Roach to talk about her priorities regarding Albany City Schools. She is a candidate for the Albany City Schoolboard. The election is November 3rd.

    For a list of all candidates, please visit:


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         Here we go, another Saturday with the perfect BLEND of fusion.  Where is your head at?  What do you think about the stressless attack to your mental reception.  Is your frame of receivership getting all it can to reflect the atmosphere of jazz music, tracked to R&B and some hip hop?  Open the doors to your mind through your ears and take it in, all the way good.  The FUNKY RHYTHM CONNECTION is  H E A R for you! (smile)


         Get on the buckboard with Amenti the WRITER.  She has a lot to talk about and WELCOMES you to the table.  347-205-9366.  The last SATURDAY of each month, which is now - she will explore the realms of talk, and discuss with you, what is on the menu - just call her up or sit back and take it all in.  347-205-9366

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    Listen as we continue to remember how to 'Manifest'  a 'Happy 'New' Year!

    You are a Healer! Wake up to your greater good!  This program will continue to assist in the process of ’Manifesting’ all things for the abundance of  good  you will receive for this 'New' year, turn  your time into an asset. Today 12:30pm,we shall take a closer look at some of the tools that will lift our consciousness to a greater level of receivership  for our highest good. In this season of giving and receiving, we make ourselves available to the energy that the Universe is sharing with us now.  Our guest will be Rev. Rekel Ferguson, of Modern Zen.  A  gifted Spiritual counselor  and Advisor, Rev. Rekel will use her gift of Channeling for those who are serious about improving their lives for the coming year. Rev. Rekel, who is a Tarot Reader, and is blessed with the desire to assist others through Channeling Sessions, Healing Sessions: Soul Ascension Healings, Cord Cutting, DNA Activation and Reiki Healing and her philosophy is that in to reminding  you of your greatness, you may in turn begin your own healing and assist in the healing of others. For prayer or readings join  us this Wednesday, call in 646-478-5120.  You may also contact  Rev. Ferguson at her Spiritual center, ‘Modern Zen’, in Davie, Fla.  954-625-6775.   Website: http://www.modernzen.org.  Prosperity does not always mean money or material things, a New Years 'Resolution’s' is only the beginning in creating real change in our lives.  You, as Lightworker are aware of this, which is why the opportunity to remember your greatness is here now and shall continue into 2015. Join us for one hour today at 12:30pm this will be our first broadcast for the week.


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    Pamela Shelley

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    I must have gotten my entrepreneurial spirit from my father who owned several businesses as I found myself at the tender age of 20, along with my fiancée, purchasing a retail store that was in receivership. Within a few short years we became #1 in sales of all the retail outlets in Western Canada. We also ended up purchasing another fairly new business and built it up to being very profitable as well.

    After surviving a plane crash in 1983, a divorce in 1986 and raising a 2 and 5 year old on my own, I went back into the corporate world. I eventually landed my dream job working from home for a large communications company and experiencing a lot of freedom using many of my entrepreneurial skills. I remember sitting at my computer one morning and just feeling so unhappy. Then I felt angry realizing what I thought was my dream job was not fulfilling enough. By this time I had started my holistic healing practice and I knew I needed to follow my heart and take that leap of faith quitting my corporate job, secure paycheck and benefits. That was 15 years ago, and I have never looked back.

    I know first hand how challenging the journey can be and having confidence and a prosperity mindset are crucial to creating a successful thriving practice. I also know how important it is to have the practical business steps and consistent marketing to get our gifts as Lightworkers out there and make a good income.


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    Feeling safe loved and protected…. Always!

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    What does it take to feel safe, I wondered? I think what we’re really trying to do is feel comfortable. When we’re in that comfort zone, familiar territory, where we know what to expect, we feel we can relax. What do you need for that?
    I was shown TouchPoints, when certain things are in place for you to feel comfortable, to know yourself and your reality. These may be your home, family, partner, cat, or also some less obvious things, your attitude, your personality, your values and expectations.
    We put these in place like the fencepost around our lives and expect them to mark our space to ourselves and the world. We sit at the centre of this TouchPoint protected world and fight to keep the equilibrium. Work hard at keeping the norm, meeting our personal view and expectations of life as it is and sometimes get thrown by the naturally occurring changes of life or the needs and expectations of others. We create thought and emotions to keep all in place and have strong thoughts and even stronger emotions when a TouchPoint seems to be threatened, even if it’s just in our mind.
    When your partner forgets to put the trash out, you have to wait all day for a phone call, your boss hints that the company is going into receivership; your favourite restaurant changes the menu or chef. Your brand of whatever is discontinued. How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts on that?
    Understanding your personal TouchPoints, why and how they serve you can help you see how to take the feeling- thinking roller coaster down permanently and not feel threatened because your self- created TouchPoints are changing, to feel safe no matter where you are and what you’re doing because you know what’s going on and you’re in charge of it and no longer at the whim of change….You’re creating it! 

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    Commercial Real Estate Receiverships

    in Real Estate

    Have you ever wondered how to become a receiver on commercial property or how to get business from a receiver? What if you are already a receiver but need experience or you need to get more appointments?
    We are going to cover these and other issues pertinent to receiverships and commercial property during this show with our featured guest, Bob Mosier, national speaker and one of the most preeminent receivers in Southern California. Participating in the discussion will be Kirk Rense, an attorney who has worked with Bob for over 20 years, focusing on receivership legal issues and Mike Walters, a long time specialist in commercial auctions.

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    Whodini, David Copperfield and Michigan’s Emergency Manager

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    In May, Michigan Forward launched a campaign to repeal Public Act 4,“The Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act.”  Since the campaign began,additional cities and school districts such as Flint,Inkster and Highland Park Schools have been targeted for emergency management.  The cities of Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Pontiac and the Detroit Public School District presently have Emergency Managers. 
      Recently, Flint city officials and the State Treasury office announced the city will receive an Emergency Manager. Flint will be the only city in Michigan’s history to have been placed under receivership twice.

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    Stay Awake with John T. Hill

    in Current Events

    Tonight's topic: to tax or not to tax, that is the question. John discusses why such an inconsistent taxation policy combined with uncontrollable government spending has America looking at the all-too-realistic possibility of America going into receivership. He'll discuss what needs to be done to right the ship before its too late.

  • Are You a Victim of Investment Fraud? How to Get Your Money Back

    in Business

    NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Investing is hard enough without walking into a bear trap set by an unscrupulous fraudster. Crooks create false account statements, make wild performance claims and operate elaborate Ponzi schemes in order to get money out of your pocket and into theirs. If you're the victim of such a crime, what are your chances of getting your money back?

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued an investor bulletin explaining the ways in which conned consumers can attempt to recover assets lost to criminal investment scams. The good news: there are a number of ways to recover your money. The bad news: you are likely to recover only a portion of your loss – and be prepared for a lengthy process.

    "Not all harmed investors will be able to recover money, and many of those who recover money receive less, often substantially less, than their losses from the securities fraud," the SEC says. "In addition, even when harmed investors are able to recover money, the process for distributing the money to harmed investors may take a long time."

    If an SEC investigation into securities fraud is successful, enforcement action is initiated through the court system or by an agency administrative proceeding. In addition to attempting to reclaim the proceeds from the fraud on behalf of victims, often penalties and interest are charged; the court or the SEC will determine the distribution of these assets. In other cases, a receivership is formed to recover and manage the proceeds of criminal collections. In fiscal year 2013, the SEC collected more than $1.6 billion in fines and recovered investment assets.

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    Christmas with a Bailout:Year end Wrap

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    What more do we need, Santa said he wasnt delivering to my house until he got his Bail out. Donner and Blitzen have filed Chapter 11, and Rudolph is in receivership,The elves are on strike and half are in a job bank, the toys are made with lead, Mrs Clause is having an affair with John Edwards and I have a hangnail, what have we come to America?