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    Terrapsychology:Earthrise, Mythic Image with Craig Chalquist

    in Psychology

    Bonnie Bright speaks with Dr. Craig Chalquist about Terrapsychology, Encyclopedia Sophia, and"Earthrise" as a mythic image a la Joseph Campbell.

    Craig Chalquist has walked a lot of the landscape of depth psychology since he first coined the term "terrapsychology" nearly a decade ago. Here Craig speaks about how "patterns, shapes, features and motifs at play in the nonhuman world scupt our ideas, our habits, our relationships, culture, and sense of self" a quote from Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled (p. 6), the June selection for the Depth Psychology Alliance online book club.

    Craig Chalquist Ph.D. is the author of 8 books and editor of 2 anthologies, including Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled, the June selection for the Depth Psychology Alliance online book club. Currently a core faculty member in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Dr. Chalquist has also taught at John F. Kennedy University, Antioch University, Prescott College, and Pacifica Graduate Institute among others.

    Craig's comprehensive work in the field(s) of depth psychology, ecopsychology, and mythology have given rise to a number of groundbreaking unique programs including Encyclopedia Sophia, an online repository for culture mentors, and Earthrise--a vision for a mythic image for our time.

    -LEARN MORE about the June Online Book Club: http://www.depthinsights.com/pages/book_club/book_club_jun2012_depthpsych.html

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    Embodying the Power of the Storm: An Interview with Katrina Martin Davenport

    in Psychology

    Katrina Martin Davenport, MA is a dreamer. Her work involves illuminating the soul and reconnecting with nature through her artistry with a camera, talent with words, expertise in dreamwork, compassionate teaching style, and ability as a clairvoyant.

    Martin Davenport brings her love for dreams, deep connection, beauty, myth, archetypes, and ancestry to her work. She is a writer, teacher, photographer, dreamworker, and intuitive.
    Katrina's work with ecopsychology, and storms in particular, sets her aside as a powerful interpeter of symbols and patterns that affect both inner and outer nature. Katrina's writing appears most recently in the new anthology, "Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled" published by World Soul books.