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    When & Why A Relationship Is Over - Reba La Maestra - (347) 855-8802

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    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid Radio" Reba La Maestra is back with another exciting topic.  The Signs Of When & Why To Break up:. What are the signs that you recognize ?

    Lack of phone calls ?
    Too few visits ?
    Not supporting you when you really need support.......emotionally, financially.
    Waiting too long to communicate ?

    Call in for the conversation with Reba tonight and share your comments, opinions, thoughts, and advice.

    Thank you for listening to our podcast for tonight and stay positive.

    Always think positive.

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    Your Ideal Companion - Reba LaMaestra - (347) 855-8802

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    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid Radio" Reba LaMaestra is back with more postive relationship advice.  Tonight her topic is "Your Ideal Companion".

    What are the personality traits or even material poessions that you would like in a companion ?

    What type of temperment do you like ?
    What are deal breakers for you ?
    How about sexual appetite and sexual lifestyle ?
    Would you like to be with your polar opposite ?

    Feel free to call in and offer suggestions, comments or advice and share with us what you would like in your ideal companion.

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    The Top Moments of 2015: 5th Year Anniversary Edition

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    It's our 5th Anniversary here at the SHOW and we know your lives wouldn't be near as complete without us. This is your opportunity to SHOW us your allegiance. We will be discussing the greatest #FATMoments of 2015. We will also announce the 2015 Reba Little Caller of the Year! As usual wrestling, football, Chris Farley, baseball and random fart noises will ensue. Call in on the #FATLine and let us know how you will be spending New Year's Eve and your favorite moments of 2015!

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    The Best of 2015: Education, Sports and The Arts. Should Americans Be Required to Learn Spanish?

    in Women

    We have had to fight for the right to be educated and in some cases, parents even went on a hunger strike to make a point that our children's lives are worth the sacrifice. Many young people have excelled in academics, music, dance, sports, and other areas of creativity and have demonstrated that if we just support their efforts with financial resources, they can rise to unlimited heights. Why is there such a fight to make sure every child is given an equal opportunity for self development? What stories and guests inspired you this year to give more and volunteer more in the development of our youth? Our guest today, Spanish language instructor Reba Brown, examines the need for Americans to become multi-lingual, and given the growth of the Spanish speaking population, would it make sense to make Spanish a second language requirement? 

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    Relationship Chemistry with Reba La Maestra

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    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid Radio" ......Chime On with Reba La Maestra~"Teaching Life Lessons Learned" tonight at 8:00 pm Central and let's examine "Relationship Chemistry"...When do you know that it's time to marry ? Do you know whether that job will work out? Who are the right people to allow in your personal space? Dial 1-347-855-8802 and press #1 to be placed in the host cue !!

    Feel free to call in a share what your defintion of what "relationship chemistry" is in your world.

    Also call in with all of your questions, concerns, suggestions, or advice.

    Thank you for listening to Reba La Maestra.

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    The Late Night Take-Out - Meichell T. Jackson/Buddy Hall - Reba LaMaestra

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Entertainment Quadrant Radio. This evening we shall be presenting "The Late Night Take-Out" with Meichell T. Jackson and her co-host Buddy Hall. Meichell and Buddy will be covering various topics that "might not" be discussed during day time hours.

    To prepare everyone for the late night coversation...........Reba LaMaestra shall be on with her show with the latest "trending topics" when it comes to relationships or general topics of the day.

    Feel free to call in with any of your questions, comments, or suggestions and thanks for listening.

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    Who's The Boss ? He or She ? - Reba La Maestra - (347) 855-8802

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    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid Radio" Reba LaMaestra is back with more interesting conversation. Tonight her topic is "Who's The Boss ?  Him or Her ?"

    Many times (depending on the couple) there are power dynamics happening in relationships.  Sometimes the man is the boss and other times the woman is...........usually things balance out.............however.......depending on the couple one person is clearly the boss and the other is not.

    If you are a woman......do you want to be the boss ?

    If you are a man......do you believe its your ight to be the boss ?

    Call in tonight to express your point of veiw.

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    Caroline Kole

    in Marketing

    The reigning  http://xdi.com Chili Challenge Champion Kim Hutton of OE Federal Credit Union checks back in with us! Then we visit with up and coming Nashville star Caroline Kole. Caroline is a tremendous talent and performer who is destined to be a big time name in Country Music. We will talk to her about her life and career and why she likes cats! This week the Power of Performance is powered by a true artist and performer! Join us live or later! Its Red Hot Radio!



    Caroline Kole has been making music professionally since she was 10 years old. Caroline is signed to Starstruck Records in Nashville, TN. She is managed by Narvel Blackstock of Starstruck Entertainment, the home to Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. She is a client of the William Morris Endeavor Agency.

    Caroline has been on a two year international tour with Reba McEntire. Reba first saw Caroline perform at the famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville five years ago. The two have been working together ever since.

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    Should She Keep The Baby ? - Reba LaMaestra - (347) 855-8802

    in Relationships

    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid Radio" Reba La Maestra will be discussing "Should She Keep The Baby" ?

    Two people get together (either long term or short term)..............(serious or not serious)..........and the woman gets pregant, but the relationship is not solid or almost does not exist.............Should the woman get rid of the baby ?

    What would U do if faced with the possibilty being a parent when U were not ready to be a parent or being a co-parent with someone U do not want to be a co-parent with ?

    Feel free to call in with your questions, comments, or concerns.

    (347) 855-8802


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    My Guest Reba Wilson, Advocate against domestic violence