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    An affirmation given as a gift to you by Fr. Bryan. Experience Conscious GodSelf-Realization for Success.

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    The purpose of this Mass is to eradicate all mortal longings and to transform sense desire energy into a sacred yearning for the divine substance and Cosmic Meal of immortal outpouring. This Mass is not a sacrificial remembrance, but a remembrance of who we truly are in the Fullness or Pleroma of Heaven. All of you have the I AM Divine presence of Christ Consciousness in you. You can consecrate bread and wine together with the priest by your innate divinity. This consecration is a non-local, remote experience not bound to one space-time location. We do this in thanksgiving for the life of Jeshua Messiah, who revealed the path of Enlightenment, the "Way" to the Supernal Parents, the goal of this Eucharist is to gain flashes of insight and illumination, to help further the cause of Awakening from sleep and ignorance, unconsciousness, and delusion (maya). Contained within this Yoga (Divine Union/Bridal Chamber) is a Releasement (Apolytrosis/ Deliverance) of any and all forms of darkness and oppressive spiritual forces, as the Radiant Light of the +Father and +Mother God, the +Holy Androgynous-One-God, penetrate the darkness with Supernal Light from the Heavenly Abode. In this Eucharist Yoga Feast, there is a true exchange of Primal Life Force energy transmitted through Pure, transformative God-Consciousness. In the receiving of the divinized gifts of bread and wine, one can experience the Bliss of the Ultimate Reality, strength to endure, power to overcome, and get a glimpse of The Fiery Light-Transmission, Zion Illumination, or Samadhi Yoga with God, by realizing the Love of God in the intimate quarters of the Bridal Chamber, and your true nature through Self-Realization. Above all, we take part to evolve and accelerate in Consciousness. This program is something you can meditate to, and ultimately co-consecrate bread and wine in to because you are part of the Universal Sacred Priesthood and you are Christ.

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    Do we Create our Own Obstruction to the Realization of TRUTH... if so, HOW?

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    We  create the obstruction by an orientation to life survival as the key to existence... Life! Death! Eternity! The Conundrum of Existence... "Oh, My!" 

    We either sweep our end of life options/realities under the carpet of  (1) "I'll get around to it later, thank you," or (2) work our heart to the edge of an angst for the Divine by whatever sacrifices our belief system has convinced us will "give us a life ever after of happiness and joy with our Creator-God."  

    Notice... life is the equilibrating bottom line of our focus? Is life the bottom line? How do you know this for sure? Is life the end-all and be-all of existence, despite how it just changes forms from physical to a more ephemeral state? Is life a huge survival agenda wrapped up in spriitual packaging? Is this backwards?

    Is life the error of our orientation?  If so, what is the orientation that trumps life?

    For our loyal listeners we like to drop this insightful hint -  this week's show is the internal unseen counterpart of last week's external way we do this ... in life realities, challenges fights, etc. Looking forward to our time together live on the show... sharing and caring together for our greater good and enlightening growth.  :)

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    Consciousness Caffeine: Sophia's Mirror...Soul/Self Realization & Transformation

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    Show is live Mon~Wed~Fri 4:00-6:00 p.m. EST...3/23/15:  Sit back, relax, and join Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa for a Rocksome dose of Consciousness Caffeine and Conscious Community with topics regarding Re-Education, Healing, Empowerment, Inspiration, Dominion, & Conscious Co-Creation.  On today's show Lisa hosts special guest Stephan Coutts, Conscious Visionary and creator of Sophia's Mirror, an online tool that accurately reads the Human Soul.  Stephan will discuss Sophia's Mirror and how seeing your unique and beautiful soul essence at an even deeper level will help you experience a quantum shift in self awareness and self-love and help you find the Gifts your Soul came to share.  Come join the Big Picture Party to listen, learn, be Inspired, facilitate Remembrance, and share your soul where all are honored in our Rainbow Warrior Circle. Please call in and join our Rainbow Warrior Circle to ask questions and share if you are so Inspired.This show was created with the intention to gather other Rainbow Warriors together to Co-Create from Unity Consciousness so...Let's Get This Party Started!!!

    Stephan's website & Sophia's Mirror:  http://www.trueloveinstitute.com/cgi-bin/tli_promo.pl?o_code=tli_mirror

    Stephan's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/steven.c.coutts

    For more from Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa visit her website:  http://www.transcendance.us/

    To donate to support the show and Random Acts of Love & Kindness go to:   https://wesharecrowdfunding.com/RainbowGodDess

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    Is Worship an Obstruction or Essential to Realization & Transcendence?

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    Does God-Creator want and intend for us to use a pedestal to keep our Divine at a distance and static? Or, does a stairway to meet and greet our Higher SELF At-One with our inate Goodness nature make more sense and fit with Principle better? 

    Is our route HOME one paved in worship rituals? Or is it paved with answering our longing and questions with TRUTH answers via learning and healing? Why would our Divine counterpart want  us to supplicate rather than mend our broken hearts and resolve our communicaiton breakdown?  

    Does relationship make more sense than idolic worship which got Moses quite upset when delivering the Ten Commandments? An idol is an idol no matter the label  you slap onto it.  How does worship belie Jesus and his teaching that, "The Father and I are One," and "Greater things than me you shall do"?  It ought to fit together, not be contractory, right? 

    Please tune-in and shed a enlightening ray of TRUTH'S Light into what has become the dark side of tradition's erroneous interpretations making more sense to ego mind reasoning than Divine thinking. :)

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Join Bryan Rice, OFJ for another Breakthrough experience this week in Realization of our Oneness.

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    Paul Chek’s Approach to Self Realization and Life Fulfillment

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    Forget trying to hit the bull’s eye, why not paint a circle around the arrow instead?  Sounds much more effective to me. 

    In my opinion, Paul Chek's metaphor for the name of his book,

    "Paint a Circle Around the Arrow of Life and Hit the Bullseye Every time."

    points towards understanding who we are and creating life on our terms, also known as Self Realization. 

    In my experience, this journey can be challenging but the more I dive into who I really am, the greater health, wellbeing and FUN I have!

    Come join Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner, Educator and Founder of the CHEK Institute, offers his take on creating a fulfilled and powerful life by: 

    Understanding his beliefs about God and why it's important for optimal living. According to Paul, he's not some cantankerous old man in the sky, ready to label us sinners!
    Using our relationships to help us understand who we are and how to make optimal life affirming choices. 
    Avoiding life-destructive cultural programming that take us away from our sense of self and our health.

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    The LESLIE ARNOLD Show: featuring AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji

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    The Leslie Arnold Show features AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji. Sahaji is the original derivation as the one Higher Sanskrit word for the English phrases Soul or Spirit Travel, Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), Soul movement, etc. Practicing Sahaji will gain one the SRAOSHA (Spirit) Mastery level of their life as Leslie has also achieved. Further, in Sahaji, initially before mastery within as Soul, one passes into higher levels of consciousness towards this mastery and beyond. At the point of achieving the fifth dimension inwardly traveling through the first four lower planes, one achieves the first goal of AKATHA. That major goal is Self-Realization, the plane of liberation as Soul, the Light and Sound within one. This Sound Current, sometimes called the "SRAOSHA Life Stream," is very uplifting and heard as a high electrical pitch. This high pitch has one now ecstatically experiencing and realizing perhaps for the first time in the life, the experience as Soul, the essence of man. On the show, Leslie interviews the leader of AKATHA, The Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master. This foremost evolved human is the highest central master in the universe of the longest unbroken line of Spiritual Masters called The Order of the Vairagi. He teaches the way of AKATHA to the ready Soul who may then take the next step onto the path. The membership is free along with all materials and seminars whilst contributions and donations are not accepted. Without charging shows the motive is pure by the path of AKATHA to give out the purest message of Sahaji. No thought can be then that the Living Master is just out to make a living from his teaching. Therefore, please come and join us in our pure motive for a joyfully inspirational vibrationally uplilfting thirty minute experience. Feel the essense of SRAOSHA perhaps for the first time in this life.

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    InTouch with Self Realization Fellowship

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     The Kriya Yoga path embodies a complete philosophy and way of life.  Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, one is able to calm the mental and physical processes to that one’s consciousness, freed from limitations, can realize the bliss and omnipresence of God.  We will learn more about this today on InTouch Interviews as we welcome Brother Priyananda of the Lake Shrine of the Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) in Pacific Palisades. CA.  SRF was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda who taught that the way to permanent happiness and peace is through daily communing with God in deep meditation and then to carry His love and guidance with you through into all your activities. www.srf.org

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    Sovereign Self

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    Welcome to Consciousness Unlimited Radio sponsored by Sovereign Self. Your Hosts are Martin Campbell, Ron Mayer and Karen Murphy.

    Martin Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, Martin believes humanity’s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. 

    Ron Mayer describes himself as a spiritual archeologist. Always affirmative and inspirational, Ron, often brings new and at times a controversial perspective on a wide range of topics and has come to the realization that self-development is never a complete or finished process, that when our journey of self-discovery begins, it is a forever endeavor from the heart.

    Karen Murphy’s 30 years in corporate business combined with an awakening 10 years ago that propelled her to a greater understanding, compelled her to form her own business - Core Value Strategies. One of Karen's deepest desires is to share with others how they can align their true core values in everything they do, including within their work place.

    Martin, Ron and Karen welcome each and every one of you, no matter where you are on your path to join them in exploring the wonders of becoming your Sovereign Self.

    You are invited to share your thoughts by calling in at: 213-943-3410

    (and press "1" to let the engineer know you wish to speak).

    or by writing on their Facebook page at:



    Consciousness Unlimited Radio is a production of The Learning Center for Human Development.