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    The Reality of Marriage

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    This week's show "The Reality of Marriage" Oliver and Denise will be coming on. They both make up "Marriage is Our Ministry" and will bring insight from their experience and perspective.

    Marriage has become so many things these days. The media paints a fairy tale romance never ending facade, but I'm confident marriage is so much more than that. If marriage were so easy, I'm sure everyone would be getting it right. This is not to say that a couple cannot experience romance and butterflies in their stomachs. I believe one should experience that at times with the one they love. However, those "feelings" are not enough to keep a marriage together.

    If you are a Christian you know that "feelings" are linked with the flesh which is something we cannot trust or make decisions on. We are to be basing our decisions on the holy spirit (what others call intiution) and guidance offered. Feelings flutuate and sometimes fade, but true love with God remains.

    I have never been in true romantic love, but I always admired married couples who truly love each other and have something special. I know those who are married will be able to relate or gain from this show (maybe even give some two cents). Also, there are many who desire marriage, but have no clue all the work marriage entails. Yes, marriage is a blessing from God, but anything good and lasting does not come easy.

    Looking forward to this show.

    Find Oliver and Denise on their website: http://www.marriageisourministry.com/

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    Keshia Robertson, Contemporary Romance Author with a Multicultural Twist

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    Author Keshia Robertson hails from Toronto, Canada where she writes fresh sensual to erotic contemporary romance with a multicultural twist. When she isn't crafting stories of sexy heroes and witty heroines, she can be found on Twitter, @startswithakesh or on her website, startswithakesh.com, discussing her preferred writing techniques or the latest episode of a Korean drama.

    Excerpt for Just As Good - 4 days before Christmas: Evan Hermes traded in romance for pragmatism when he suggested marriage at their New Year's Eve party to his girlfriend, Kitt Preston. It was a “suggestion” which wasn’t well received by the love of his life. Though it’s taken him most of the year to figure out the perfect proposal, this time romance is front and center to obtain a yes!

    Kitt has been in love with Evan ever since he asked her out during their first year of college. Tall, handsome, and a family man, Evan is the kind of person that most women would be falling over themselves to marry…but not her. Kitt is only willing to say yes to a marriage proposal that is worthy of their love and years together.

    A second chance for Evan to propose felt about as miraculous as Santa Claus standing in the middle of his living room with an inheritance grand . . .



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    Music, Song for My Father, courtesy of www.AnnaFisher.com

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    The King Me Show: Does Sexual Activity Change in a Relationship After Marriage?

    in Radio

    How important is sex in a marriage? How spiritual is the act of intercourse with someone that you love? Do most married couples that can’t stand one another still enjoy the act of sex? Is it mandatory to have sex whenever, where ever when you are married? Depending on why you married a person, does that play a role in the sexual activity? So many married women will cut the sex off with their husbands, really not feeling the desire to engage in the activity, why is that? We are going to look deeper and tackle some issues on does the sexual activity change after marriage.

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    Sunday Night Love - with Romance

    in Entertainment

    SUNDAY NIGHT LOVE This show is hosted by Romance, it's a Grown and Sexy show, you will get Romantic tips and also Love Games.

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    Reality Insider w/ Redneck Island's Tessa Moss

    in Television

    Welcome everyone to Reality Insider where we delve inside the Reality of Entertainment. This week at 9 pm est 8 pm central we will sit down & speak with Tessa Moss from Redneck Island. Which you can see every Thursday at 10 pm est 9 pm central on CMT. Tessa Moss is fresh from not only having a kiss stolen from her but her booty shorts as well by her partner Cowboy, but thats only 2 things of many we will talk about tonight! Tonight Tessa is getting ready & set to take on Reality Insider! Join us as we speak with Tessa Moss about everything that is Redneck Island!

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    Reality Insider w/ Hunter Larsen

    in Television

    Welcome to Get Real LoL's Newest Show, Reality Insider where we will look Inside of Reality Television by interviewing the people who have been on the shows we love to watch. Join us weekly as we welcome stars from Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real World, Mob Wives, Redneck Island & many other Reality Shows. So pull up a chair, turn up the volume, kick your feet up & relax as we dive into the one & only Reality Insider! This week we welcome the one & only Hunter Larsen from this season, Season 4 of Redneck Island on CMT every Thursday Night at 10 pm est! Join us as we talk w/ Hunter about all the changes that we will see this season on Redneck Island!

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    The King Me Show: Spirituality vs Modern Day Marriage

    in Radio

    As African people should we celebrate marriage like everyone else or should everything be spiritual without all the paper work?Which would you prefer a marriage that is based on connecting with someone spiritually, mentally and emotionally, or a marriage that is based on financial security and paperwork?  Is it important to have paperwork for just in case purposes? We are going to discuss which one works best for us. Tune in tonight.

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    Sunday Night Love - with Romance

    in Entertainment

    SUNDAY NIGHT LOVE This show is hosted by Romance, it's a Grown and Sexy show, you will get Romantic tips and also Love Games.

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    Reality Insider w/ Josh Varnado from Redneck Island S4

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    Welcome to Reality Insider, brought to you by Get Real LoL! Join us as we delve Inside the Reality that is Television! Tonight join us as we talk with Josh Varnado from Redneck Island Season 4 about the past 2 weeks! 2 weeks have past & so far Josh is still safe & partying it up on the Island, or I should say Lake! This season is totally different than the ones in the past. This week we will discuss the hosts Stone Cold, Jessie James Decker & everything that is going on at Redneck Island from these past 2 weeks. Call in by dialing (347) 327-9114 or by skyping in. One thing is for sure, we are going to have fun!

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    Reality Extravaganza

    in Entertainment

    "The Reality Talk" Reality what?! Reality who ?! Let's talk! Tonight's show is all about "You" tell us why ur really into Reality shows! What amazes u about reality shows! And what u think about reality?y show episodes!

    The shows consist of:
    •BadGirls Club"The Redemption"
    •Sorority Sisters
    •TI&Tiny Family Hustle
    •Tiny&Shekinah Road trip

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