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    Men in Prayer

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    Tonight on Real Men Speak, our discussion is going to be on Prayer. Prayer is defined as a communication with God. As a man what is your line of communication like  ,It  is said that the prayer of a righteous man makes available much. If that's so , as a man are you in lack or is your bounty full. Does prayer make a difference?  It is said much power comes from much prayer and from prayer comes power

    That's a discussion on the show this week. I believe it's time to get real about what we do and how we access power and prayer.

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    Everything in life has a place, but most importantly everything has a rightful place especially the men.
    Some men have lost their way, some have never been taught how to be a man while others have abandon their post, their title and some have just left the buildng and are no where to be found. Real Talk Live 216 is CALLING OUT ALL MEN and asking them one question WILL THE REAL MEN PLEASE STAND UP & TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE? IT'S TIME TO COME BACK HOME! It's time for ALL MEN to take their rightful place whether it's in the home, the community, church, schools etc.. Call in to speak with us and our guests at 646-929-0243.  IT'S TIME FOR THE REAL MEN TO STAND UP & ANSWER THE CALL AND SIMPLY SAY I WILL I WILL I WILL STAND UP!

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    Real Men - Real Talk

    in Dads and Family

    On today's show we discuss Real Men - Real Talk. A live recording from a Father Matters mens support group. This may be the era of the evolving dad who changes more diapers, reads extra Dr. Seuss books and spends added time raising his children. But when he looks for support groups he sees mostly moms. To state the obvious, dads matter more at home every year, playing a critical role in everything from toddler vocabulary to keeping their kids out of jail.

    Guest Speaker Information:
    Father Matters INC.
    Phone: 602.774.3298
    Website: www.fathermatters.org 


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    Black Men Are The Real Reason The Black Community Is Not Advancing

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    Do Faithful Men Still Exist? 


    i must admit that they are scarce or almost extinct.

    oh i think faithful men exist they are in great number if i may say .because i have heard many married guys sayn to me 'man go and marry al u need is in house in one body .so if a married could use this word,i guise such is faithful.even guys who say i wil not have sex until i get married i think such a guy wil be faithful when invited in the game

    NOW WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS ON THIS TOPIC CALL IN SPEAK YOUR MIND ON REAL TALK Call in to speak with the host (657) 383-0052


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    Let's continue the dialogue As Real Men Speak

    in Social Networking

    This week On Real Men Speak, we want to continue with the open dialog and just talk about  issues that help men grow and change.

    So if you're about growth and development in other words change then join us in this conversation, you're welcome to bring your questions, concerns, and opinions.

    Remember, Real Men Speak is a radio show that is designed to help men to grow and we gave our suggestions and our opinions based upon information that is current and Information that is investigating. Our disclaimer is that we are Making Options Available

    So join our show, 7 PM Wednesday night, Real Men Speak. Let's go to work

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    Keepin It Real - Episode 14

    in Entertainment

    Question of Week - Tune in at the beginning of the show to see what the question of the week is.


    News Topics

    1.Eritrea government forces men to marry at least two wives or face imprisonment due to men shortage.


    2.Florida woman posted a live Facebook video after being shot 3 times in a Burger King drive - thru.


    3.Man shit was so bad that British Airways had to turn around and come back to the airport.


    Main Topics:


    Super Bowl 50 - Black quarterbacks in the NFL and the impact that race have against them and why is Cam Newton being so criticizes.  


    Dirty w/ a Twist:

    Sex and Food and how this combination can make the sex so much better.


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    **Real Talk- Real Men Reflecting** with guest Carlos Muhammad

    in Culture

    Real-Talk, Real-Conversations with host, David Glover, airs October 14, 2015,  featuring guest Carlos Muhammad. This show's theme is **Real Talk- Real Men Reflecting** and we will have Carlos Muhammad, a recent attendee at 10-10-15 - Million Man March, recaping the energy, marching orders and impact of Minister Louis Farrakhan's call for unity.

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    Hollywood Superhero X-Men movies and entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Just raving about U.S. Hollywood movies, celebrities and my favorite HBO stars, movies, series, and 

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    GUESS WHO'S BACK!!!: ALI'S MEN Round Table Discussion

    in Current Events


    After a long hiatus, ALI'S MEN is back to help close out the year! In this episode, we will speak on a number of today's current events that affect us. Among these topics will be:

    The Donald Trump Factor ...
    What Does It Mean To Be "Pro-American"?
    The Wholesale Killing and Mistreatment of Asiatics by Police
    Senator Marco Rubio's Proposal to Ban Gay Marriage
    Civil War & In-fighting in Africa (Boko Haram & Burundi)
    Talks of the Bit Coin being traded on the Stock Market
    and much, much Moor!

    With so many world events affecting us today, now is a good time to hear things from a Moorish American perspective. Come dialogue with us and be sure to take notes. You do not want to miss this show!!!

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    Sunday Night Real Talk w/ MisterDirect Framing innocent black-men costing NY

    in Current Events

    Framing innocent black-men costing NY millions

    Racists Texts from COPS


    Judge dismisses jury for not enough diversity...

    Guys with Beards are cheaters

    Boxer seen in Gay says he was drugged...MUCH MORE...





    What has happened all week long?

    What is the latest news story to capture our attention?

    Tired of Fox, Cnn, Msnbc, or other Slanted news?

    Tired of slanted links and not knowing the other side of the story?

    Join the KMAN and MisterDirect for an open banter discussion on the latest topics. 



    That's right join MisterDirect and the KMAN for 

    Social, Political, Scientific, Technology, Health, and many more subjects. 

    Since it's REAL TALK you never know where the conversation will go.

    Guest call in line (347)205-9571