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    The Reaction: Special Delivery 12/17/14

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry Broadhurst (play by play voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling) and Tony Acero (411mania's Raw reviewer and formerly of The Greg DeMarco Show) talk about the week that is in the WWE this week. A special edition of the show this week as not only do we go to Wednesday, but we'll also be covering TLC and the live Smackdown. Plus, we'll take your calls at 760-888-5749.

    So be sure to join us for "The Reaction", a presentation of Powerhouse Radio.

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    Lance Hardwick LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we chat about our latest Audio Series: LANCE HARDWICK MYSTERIES! The 1947 Radio-Play/Noir/Comedy/Paranormal Detective Story with a Difference!

    On December 17th we are releasing "The CHannukah CHorror"! A holiday treat from www.the4077th.blogspot.com

    The cast will chat about their experiences working on the series: Jeff Niles, Viktor Aurelius, Rachel Rumler, Jonithan Patrick Russell, David Schütz II and Mary Genevieve Fortier. We will discuss our previous storyline : "Her Kisses Were Steamy but... OH, Those Cthulhu Boobs!" and future plans too. We will air clips from "Cthulhu Boobs" and even a SNEAK PREVIEW clip from "The CHannukah CHorror"!

    We will also play a clip from our other Holiday Treat for 2014: "A CHRISTMAS HORROR 2 - The Shriek-Quel". It releases the same day as this show, so check our website!

    If you haven't listened to the FIRST "Christmas Horror" you can find it here: http://the4077th.blogspot.com/2012/12/jeff-niles-presents-christmas-horror.html  Part 2 takes place during some of the events of Part 1.

    Join us and please call in with your questions and comments! We'd love to hear from you!

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    Reaction in Ferguson to Grand Jury Decision, Cosby reacts in AP interview

    in Politics

    I will be airing LIVE at 12:30 PM Pacific Time today for 90 minutes Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

    1. Riots in Ferguson 

    2. President Obama's response to America 

    3. Megyn Kelly from Fox blames Obama's remarks for rioting. 

    4. Al Sharpton speaks out on Ferguson 

    5. Heather Sheafer plugs her book  The Narcissist Next Door

    5. Bill Cosby asks for comments on AP taping to not be aired, but they are. 




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    The Reaction: WWE Raw December 8th, 2014

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry Broadhurst (RAPW play by play announcer) and Tony Acero (411mania Raw reviewer and formerly of the Greg DeMarco Show) take you through the go-home episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from December 8th. Everything you need to know as we get ready for Tables, Ladders, Chairs (and Stairs) this Sunday.

    Feel free to join them by calling in at 760-888-5749 and join in at 11:30 EST as "The Reaction" goes live on Powerhouse Radio!

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    Mike Williams - Ebola and the Problem, Reaction, Solution Script

    in Education

    I recently had the pleasure of joining Pamela Tartar on her radio show Factor 9 on the Pure Momentum Network.

    We had a very relaxed and frank discussion about today’s current events which includes Ebola and the continued problem reaction solution script used by the elites to ram through their global agenda.

    The second hour of the discussion can be heard by heading over to the subscriber section of Pure Momentum Network. Pamela and her husband David do some fine work so a subscription helps them to continue to get the word out. The link is included in the show notes below.
    Thanks for listening and enjoy.


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    The Reaction- November 24th 2014

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry Broadhurst and Tony Acero discuss the latest happenings from the WWE's flagship show, Monday Night Raw. Tony and Harry break down the events of the Survivor Series as well tonight's Monday Night Raw. Feel free to join us by calling in 760-888-5749 or listen live here on blogtalkradio and through our various means.

    It's "The Reaction" on Powerhouse Radio, live at 11:30 PM.

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    Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guide, Jack Armstrong

    in Spirituality

    How can you discern truth from illusion? How can you raise the veil between perceptions of your ego and spiritual wisdom? What does Source/Spirit have to say about our human condition? Wouldn't it be great if life came with an instruction manual? The good news is that there is one and there are tools to help you attain this type of clarity. This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Spiritual Teacher and Author, Jack Armstrong.

    Since 1978, Jack Armstrong has been receiving and transcribing spiritual wisdom through a form of channeling known as Inner Dictation – the same phenomenon through which A Course in Miracles was received. After publishing his first book, Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guide to Navigating Life’s Journey, in 2008, Jack decided to devote his life to sharing these inspiring messages with others for whom they can be helpful. His own life’s journey has included stops as a nonprofit executive, Peace Corps volunteer, congressional candidate, small business owner, actor, voiceover artist and hospice volunteer. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and strives to practice the lessons he has received. For more info, please visit: www.lessonsfromthesource.com

    Matthew Engel is an intuitive counselor, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, spiritual teacher, writer and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in actualizing their higher potential for 18 years. For more info and to sign up for Matthew's popular newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com




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    The Reaction: WWE Raw for December 8th, 2014 Take 2

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry Broadhurst (RAPW play by play announcer) and Tony Acero (411mania Raw reviewer and formerly of the Greg DeMarco show) break down the happenings of this, the go-home episode for TLC (and Stairs) from December 8th, 2014.

    In addition, the WWE worked the Slammy's into tonight's show. How did it all come together? Who were the big winners and losers? And what are Harry and Tony's predictions for the show this Sunday? Find out all this and more when "The Reaction" goes live at Midnight EST on "Powerhouse Radio"

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    The Reaction: November 17th 2014

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop when Harry Broadhurst (play by play voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling) and 411mania's Tony Acero (Raw Report, formerly of the 5&1 and Powerhouse Radio's Greg DeMarco Show) break down the matches, angles and occurances that made up the go-home episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw for November 17th, 2014. After their first week off since starting back in April, Harry and Tony are back in the saddle and ready to do live with "The Reaction" on Powerhouse Radio!

    You can join them by calling in...760-888-5749.

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    Powerhouse Radio-The Reaction: December 1st, 2014

    in Wrestling

    It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop when Harry Broadhurst (voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling) and Tony Acero (411mania and formerly of the Greg DeMarco Show) break down the happenings of the December 1st, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw. Tony and Harry will break down all the news on the road to the TLC show on the 14th of December. So much to cover and so little time to get to it, so join us as Powerhouse Radio presents "The Reaction" for December 1st.

    Feel free to join Harry and Tony by calling in at 760-888-5749 or by joining the conversation on the YES! YES! YES! facebook forum.

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    Author and Movie Producer Kathy Armstrong

    in Religion

    Kathy Armstrong (Ariel) Author of the book Be Made Whole and Producer of the Movie Los Angel. Kathy has been assigned to many project by God and she is a lady who is on the move with helping others. Places you may find Kathy, New York, Carolinas, and Hollywood Califoria.

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