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    Mental Health: Dr. Raymond Moody

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    Dr. Raymond Moody, MD is the best-Selling author of eleven books including Life After Life—which has sold over 13 million copies world wide—and Reunions, as well as numerous articles in academic and professional literature. Dr. Moody continues to capture enormous public interest and generate controversy with his ground-breaking work on the near-death experience and what happens when we die.

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    On the Edge with Raymond Moody

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    Called the "Father of the Near-Death Experience" Dr. Raymond Moody joins Chrissie Blaze today to continue his fascinating conversaton with her regarding his writings, teachings and to share his ground breaking and often controversial research.  If you have ever been interested in what happens when we die, they you WILL want to be tuned in and we invite you to visit these websites for even more information.  www.raymondmoody.org  and  www.lifeafterlife.com

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    On the Edge with Dr Raymond Moody

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    Best-selling author, Dr. Raymond Moody joins Chrissie to talk about his book “Life after Life” (which has sold over 13 million copies world-wide). Dr. Moody captures enormous public interest and generates controversy with his ground-breaking work on the topic of near-death experiences and what happens when we die. His 12 books have sold over 20 million copies world-wide and YOU have “the father of the near-death experience” LIVE with Chrissie Blaze today On the Edge. 646-378-0378 allows you to listen with your phone.

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    Dr. Raymond Moody on Life, Now and Beyond

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    Tonight we speak with a man I have admired for many years, Dr. Raymond Moody.

    Raymond Moody (born June 30, 1944) is a psychologist and medical doctor. He is most famous as an author of books about life after death and near-death experiences (NDE), a term that he coined in 1975. His best-selling title is Life After Life.

    Moody's most famous book was made into a movie of the same name, Life After Life, for which he won a bronze medal in the Human Relations Category at the New York Film Festival. He was also awarded the World Humanitarian Award.

    Arthur and noted speaker, Dr. Moody has helped millions answer the question or at least come to terms with what lies beyond this life.

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    Dr. Raymond Moody~Author/Scholar/Researcher

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    Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Raymond Moody is a Best Selling Author of 13 books including : Life After Life -- which has sold over 13 million copies world wide --And his new book Paranormal. Also Reunions, a bestseller, as well as numerous articles in academic and professional literature. Dr. Moody continues to capture enormous public interest and generate controversy with his ground breaking work on the near-death experience and what happens when we die. Featured Expert In the Media. Dr Moody has Appeared three times on Oprah, as well as on hundreds of other local national, and international programs and news shows, such as, MSNBC: NBC Today and ABC's Turning Point. World-renowned Scholar and Researcher. Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the near-death experience -- a phrase he coined in the late seventies. He consults on a private individual basis in person, by phone, or at the bedside of the dying. He is available for trainings, lectures and workshops. Dr. Moody is available as media expert. Award-Winning Author. Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark in 1988 and a bronze medal in the Human Relations Category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life After Life.  His website: www.lifeafterlife.com

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    Amy Cavanaugh, Mermaids, Afterlife Contact & Raymond Moody Tales

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    Amy Cavanaugh, intuitive, mermaid  & after life contactee joins us to discuss her time with Raymond Moody, how Mermaids truly exist, and her colorful experiences with the other side. 

    Find amy on FB at: www.facebook.com/Amyrmaid

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    Life and Death with Raymond Moody

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    Raymond Moody's groundbreaking (and best-selling) work Life After Life first introduced the world to folks who died . . . and came back!  Come hear how Dr. Moody's interviews changed our perception of the dying process, and how this has positively affected the lives of millions of people since its original publication in 1975.
    This show first aired on Logical Soul Talk May 4th, 2010.

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    Curious Times - Dorothy Holder, The Moody Foody

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    Tonight Dorothy drops by to talk about her brand new book "The Moody Foody" and later we'll take some calls and Dorothy will do some fun Food Readings for our callers. 

    Dorothy is a professional Clairvoyant supporting her clients with the skills of Clairvoyance, Energy Therapy, Life Support Strategies, Aura Diagnosis and Chakra Diagnosis.

    She helps her clients with questions about love, life, career and finances, and she provides future projections and strategies for success based on her understanding of the law of attraction or Thought Manifestation.

    You can expect Dorothy to provide Specific information with specific solution oriented advice. She has a compassionate non judgemental approach to your problems. Dorothy is known for her honest and direct communication, for providing quality information and down to earth interpretations on all levels, oh yes, and for her humour.

    Dorothy teaches spiritual development, Tarot, personal development and conducts hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety confidence, weight loss and addictions. 

    All of Dorothy’s services are available online via chat, phone or web cam.

    Dorothy also hosts her own show which can be seen at her website:



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    Episode 1980 - Big Picture of the World - Gene Moody

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    pisode 1980 - Big Picture of the World - Gene Moody 
    Apostle Gene Moody
    Recorded LIVE Fri 11-28-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Apostle Gene Moody of Deliverance Ministries of Louisiana
    Email him at: gbmoody@bellsouth.net
    His websites are: 
    www.bedelivered.com and www.genemoody.com and www.genemoody.org

    BATON ROUGE, LA 70817-5217

    Telephone: (225) 755-8870
    Fax: (225) 755-6120

    Gene Moody
    14930 Jefferson Hwy
    Baton Rouge, LA 70817-5217

    Gene has 11 Manuals Avail - Order for $25 each
    Complete Set $265.00
    Order by calling TEL: 1-225-755-8870

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.

    Dial 1-917-889-2745 if you need an exorcism or deliverance from demons - in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

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    Raymond Lee at Lunch with DriveThruHR

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    Raymond Lee @virtualhrpro at Lunch with @DriveThruHR with @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup and @thehrbuddy The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.






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    Dr. Moody Jr. on Suicide

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    Dr. Raymond Moody Jr., the renowned thinker who coined the term Near-Death Experience, comes back to Kardec Radio to discuss a most important topic: Suicide. Ask your question LIVE by calling 858-769-4705!

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