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    Episdoe 24 - Craig Woolheater, Monica Rawlins, & John Kirk

    in Science

    Join CryptoLogic Radio for another night of cryptid discussion with our guests Craig Woolheater and Monica Rawlins of TBRC and the hosts of CryptoCast Radio. 
    We will be discussing the upcoming event "The Original Bigfoot Conference" as well as Craig's blog CryptoMundo, and the live show that they host together, CryptoCast. We will also touch upon their past investigations and research. Craig has appeared in and/or contributed to many television programs and documentaries such as... Travel Channel's Weird Travels, History Channel's Monster Quest, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries, and Finding Bigfoot. 
    Monica is known as one of the original women bigfoot researchers. She has been a straight forward lady who has been steadfast on the path of truth, and keeps a skeptical eye on so called evidence. Monica has also appeared on television programs such as the History Channel's Monster Quest. 
    In addition to Craig and Monica, our other special guest, John Kirk, is the president of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC). He is the author of the award-winning book 'In the Domain of the Lake Monsters', and he is one of the world’s leading cryptozoological investigators. 
    Please join us for what is sure to be a very interesting and enjoyable show with our guests.

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    Charlita Schuster, Music in Motion, Dance the Dream in Disney World

    in Writing

    Ms Charlita Schuster, Founder/Artistic Director of Music In Motion School of Higher Dance Education, works wonders with young people who desire to pursue a career in dance or related occupations. She is also proud that 5 young students were invited to dance at the Dance the Magic at Disney World. The students and the mothers who accompanied her were Yalena Anderson, 11, and Luz Anderson-Santiago; Markeymar Carbile, 11, and Ralna Jackson; Aniyah Baptiste, 11, and Debra Mason; Brianna Bruce, 12, and Terrie Brow-Rawlins; and Trinity Cupid, 13, and Glenda Cupid.

    Ms Schuster has always been closely associated with local youth. As Founder/Artistic, Ms Schuster is the guiding force behind this institution providing professional dance training to the children of the Virgin Islands.

    Returning home after the birth of her first child, Ms. Schuster began her dance career on St. Croix as a dance instructor with St. Croix Street Theater. She moved on from there to share her love of ballet with her beloved island through her own school, and Music in Motion was born.  For 30 years, Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education has not only produced fine dancers, but has saved children’s lives by keeping them off the streets. Her institution not only instills focus and self-discipline, but it also brings forth positive attitudes and values. The students of Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education have thrilled audiences in performances at many different venues across the British and US Virgin Islands; Puerto Rico; the Eastern Caribbean; and Denmark.

    Visit Music In Motion School of Higher Dance Education.

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    In Short Order -- Neil Rawlins, M.D.

    in Health

    What is MTHFR? How do you know if you have seasonal depression? Do you have questions about your health?
    Dr. Rawlins will be here to answer questions, talk about various topics and don't miss him at the 2014 Physician's Round Table, March 13-16, Tampa.

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    Unknown Paranormal Radio-Monica Rawlins

    in Paranormal

    Join Kevin, Jeff and Martin as they discuss topics of paranormal, spiritual, and the unknown and unexplained. Our Guest Tonight is Monica Rawlins, Bigfoot Researcher in Texas.  Monica is part of The Texas Bigfoot Research Center.  She has been researching Bigfoot for the last 4 years.  She has also appeared on an episode of MonsterQuest.

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: Justice for Riley Rawlins!

    in Current Events

    On January 7th, 2012 Riley was walking to the Sonic off of Audelia & Royal in Dallas, Texas. He was crossing the street "and had the right of way" when he was struck and killed by a 19 year old woman going twice the posted speed limit running a red light. The limit in this area is 35 and she admitted to going 70+ This young woman that hit and killed Riley was not only speeding but has no drivers licence and no car insurance, in fact the vehicle she was driving is not even hers. The Dallas Police Dept. took her statement and then she was free to leave.

    Riley did not have that choice, he was not able to walk away from the scene of the accident. He was taken to Baylor Medical Center Dallas where later that evening he passed away. As of today "Jan 17th" this woman has still not been picked up or arrested.

    Fox 4 News has covered some of this story, but reporters have told Rileys mom "Monica Rawlins" that we need to get this into the media, we need to be on the phone and emailing the DA, we need to be on the phone with and emailing the chief of police because the lady that hit Riley has a good chance of a plea bargan for "Probation". This is NOT justice!!!

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    Famous Author Walter Mosley Shares His Passion For Writing

    in Family

    Walter Mosley is one of the most admired writers in the world right now. He talks to Shana one on one about his award-winning work and his passion for literature. His new book has already created buzz among readers. Walter Mosley will share critical advice for aspiring and established writers. The popular radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton will put the spotlight on the renowned and best-selling author Walter Mosley on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 7:30 pm EDT. Tune in to be inspired by a legend! 

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    Spotlite Radio Presents Host Jessica Stern & Guest on 3/22/14

    in Entrepreneur

    Loretta Jordan at 1:00PM

    Tony Robinson at 1:12PM

    Yoon Kim at 1:36PM

    Jay Music at 2:00PM

    Scott Rawlins at 2:24PM

    Ben Jackson at 2:48PM

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    When Walter Mosley first burst onto the literary scene in 1990 with his Easy Rawlins mystery, Devil in a Blue Dress – a combustible mixture of Raymond Chandler and Richard Wright – he captured the attention of hundreds and thousands of readers (including future president Bill Clinton). Wednesday, December 18, 3 pm ET, Walter Mosely visits The Halli Casser-Jayne Show for an in-depth conversation about his life, his writing, and the long-awaited return of Easy Rawlins in Mosley’s new mystery: Little Green.

    Walter Mosley started writing at age 34 and legend has it that he has written every day since, penning more than forty books and often publishing two books a year. Devil in a Blue Dress was made into an acclaimed film starring Denzel Washington. Always Outnumbered was an HBO film starring Laurence Fishburne, adapted from Mosley’s first Socrates Fortlow novel, soon to be revived by Fishburne on HBO. Mosley’s short fiction has been published in a wide array of publications including The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, USA Weekend, Los Angeles Times Magazine and Savoy. A native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Goddard College, he holds an MFA from CNY and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is the winner of numerous awards, including an O. Henry Award, a Grammy, and PEN America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He is also a playwright and an artist and every bit as interesting as the characters he crafts.

    Tune in to Halli’s conversation with the fascinating Walter Mosley on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, December 18, 3 pm ET.

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    A Book and a Chat with Veronica Faye

    in Books

    An avid fan of Agatha Christie’s British tea-cozy mysteries and the hard-boiled novels about detective Easy Rawlins by Walter Mosley since she was a teenager, Veronica Faye recently published "My Past Came Knocking: The Savannah Wooten Case". Should be an interetsing show and looking forward to hear if more of the series are on their way.

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    2013 Year in Review

    in Entertainment

    Join the conversation with Gabrielle, Melissa hovey, Guy Edwards, Monica Rawlins and I as we discuss the events in the Cryptid world (mostly Bigfoot) that transpired in 2013.  The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

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