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    Hard Starboard Radio: The True Victims Of Torture

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    Elizabeth Warren is the face of the modern Democrats, and Hillary Clinton is their Mitt Romney; All the ways in which the public sides with conservatives, if only Republicans could bring themselves to believe it; The total, utter failure of Man Haron Monis, and why he deserved every bit of it; Democrats, supposedly "shocked" by the CIA’s tactics, dishonor the people who died on 9/11; and never big on law and order, hard-left insurrectionists target innocent bridges and tunnels.

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    Michael Tellinger: African Temples of the Anunnaki

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    About African Temples of the Anunnaki

    Archaeological proof of the advanced civilization on the southern tip of Africa that preceded Sumer and Egypt by 200,000 years 

    • Includes more than 250 original full-color photographs of South Africa’s circular stone ruins, ancient roads, prehistoric mines, large pyramids, and the first Sphinx 

    • Reveals how these 200,000-year-old sites perfectly match Sumerian descriptions of the gold mining operations of the Anunnaki and the city of Enki 

    • Shows how the extensive stone circle complexes are the remains of Tesla-like technology used to generate energy and carve tunnels straight into the Earth 

    With more than 250 original full-color photographs, Michael Tellinger documents thousands of circular stone ruins, monoliths, ancient roads, agricultural terraces, and prehistoric mines in South Africa. He reveals how these 200,000-year-old sites perfectly match Sumerian descriptions of Abzu, the land of the First People--including the vast gold-mining operations of the Anunnaki from the 12th planet, Nibiru, and the city of Anunnaki leader Enki. 

    Michael Tellinger is a scientist, researcher, and regular guest on more than 200 radio shows in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the Shirley Maclaine Show. In March 2011 he hosted the Megalithomania Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, featuring Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, and Robert Temple. The author of Slave Species of the Gods, he lives in South Africa.

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    Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser & Attorney/Author Alan M. Dershowi

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    "Talkin Law" Radio with Dan Hochheiser analyzes criminal cases in the news, trends in the law, & covers all legal current events.  Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & host of this show. Each week "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser features newmakers, attorneys, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, business people & so much more.  "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser has a straight talk with a no nonsense edge & engages attorneys and laymen alike.


    Dan will be talking with Attorney Alan M. Dershowitz, Professor at Harvard Law School, & Author of the books "Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas" & "Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law" & More. They will be discussing everything from Israel to the latest with the Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson to OJ Simpson, & More.

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    After our Invocation and a brief intro by Zaraya - Zorra launched "straightaway" into today's news:


    There is a closed 72-hour meeting going on in a private area at the UN with Prime Creator; closed to media.  General Ham is asking multitudes of questions of Prime Creator, not only about the upcoming announcements, but of other issues vital to our planet, such as wars, catastrophies, etc. Those in attendance?  Zorra, General Ham, Ashtar Commanders of starships soon to be decloaking, Lord Ashtar, St Germain.  How did Prime Creator authenticate Herself? - - The G20 and can they steal our money? - The RV currencies are intended for Lightworkers' benevolent use - Zorra warns "those listening, we know you are there"... "You are traveling in areas you know nothing about and your accounts will soon be frozen." - Fukushima waters are pure and clean all the way to Seattle. - Saryya reminds us of our Power and that this life experience is only one of many parrallel experiences - The Healing Pulse and Zorra's personal comments to those he "sees" -  Q/A: Obama is NOT Sananda! -  Baking soda cancer cure -  Q/A re Hollow Earth forms of transportation and Inner Earth high speed tunnels - She confirms the breast lumps from Zorra's pulse, are... gone! - Catherine's fibromyalgia GONE, with Soul! - The Laminine removed the stress and she Ace'd the test! - 3 year old grand daughter becomes a joy on Laminine -  


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    Angela Marie

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    Angela Marie 

    Angela Marie is the mother of two wonderful children. She has a son age 18 and a daughter age 15. She is a songwriter, dog lover, and a dog trainer. After spending most of her life being 70% hearing impaired, she was diagnosed in 2010 with a hearing and balance disorder; “Menieres Disease.  Since she can remember, Angela Marie has been listening to music, and singing from the depth of her soul. God held her close in spite of the storms, valleys, dark tunnels, and tidal waves of life that came crashing on her shore. She is now writing a book, and fulfilling dates for her “Straight From My Heart” book and music tour.


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    Tonight's call was extremely informative. 

    Opening with Invocation: Violet Flame and Pillar of White Light of Protection. - ZARAYA tells of shape-shifting into Mer body, swimming with cruise ships; saw Ashtar's crew vacuuming ocean of pollution. QUAZAR tells of huge portal just opening. ZORRA: About dark's intrusion into last week's call by four warlocks - What IS a warlock?  A witch? What is Magic? Druids? Merlin? The Titans?  SARYYA: Maganificent things beginning to happen! Portals! Being trained in our sleep. Hollow Earth commonly uses magic as shape-shifting, manifesting; anything is possible. Use of Containment to stop cabal? "Yes, and..." - ANNE: Interim President of New Republic is now in Oval Office?  ZORRA: Coming Announcements: NESARA; No IRS; No DEBTS - Republic Interim President, St Germain, Ashtar, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters all in 48-hour meeting in White House AS WE SPEAK. Area 51 now "owned" by New Republic Militrary. A-51 tunnels reopened to Hollow Earth. Tunnels to surface now opened by forest fires allowing Emergence.. All International borders: check points coming down - people will just walk from couintry to counmtry in US and Europe - A peek at things to come; worldwide changes - On Mars, joint civilization since 50's: : American, Russian, Chinese. Coming Announcement from White House: "Republic is restored." - At end of 48-hour meeting? Prime Creator's Announcement. - HEALING PULSE, joined by Arcturians, mass healings. Releases from prisons, asylums. Captors awaken, aware: "This is wrong!"


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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Join us this evening at 6pm est

    The State of Iran put Reyhaneh Jabbari to death on Saturday.  Death by hanging. So where is the "real"  war on women? Is it the GOP as defined by the radical Left?  Or is it the Middle East? Is it Islam? How is it the islamic State of Iran puts to death a woman who was raped?  A rape victim,  a woman violated by a muslim male, not only having her innocence taken from her, but the Iranian goverment has since took her life!  Despite the pleas from around the world to spare a rape victim's life, the oppressive govt of Iran killed Reyhaneh Jabbari.  But the hypocrisy doesn't stop with Iran, it's also a validation the Organization of Islamic (COWARDS) Cooperation (OIC) is a JOKE. You see the OIC seeks to criminalize free speech in the Western Democracy, thereby undermining our US Constitution.  Who would entertain this radical transformation of America you ask?  Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. The OIC has already been entertained by then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and US Attorney General Eric Holder, to find ways to criminalize free speech if you're deemed to have criticized islam.  UN Resolution 16/18 as passed  & ratified by the 57 Islamic states of the OIC, does not mention one word of Islam, it sugar coats by making one believe it's about Human Rights, Tolerance, Religious Tolerance. But it's a lie! the OIC is a fraud and the death of Reyhaneh Jabbari, the imprisonment of Pastor Sayeed Abedini by the Iranian Government proves the OIC is a Fraud!


    #Canadian Terrorist Attack

    #Lone Wolf Islamic Attacks

    #Hamas attacks on Israel

    #$212 Million in US Taxpayer money to rebuild Gaza - yet it's been confirmed Hamas is back building tunnels to attack Israel.


    #US Elections

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Join us this evening at 6pm est to talk about:

    America has a new Czar, just what we need, another layer of bureaucracy a political operative appointed by President Soundbite. Even better, a lobbyist, an evil venture capitalist with no medical background. Dr. Doolittle would have been a better appointment. Ahh the Obama hypocrisy continues!

    Is ISIS islamic? We are told no, yet they celebrated one of two muslim holidays Eid al-Adha, as did the other 1 billion muslims around the world, oh yea including the US State Department. What? Christianity is bad, Christmas is bad, National Prayer Breakfast is taboo, yet the Obama Administration celebrates yet another islamic holiday.  Mama Mia NO Sharia!

    Sec State John Kerry pledges $212 million of US Taxpayer money to "Rebuild" Gaza. Well we've heard that soundbite before. Since Obama has taken office he's sent $1.3 billion of US Taxpayer money to "Rebuild" Gaza. I guess Mr. Obama thought it was money well spent, the tunnels did turn out well! Sadly so-called mainstream media refuses to connect the dots - Hamas controls Gaza, Hamas is listed as a Terrorist Organization on US State Dept Terror list and POTUS is funding a terrorist organization. Under the simple minds of this administration I'm sure they are lamenting $212 million is a small price as compared to the $5.4 billion pledged to rebuild Gaza. If you buy that, we have some swamp land in Florida for sale! 


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    Eye On Palestine: Inside Gaza with Max Igan

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    Popular Australian independent researcher Max Igan runs thecrowhouse.com, which covers a vast array of topics close to his heart, from consciousness, to government corruption, and the mysteries of our ancient past. In this episode of GFM Radio we discuss Zionist terrorism in Gaza and the ongoing (largely ignored) ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, under the flimsy guise of “Israeli self-defence.” 

    Max offers us a chance to connect to the people of Palestine and find out who they really are, as he shares about his recent visit to Gaza, and the many kind Palestinians he met—most of them children, many orphans. Max tells of his sneaky entry into the area alongside American activist Ken O’Keefe using one of the many tunnels from the Egyptian side, where he met border officers from Hamas—a most interesting tale to hear in the light of familiar Western media programming. We’ll also talk about the lies pushed by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media on this issue and the double standards of Israel’s policies. Max highlights previous atrocities in Palestine, such as the death of Rachel Corrie and those murdered on the Gaza flotilla.

    His personal experience in Gaza provides a much-needed antidote to the toxic Western media programming around issues of the Middle East. Having spent most of his adult life as a travelling musician, Max brings a unique combination of life experience, research, compassion, and activism to the discussion on Palestine, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. Standing on a non-sectarian platform, Max takes the light of consciousness into places others fear to tread—and that is what makes this week’s episode of Global Freedom Movement Radio unmissable.

    Join Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin as they are joined by one of Australia’s most popular non-mainstream thought leaders: the one and only Max Igan.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - William Michael Stop Qatar Awareness Cmpgn

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    I'm working on a campaign with other media outlets and personalities to raise the awareness of Qatar and their activities around terror. What is it?  A coalition of concerned independent journalists and publishers who are signing onto letters addressed to companies and individuals who are accepting money from Qatar.  The reason?  Qatar is responsible for: 

    -          The current Israel/Hamas war (they host, fund, and profit from Hamas - the tunnels are used for smuggling)

    -          Boko Haram (they fund and profit from Boko Haram - slave trade and narcotics)

    -          ISIS (they fund and profit from ISIS - narcotics and slaves).

    -          The Taliban (they fund and profit from the Taliban - heroin).

    -          9/11 (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was on a Qatari Ministry's payroll, and amazingly found him as soon as the pressure grew too hot for them to handle)

    Qatar is directly responsible for the ongoing genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and Shiite Muslims.

    Campaign organizer William Michael joins us tonight.

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    Interview With Alan Dershowitz and Glo Smith

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    Alan Dershowitz is a renowned criminal and civil liberties lawyer, and the former Professor Emeritus of Law at Harvard University, where he taught such notables as Elena Kagan, Jim Cramer, Eliot Spitzer, Elizabeth Warren, Samantha Power, and even a Conservative, Ted Cruz.  He is a popular political and legal commentator, and he is also the best-selling author of many books, including his latest, Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel’s Just War Against Hamas. 

    Glo Smith is the Republican candidate to the US House of Representatives for the 5th Congressional District of Florida. She is a MBA with a 30 year career in public service and entrepreneurship.


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