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    Ranting and raving with Johnny Storm

    in Spirituality

    Tonight I'll do some commentary regarding current events, then I'll open up the phone lines. Please keep it civil and keep the f bombs off the air. 

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    Today on The Boochcast, we talk about Deray Davis appearing at The Punchline, Booch's policy for eating , we recap two songs that were played yesterday, the passing of AWA announcer Larry Nelson, the return of the 6 sided ring to TNA, The location of Bound For Glory, Updated card for Money In The Bank and whether or not it will be a dissapointment, The "Connor's Cure" charity, Paige goes off a rant about her criminal son and fat people, and The untold story of the cast of "Saved By The Bell" becoming a Lifetime movie.

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    Raving About What IS With Raven and Annette

    in Spirituality

    RAVEN is back from holidays.....YAY!!!!!!
    ANNETTE and RAVEN invite U to enjoy
    One whole hour of opportunity
    to ring in for a reading
    to enjoy a meditation
    to hear DIRECTLY from Mother Mary and/or ArchAngel Michael
    Listen to Annette and Raven and the ANGELS who deem to join them
    Come into the Chatroom or ring in on 347 202 0232

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    Walking the Camino Six Ways to Santiago with Director/Producer Lydia B. Smith

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Clairvoyant Life Coach Bernadette Dickinson and Psychic Medium Mark troy for this Special Guest interview. Director/Producer Lydia B. Smith will share the amazing documentary Walking the Camino Six Ways to Santiago.  

    Since the ninth century, millions of world travelers have embarked on an epic pilgrimage across northern Spain that is known to be profoundly enlightening, spiritually nourishing, and physically challenging. Today, several hundred thousand people a year embark on this mostly unpaved path with little more than a backpack and a pair of boots.

    Through Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, we are able to journey into the hearts and minds of six modern-day pilgrims as they cope with blisters, exhaustion, loneliness, and self-doubt to triumph over fears and prejudices that have become roadblocks to living a fulfilled life. Find out why audiences everywhere are raving about the film that Marin Sheen, star of The Way, calls a “brilliant documentary.”

    Tuesday 5pm Pac/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm Eastern Join our live chat! Call in 347-324-3891

    For more info go to www.caminodocumentary.org 

    To Reach Bernadette www.bernadettesvision.com

    To Reach Mark www.marktroymedium.com



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    Hello World!

    in Politics Conservative

    Hello World!


    This is the jack of clubs I am your new host for Club Politics the ranting and raving of a young conserned american.

    I am tierd of how the nation is moving forwad and this is my chance to make a differance for you and me.

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    A good ole Fashioned Patriotic Rant with John"Turkey" Anderson

    in Politics

    Tonite on Patriot Nation Radio will have Presidential hopeful John "Turkey" Anderson and your Host Mark Hoffmann wirh some good ole Fashioned Patriotic Ranting and Raving Live starting at 6:30pm eastern time, and3:30pm pacific at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Do You Know a Raving Banshee?

    in Business

    Do you know a raving banshee?  Have you been one yourself? Coaches Flo Mauri and Mia Turpel continue the discussion on bad habits of leaders by talking about the bad habit of using emotional volatility as a management tool also known as speaking when angry.
    How does emotional volatility affect trust? How does it affect approachability? When you see unacceptable behavior in your boss, what is the best thing to do?Bring your experiences to the call and join the conversation! Need a coach? Contact us:
    Contact Coach Flo Mauri at www.thinkingwellconsulting.com. Contact Coach Mia Turpel at www.performancesupportpartners.com.

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    Get Your Popcorn, Bitch: Yam And Chloe Go To The Movies

    in Comedy

    The ladies reunite for a special edition of "Ranting And Raving". No guest needed, as the ladies get their 'Siskel & Ebert' on and feud over "Dear White People", "Blackish", and how to be a nigga in Hollywood!

    So, sit back with a glass of wine and listen to these tawdry bitches flip the hell out!

    Follow @yamaneika @Chloe_Hilliard and @Standupnylabs.

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see when Yamaneika and Chloe are performing live at Stand Up NY.

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    Business Matters :: Using the 80/20 Rule to Increase Profits | Peter Philippi

    in Business

    Consultants often advise C-Suite executives on the best ways to navigate and simplify the complexities of their organizations and industries. Many leaders are convinced they need help sifting through the complicated details of business in order to untangle the web and get back to basics. The fact of the matter is, complexity means cost, and there are many companies dealing with unnecessary spending that can be avoided with the right processes in place. 

    Our guest this week is Peter Philippi, CEO and founder of Strategex, Inc, a Chicago-based research and consulting firm that focuses on supporting businesses toward sustainable and profitable growth. Peter has more than 30 years experience working with leaders to drive change and focus in their organizations. At the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey, Peter will join host Jeffrey Hayzlett on stage to uncover the keys to true profitability using the 80/20 Rule. He says most businesses treat all customers equally and strive to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every one. The truth is only 20% of a company’s clients create 80%  of the profit. When businesses are able to identify their star customers — whom he calls “raving fans” — they will become better aligned to create and sustain profitable growth.

    Change begins in the C-Suite; when leaders are open to new policies, strategies and structures, they will truly transform their businesses. Paring down resources is the first step, and empowering a small team to drive the change necessary will increase profits. Once the right rules and policies are put in place and practiced regularly, companies will grow, brand loyalty will soar and raving fans will support the organization through and through.

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    Radical Change: How to Have A Transformational & Revolutionary Impact

    in Lifestyle

    This broadcast is sponsored by Abundant Grace Ministries . In this episode, we discuss the things that you can do as a leader to have the greatest impact on changing the culture of your organization and fostering exponential growth. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready as we will give out some valuable information that you won't want to forget. After this episode you will be able to identify what type of leader you are. You will be more aware of the steps necessary for making drastic changes and be able to do so with the least amount of resistance possible. This episode is very insightful for ministy leaders, civic leaders, business leaders, family leaders, etc.

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    Pet Radio-The Loved Dog with Tamar Geller and Trio Animal Foundation

    in Pets

    "The Loved Dog method is like no other method. It goes far beyond just positive reinforcement. It’s all done through games where the dog and his/her coach become like a team. The dog doesn’t want the training to stop as they are having so much fun!!!! We coach the dogs not only to learn new behaviors, but we teach them new ways of thinking! Tamar knows how to get your dog not only to be well mannered & happy but your raving fan as well. The Loved Dog™ founder, Tamar Geller, is a celebrated dog trainer / coach. For over 21 years, Tamar has been coaching the dogs of many A-list celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck, and Natalie Portman."

    Tamar will share her newest book with us, "30 Days to a Well Mannered Dog", and taking your questions.

    Sue Naiden, President of Trio Animal Foundation will be here to tell us about the heart warming rescues this organization has done.

    Other guests yet to be announced. Please join us live or listen to the podcast at the same link after the live show. Please vist our web site at www.petradioshow.com

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