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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0032 Guest Raul Torres

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily Independent political analysis from the Latino perspective.  Today's guest was Raul Torres .  Mr. Raul Torres, CPA , has been an elected representative from Corpus Christi and although he was eminently qualified for Texas Comptroller the political machine in Texas forced him out for another more popular but unqualified candidate.  His insight into Texas politics and Latino issues in Texas is extremely valuable and I'm very grateful he called the show to share his insight.  Also, he appreciates the purpose and importance of Latino Talk Texas .  I am very grateful for that also.  On the show today I pointed out how, in the news, many of the predictions and analysis I have made during the past few months have been proved correct.  For example, I predicted that Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria would not comply with any agreement and the news today confirms that.  I predicted that the Tea parties would hate Jeb Bush for the same reasons that I like him.  I also predicted, recently, that Obama will NOT ease deportations practices after the election especially if Democrats do badly.  He won't "reward" Latinos for that.  Raul Torres and I discuss Greg Abbott's laudable efforts to win Pro-Life Latino votes in the Rio Grande Valley but I lament that he is the ONLY one doing so.  Torres confirms my observation that the Democrats take Latinos for granted and that the Republicans, otherwise, don't care for the Latino vote.  Great show today!! 

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    A blatant case of murder complete with video, Obama and Raul and The Week

    in Current Events

    A blatant case of murder by a police office of yet another unarmed black man. Walter Scott shot down like a dog by a North Charleston police officer plus the Cuban Connection starring President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. Whats behind all this and of course Hillary expected to launch her bid to become the first woman President of the US. All that and more today on The Ron Kelly Show

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    Guerra em Cabinda: Padre Raul Tati e o Pres do G. Parl da UNITA Raúl Danda

    in Radio

    Radio Angola: Pouco se fala sobre a realidade de Cabinda. Segundo informacoes de dominio publico, ha' combantes entre tropas governamentais angolanas e guerrilheiros de Cabinda, que reclamam independencia desse enclave. No sabado, dia 4 de Outubro `as 1 da tarde  horas locais de Washington DC, 18 horas da tarde em Angola e Lisboa, o Presidente do Grupo Parlamentar da UNITA, Raul Danda e o Padre Raul Tati irao fazer uma analise profunda sobre a situacao politica e militar nessa actual provincia angolana. Que solucao para o conflicto de Cabinda? 

     Participe via Skype, tel: 011(914) 338-0378 ou e-mail e deia as suas opinioes e sugestoes. Perguntas e sugestões devem ser enviadas por e-mail: info@friendsofangola.org.

    Ouça a Radio Angola em qualquer parte do mundo pela web!

    A Radio Angola- uma Radio sem Fronteiras e' dos projectos da Friends of Angola

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    Two Wise Latinas with Congressmember Dr. Raul Ruiz

    in Motivation

    Listen to this episode where the "Two Wise Latinas"inteview Dr Raul Ruiz Congressmember & Lation leader. Hear his amazing story & what inspires him.

    Dr. Raul Ruiz is not a politician; he is a public servant and physician, dedicated to serving the community. The son of farmworkers, Raul grew up in Coachella and learned at an early age that the key to attaining the American Dream was hard work and a great education. In the summer of 1990, under the hot desert sun, Raul walked from business to business in the Coachella Valley asking them to invest in their community – by contributing to his education. Graduated magna cum laude at UCLA Became the first Latino to receive three graduate degrees from Harvard University – a Medical Doctorate, a Masters in Public Policy and a Masters in Public Health. Returned to the Coachella Valley in 2007 to work as an emergency physician at Eisenhower Medical Center, the Coachella Valley’s only nonprofit hospital.

    The Two Wise Latinas of The Wise Latina Network is here to empower and inspire the women of the Latino community with practical tools for a successful life.

    The Wise Latina Network is a multigenerational group of diverse successful Latinas empowering the Latino community.

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    Cinema Files Radio - Michael Preece & Raul Sanchez

    in Film

    Come hear Michael Preece & Raul Sanchez this Sunday at 10am Pacific.

    Join Your Host Steve Pisa on Cinema Files Radio This Sunday as we put another Episode in the Can.

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    The U.S. and Cuba Shake Hands

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s trip to the Summit of the Americas where he met and shook hands with President of Cuba, Raul Castro.

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    TRIVIUM CAFE Episode 009: Education v. Indoctrination Pt. 3

    in Education

    Please join Raul & Mass Formatic as they conclude their discussion on the Eduction v. Indoctrination.  They wiil tackle the root cause for why the human condition is the way it is.  Don't forget about the Underground Station and the round table discussion.  Also, don't forget about the Facebook event page.  This is where you can interact in real time witht he hosts, and other listeners.  Welcom to the Trivium Cafe

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    WANT TO FIND OUT MORE....................

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    Interview With Rep. Raul Labrador and Peter H. Schuck

    in Politics Conservative

    Raul Labrador is a House Republican representing Idaho’s 1st district. Considered one of the rising stars in national politics, Representative Labrador has earned a 100 percent rating from the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity. He also won the “Spirit of Enterprise Award” from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his work on behalf of America’s job creators.

    Peter H. Schuck is the Simeon E. Baldwin Professor of Law Emeritus at Yale University. He is the author or editor of many books, including "Agent Orange on Trial," "Meditations of a Militant Moderate," "Diversity in America," and "Understanding America." Before joining the Yale faculty, he was an official in the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and practiced law in Washington, DC, and New York. His latest book is entitled, Why Government Fails So Often and How It Can Do Better.

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    Following Your Passion with Raul Adrian Bustamante

    in Marketing

    Are you suppressing your true love and passion because of what you think society, family and friends will think of you? You need to wake up and smell reality! On April 19th I interviewed Raul Adrian Bustamante, an actor in 'Hansel and Gretel', The Young and the Restless, Bold and Beautiful Sharknado and featured in many more, Chef, Entrepreneur and Speaker who shared with us his journey to following his passion and the success it has brought him so far. Enjoy this featured rebroadcast. Make 2014 your year to follow your passion!

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    Up Close & Personal with the "One Man Band" Raul Midon

    in Entertainment

    Ever since the 20th century turned into the 21st singer songwriter and guitarist Raul Midón has earned renown as one of as one of music’s most distinctive
    and searching voices. He is “a one- man band…
    who is spiritually connected,” according to The New
    York Times, and “an eclectic adventurist,” in the
    words of People magazine.
    Artists from Jeff Beck to Jason Mraz are on record
    as big fans, and Midón has collaborated with such
    heroes as Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, along
    with contributing to recordings by Queen Latifah and
    Snoop Dogg and the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s She Hate Me.
    The New Mexico native, blind since birth, has released seven albums since 1999, including the hit
    studio productions State of Mind (Manhattan/EMI,
    2005), A World Within a World (Manhattan/EMI,
    2007) and Synthesis (Decca/Universal, 2009).
    Midón’s most recent release is the captivating CD/DVD Invisible Chains – Live from NYC,
    which documents an intimate concert in Joe’s Pub
    from 2012.
    Attuned listeners can hear the inspirations of Donny
    Hathaway and Richie Havens in his work, as well
    as Sting and Paul Simon. But Midón’s questing musicality makes him, as the Huffington Post put it,
    “a free man beyond category.”
    Search for “Raul Midón” on YouTube and
    you’ll find a clip of of him appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman in 2006. Performing
    “State of Mind,” Just INCREDICLE!!

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