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    Texas Rattlesnake Festival 2015

    in Education

    Join HTR as we talk about the upcoming Texas Rattlesnake Festival.   No Kill Educational Event You Dont Want To Miss.https://www.facebook.com/texasrattlesnakefestival

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    The Upcoming Texas Rattlesnake Festival

    in Pets

    On this special two hour episode of HTR we will be talking to many of the people who are behind the inaugural Texas Rattlesnake Festival. The Texas Rattlesnake Festival will be an all educational, family oriented event where no animals will be harmed that is taking place at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock Texas on March 8th and 9th.


    There are many levels of sponsorship available. Donations are greatly appreciated! If you would like to be a part of this ground breaking event please go to:


    To learn more about the Texas Rattlesnake Festival please go to:


    To follow the Texas Rattlesnake Festival on FaceBook please go to:


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    The Shiniest Little Rattlesnake Festival in Texas

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    Join Danny & Andy as e recap the amazing Texas Rattlesnake Festival which took place in Round Rock Texas on Marh 8th & 9th.  Listen in to how history was made and how this event will shape the future of infamous Rattlesnake Roundups like Sweetwater and Freer which will likely become endangered species in their own right thanks to the Rattlesnake Festival and the amazing people behind this event.

    Before it's over, we'll go over some of the hatemail we've been recieving from Roundup Supporters and read them back in Dramatic Fashion, yo uwon't want to miss this!

    Once again, it's the world famous, award winning, History Making, UrbanJunglesRadio!



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    Archangel Michael, Gareth and the rattlesnake

    in Spirituality

    My little boy was bit by a rattle snake on the neck last week and stayed safe, having given prayers to Archangel Michael. 

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    Rattle Free Rattlesnake

    in Pets

    So, a lot of folks don't know what Rattlesnake Roundups are, what they mean for the snake population, for the ecosystem around you, and the actual snakes themselves.  As I predicted, some snakes have been turning up WITHOUT rattles!

  • 01:11

    UJR: Canned Lion "Hunting" and Rattlesnake Roundups Fatal Blow

    in Pets

    Welcome to the New Year where we intend on making it a memorable one and we begin by reviewing one of the most cowardice practices ever exercised by humans, The canned hunt.  Requiring no skill but alot of cash, canned hunts consist of wild aniamls raised in captivity specifically for the purpose of being hunted, usually in exchange for lots of money. We'll speak with Chris Mercer, founder and Director of "Campagin against canned hunting" www.CannedLion.org based in South Africa.

    Then later on we'll talk about an exciting new project UJR has had the pleasure of being involved with, it's the Texas Rattlesnake Festival in Round Rock, near Austin taking place March 8-9 2014.  It's going to be an amazing new year and you'll want to see what we've got going on.  

    Join us live Friday night at 10pm EST for the one and only, award winning, UrbanJunglesradio!

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    UJR Special Presentation: RattleFest '15 sitting down with Jackie Bibby

    in Environment

    Listen in as we descend upon Round Rock, Texas for the Texas Rattlesnake Festival celebrating everything about our favorite buzztails with live snakes presentations and more!  We'll tell you all about the cool things featered at the festival as freinds and family gathered at the greatest celebration for Rattlesnakes in the country!  While at the festival, a historic chance meeting went down behind closed doors with Rattlesnake Roundup Performer and star of the TV Show "Rattlesnake Republic" Mr. Jackie Bibby, to open a dialogue in efforts to prevent animal cruelty at Rattlesnake Roundups.  Listen to the controversial interview and learn about Jackie's views on everything from Roundups and the use of Gasoline as a collection method, to his personal views on slaughtering snakes at roundups, plans for the future, and some shocking revalations that can be described as nothing less than Historic!

    We'll tell you all about our personal experiences with Jackie including the Prosthetic Leg picture that broke the internet and so much more!

    Listen in for another ground breaking episode taking the battle one step further against Rattlesnake Roundups that slaughter thousands of snakes annually.  


  • 01:09

    Rattlesnake Aversion Training for Canines with Erick Briggs

    in Pets

    On this episode of HTR we welcome Erick Briggs of of Natural Solutions to talk about training dogs to avoid venomous reptiles such as rattlesnakes. Erick has successfully trained over 50,000 dogs over the last decade.
    To check out Erick's work go to:
    K-9 Rattlesnake Aversion Facebook page:

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    Rattlesnake Avoidance Training with Chad Hunter on "Holistic Pet Care w/ Dr. O"

    in Pets

    For over 10 years, Chad Hunter has worked professionally in almost every aspect of dog training.

    In this episode, Dr. O, Chad, and head trainer/instructor, Andrew Stein kohl will discuss real and lasting ways to teach your dog top be able to distinguish the scent and sounds of a rattlesnake from all other environmental stimuli and thereby helping keep dogs and humans safer on nature walks.

  • 01:05

    Rise Against Rattlesnake Roundups

    in Pets

    Ray Autry, Bill Rulon-Miller, and possibly some of the other folks involved with Rise Against Rattlesnake Roundups or RARR join us tonight to tell us what we can do to help put an end to the rattlesnake roundups forever. Become involved with RARR at:

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    in Entertainment

    Shari Shattuck has appeared in more than two hundred television shows, films, mini-series, movies of the week and commercials on her acting resume.  A few of her acting credits are the television shows, ‘Dallas,’ ‘Sisters,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and ‘Babylon Five.’ Her film credits include “On Deadly Ground” with Micheal Caine, “Spy Hard” with Leslie Neilson, and “A Man of Passion” with Anthony Quinn. In addition, she has performed most of Shakespeare’s major female roles on stage as well as a host of other characters, including the lead role in a hit production of “Cabaret.” Shari has also written and directed for the stage. Daily Variety’s rave review of her play, “In Progress,” said,  “Shattuck’s delightfully romantic comedy not only displays her talent as a stage performer, but also as a writer.” Her many years of acting and directing all contribute to her sense of drama, comedy and story as a novelist.

    Her first book, “Loaded,” was selected by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the Best of 2003. She has since published seven novels, co-produced the films  “Redemption” and “Scream at the Devil” with her husband, survived two fires, four mudslides, many rattlesnake relocations, and being the class-room-rep-parent-association-member for her daughters’ classes. Her new book, “Becoming Ellen will be released in the summer of 2015. She lives in the National Forest above Los Angeles

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