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    A Morelia etc. production........Rhino rat snakes with Rob Stone

    in Pets

    In this episode we are joined by Rob Stone from High plains herpetoculture to hit on some rhino rat snake talk.

    This species seems to be a species that morelia fanatics seem to really have really taken and interest in as of late.

    Rob has been keeping and breeding this species for 13 years and has produced about 20 clutches. He will be talking about some of the misconceptions about the species, discussing husbandry and breeding techniques.

    So if your interested in something just a little different this will be a great show that steps outside the morelia box!





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    Radio Drama - Rat Humor - 5pm PST

    in Entertainment

    Originally Broadcasted Saturday, April 12th, 2014


    Synopsis:  While frolicking on the bedspread of their owner, Chase the lab rat, his mentor Milky, and sisters Christina and Erica (joined later by Elder Philip) share stories of caution and morality as they grow closer as friends.

    Rated:  Public.  For all ears and ages.

    Written By:  Phoebe Murer

    Adapted By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Starring:  Phoebe Murer, Tim Pylypiuk, Maria Illiou and Bill Boutin

    Soundrack By:  Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, and Helen Reddy

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    Rods and Colums

    in Motivation

    Why is it that Rods and Columns are used by officers within the Craft.  Everything symbolic has a meaning behind it.  We will dig into why some things are the way that they are now compared to the way things used to be

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    Radio Drama - "Rat Tales: George & Stripe" - 3pm PST

    in Entertainment

    Synopsis:  A rat named George forms a friendship with Stripe, another rat.  With George's brother, Lenny, they discover that animal instincts cannot be suppressed as is proven when Stripe begins acting out of line and needs correction.

    Rated:  Public for all ages

    Written By:  Phoebe Murer

    Adaption By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Performed By:  Phoebe Murer, Tim Pylypiuk, Maria Illiou and Bill Boutin

    Music By:  Danny Elfman and Bill Haley & The Comets


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    Fish Bait Radio "LIVE" with Michael Murphy pro staff member at Denali Rods

    in Sports

    Denali's lineup of rods combine the best of old world craftsmanship and state of the art technologies to bring today's bass angler rods that are feather light, extremely sensitive, and remarkably durable.

    Join your host Scott Burns and Denali Rods pro staff member Michael Murphy as they talk fishing and making the right choice when it comes to rods..

    There will also be a contest in the weeks following the show where could  have the chance to win your very own Denali Rod, be sure to tune in and listen live for details.


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    in Comedy

    Today on The Boochcast, Booch provides a weather report, talks about the season premiere of Catfish, recaps NXT, Grab A Tissue And Watch This Autistic Fan's Favortie Wrestler Ask Her To Junior Prom, The Beast Of The Bronx: Three-Foot Rat 'Found In New York City Shoe Shop, and 20 Ways To Improve Every Relationship In Your 20's, 




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    John McCain-Taitor

    in Current Events

    Rat bastards abound in government today, especially this ancient war mongering, opportunist who is only interested in lining his pockets at our expense.

  • 01:58

    M.A.M.A. Motivating A Movement To Action

    in Self Help

    Are you stuck in the rat race? How do we redefine ourselves in our careers and get all that we deserve.

    Including spoken word by Kofi (Alex) 

    We are Black History! #SparkPlenty


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    iBloom Radio W/Host La Deema Burns Guest Amber Aziza Founder/Chief Millennial

    in Spirituality

    I am your Host La Deema Burns with my Co Host Ceyon Brock and Tonya Ratliff on iBloom Radio. Our guest this week is Amber Aziza  She started The Aziza Group  (The AG ) to help bridge the gap between Millennials and the corporate workplace. I get it- the Millennial/Corporate-world relationship isn’t always the best. Many Companies feel that Millennials are lazy and entitled, while a lot of Millennials think of the Corporate life as a rat race where no one is the winner. So how can the two parties have a better understanding and appreciation of each other? That’s where The AG comes in!!

    We want our Listeners to be a part of the Show call in ask our guest questions,Be apart of our Blooming Moments .. It’s about what has God done in your life this past week or even today call in share them on the show or on our iBloom Radio Facebook Group page

    You will be encouraged and empowered to Bloom into your divine purpose God has for you.

    Join us on our face book group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/780062502088310/

    Or connect with me La Deema Burns through my website http://www.ladeemaburns.net to the iBloom Movement/Radio page and summit your information there to get the iBloom Newsletter also stay connected through my personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.deema.burns

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    Dan Kruse - AutoRama & World of Wheels 2015

    in Automotive

    Welcome back to the AutoRama San Antonio Show. On today's show, we have big news to share: Kruse Classics has acquired the San Antonio Autorama and South Texas Motorcycle Show!

    AutoRama Jen chats with Dan Kruse about the history of Kruse Classics which has been in the auto auction industry since 1972. Dan also shares his motivation for expanding the family business and how the South Texas Motorcycle Show became the World of Wheels. 

    We are excited to be a part of the Kruse Classics Family and look forward to sharing more details about what fans can expect from this year's show. 


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    Doing Business Better with Rae Jenkins

    in Lifestyle

    Listen to the 'real-time' concerns of some of the people I have conversations with about their money concerns. In this Q & A segment I'll answer 4 of the most frequent questions asked of me.

    Pt 1- How do I deal with the pressure of not enough money?

    Pt 2- How do I get 'more' money consistently?

    Pt 3- Why do I feel guilty about wanting more money?

    Pt 4- Why do I need more money when I have enough for my needs?

    Connect with Rae Jenkins outside of This Needs To Be Said by going to her site at: http://raejenkins.com/

    Rae takes a holistic approach with money.  Here is what she has to say: "Thru many money lessons I’ve learned  that it’s not hard to get the money you deserve.  Unfortunately we’re conditioned to think it’s hard; without a proper mindset and relationship with money you’ll always work hard for it. You will never attract what you chase . . . a lesson I learned the hard way. I, just like many, bought into the lies about money that kept me living beyond my means, in debt and running the rat race. Until I found out how to make money work for me . . . until I developed a right relationship with money.  It’s my policy to be honest with you, so I have to say, “freedom from a dysfunctional relationship with money requires a commitment!”


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