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    So many religions, so many GODs...but which is the true GOD???

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    As we live in this modern world there are so many different religions and so many different Gods.  Even if you are of the same religion the beliefs may be different.  How many different types of Muslims, Chrisitans and Jews are there?  They all believe in one and the same GOD, and yet we cannot agree as to who does God really communicate with and in the name of the same God we fight and kill each other.   Maybe we are better of with no God as probably 1/3 of the population feels.  Call us at 646-595-3275 and let's talk about it while we enjoy a cup of java.

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    Jah TUNES

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    Monday-Friday: 5-7pm EST
    Saturday: 10-12midnight EST
    Sunday: 9-10pm EST


    Rap, R&B, Pop, Dancehall and House


    "We Didn't Change the Station...We Changed the Game."

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    Marijuana and Spirituality

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    Here we will discuss how marijuana affects Spirituality...

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    Pt. 1 - Rasta Heart/Gathering Of The Healers: The Roskinds

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    Prerecorded... no calls please

    Several times each year Julia and Robert Roskind host 1-day One Love Festivals & our 3-day Gathering of the Peacemakers in Oregon and North Carolina. The pace of our 3-day Gatherings is enlivening yet relaxed. During the day there are a variety of “wisdom circles” on leading a loving, balanced and sustainable life (see “Wisdom Circles”). At night we celebrate with live bands and performers and fire/drum circles.

        Both the 3-day Gathering and the 1-day Festivals on Memorial and Labor Day in Ashland features many conscious performers including Indubious, Alcyon Massive, Rocker Tee, Synrgy, Cornflower, David Kai, Beloved, Har-I, & Sequoyah Oregon. In Boone on July 6-8, performers include ReggaeInfinity, Lion Tracks, Chalwa, Inverted Sea, Brian Swanson, Fiyah Babylon, & Cameron Owens.

        Their gatherings are small, affordable and family-friendly and include people from all ages, lifestyles and spiritual paths. Many come with friends or family and many come alone. Everyone leaves recharged, inspired and ready to play their part in the global transformation to love. They’re joyous boot camps for the advance team.


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    InI Radio: The Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ w/ Bro. Karl Phillpotts

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    Melkam Genna. On todays episode we'll be reasoning with Bro. Karl Phillpotts on The Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ. Give us the Teachings of His Majesty.

    This is InI Radio, a global Rastafari media platform.  Join us where we will talk about the word sounds and teachings of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I, Africa, issues important to the Rastafari community, progressive thought and action in various areas of Rastafari life, and share expressions of Rastafari culture through music, poetry and literature.

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    Live:Tonahope"Hopeton Smythe" & Anthony Sangie Davis

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    Sangie Davis, real name Anthony Horace Davis, is a reggae songwriter and producer whose masterpieces include Bob Marley's "Wake Up and Live" and Sophia George's "Girlie Girlie." His involvement with Marley apparently also led to a handful of original songs that were never recorded as well as an A&R position for Davis at the Tuff Gong label. The aforementioned Marley song title came from an advertising sign on a building in Jamaica. "Girlie Girlie," an enormous hit for George, was extracted fresh from one of his own mother's critical comments. Apparently after seeing him hanging around with a pack of schoolgirls, Mrs. Davis asked "How you so girlie girlie?" Davis claims to have finished his song a brisk ten minutes later. In addition to songwriting and production, this artist has contributed both guitar stroking and background vocal touches to various reggae sides since the early '80s.   Hopeton Smythe Born in Hanover, Jamaica, and while enjoying a happy childhood the true roots of Rastafarianism and reggae music were instilled in him. Hopeton loves to sing and always wanted to be apart of a band, In 1996 he started a band and over the years was forced to change members, and the band name, finally in 2012 they became "TONAHOPE" with members Gustavo"Guss"Velez(keys), Elazar Benjamin(bass), Travis Townsend(drums), John"Bodi"Black(Guitar), Frank"Cisco"Martines(Percussions) and last but not least Ms. Kariymah Jones(vocals)...Despite enduring life’s hardships, Ton-A-Hope, through perseverance writes songs and melodies developing there own music and style. In 2012 They released their first album with tracks like “JAH Never Leave Us”,"Going True" and "Where is the love" to name a few songs from the 10 track debut album. 

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    The Book, and the “People of the Book"

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    We shall examine what the Qur'an say's about the People of the Book. We shall examine what the Qur'an say's about the Chidren of Israel and the Great Father's. Should we follow the Book, should we ask the People of the Book for guidance, and help?

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    Live:Legendary Jamaican Reggae Artist Jimmy Riley & Smoke

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    Jimmy Riley ( Martin James Norman Riley, 22 May 1954) is a Jamaican singer ,recording solo and a member of the Sensations (Jamaica) and The Uniques and is the father of Tarrus Riley.  Riley grew up in the city's Waterhouse nd attended Kingston Senior School along with Slim Smith. A member of The Sensations, along with Cornell Campbell, Buster Riley (brother of The Techniques' Winston Riley), and Aaron "Dego" Davis. The Sensations audition for producer Arthur "Duke" Reid, and the group had mid-1960s success with "Everyday is Just a Holiday" and "Those Guys". Riley ,Smith and Lloyd Charmers  re-formed Uniques, having huge success with songs such as "Watch This Sound" and "My Conversation".  He began producing his own recordings and others by artists such as Slim Smith and Delroy Wilson. In the 1970s, including "Tell The Youths The Truth", "Nyah Bingi", and "Clean up the Streets", and continued to be successful in the 1980s, working with Sly & Robbie's Taxi productions. In 1983, Riley topped the UK reggae chart with his version of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing".
    Born  as Andrew Hines, Jamaica on March 16, 1974. He has been burning up the stage from as early as  (6) years old, when he Outperformed Junior Demus, Apache Scratchie and Wilton Irie (who are years his seniors). He holds on to his  faith for spiritual fortification and expresses the positive ideals of Rastafarianism through his songs Smoke was always present Around sound system, "Echo Vibration", where he never missed a chance To chat pon di mic".He did his first recording at the age of Twelve [12J.Currently he has songs like'Mama, Brother's Keeper, True Friends, Never'Sell out, Bad boy Romeo, Fat caddilac, Jah-Jah we need you now, Boom Draw, Old Fire Sticlk  RolI up and many more > call in  661-467-2407

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    What is wisdom?

    in Spirituality

    I will discuss the life and music of Bob Marley. I will also discuss the life and music of Michael Franti.

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    Black Emergency: Panthers, Racism, Homelessness, NGO, Rap

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    Show focuses on the many issues facing the African, African-American, Black community.  
    Themes on our shows include: Racism, colorism, imperialism, gang violence, trans atlantic slave trade, self hate, mental programming as a tool of oppression, police brutality, reparations, identifying real leaders, ownership of non-profits in the community, geo-political topics, black sensuality, conscious whites, legit European and non-black activists, clean conscious music and entertainment, Cointel pro, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, The impact of the glass ceiling on black unemployment, urban mental challenges including depression, PTSD as it relates to police brutality, negative consequences of soul food, Reggae, Rastafarianism, Yoruba, Orisha, Where are the good black men, the prison industrial complex, AIds, etc.
    Special guests from around America, music, poetry, audio of Martin Luther King, etc.

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    No one can quite agree on the origin of the word term reggae. Some say that it comes from the Jamaican dancing style known as “ray gay” while others attribute it to a 1968 recording by Toots and the Maytals called “Do the Raggay”.

    What is undisputed is the fact that reggae took off in the late 1960’s and still remains one of the most popular genres of world music. Jimmy Cliff brought international attention to the music with his lead role in the 1972 film “The Harder They Come”. Cliff performed several hits on the powerhouse soundtrack, including the title track, as well as “You Can Get It (If You Really Want)”, and “Many Rivers to Cross”.

    Bob Marley took the foundation that Cliff laid and built on it with his unique style of roots reggae, which dealt with love, social injustice, politics and Rastafarianism, the Afro-Caribbean spiritual movement of which Marley was a devoted follower. Anthems such as “Get Up, Stand Up”, “Buffalo Soldiers” and “War” made pointed political statements, while “Turn Your Lights Down”, “Waiting in Vain” and “Is This Love” showcased the mellow, romantic side of Marley and his group, The Wailers.

    Ironically, Bob Marley did not receive as much acclaim for his music while he was alive as much as he has since his death from cancer in 1981. Since then, however, he has become the most well known name in reggae and his songs have been responsible for introducing many to the genre.
    Reggae’s Transformation
    In the 1970’s, producers such as Lee Perry and King Tubby began adding electronic sound effects to the music and DJ’s began “toasting”, or talking over the music to create what is known as dub music. Dub music is recognized by many as the basis for rap and hip-hop in New York.

    While DJ’s and producers were speeding the music up, crooners such as Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown and Freddie McGregor arrived on the scene to slow things down with lover’s rock, a soulful style that deals with love and relationships.