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    Data Center Infrastructure Management, a real-world example

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    Our guest for this show is Khaled Nassoura, PE, General Manager, DCIM Software of Raritan.  He's just back from Datacenter Dynamics, October 16th, 2012 where he presented a paper called "Data Center Infrastructure Management: A Real World First Hand Experience."   We love the title because, despite all the hype, there aren't many examples of success stories (Case Studies) out there. In this show, Khaled will tell us about an important financial institution in Canada who implemented Raritan's DCIM solution and is already experiencing benefits.
    In this show, Khaled will cover: Common pain points in Data Center Management How the data center operations model evolving How Data Center Infrastructure Management systems are addressing the problems Where the industry is heading

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    Data Center Power Management

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    Join us as Richard Brooke, Raritan's Senior Technical Director, discusses advances in data center power management. Richard will cover the advantages of more instrumentation at the rack and how to take advantage of all that data.   We'll cover: Temperature & humidity sensors Cooling sensors Hard-wired and wireless sensors Rack-specific monitoring Using Raritan's Power IQ® to turn this data into actionable knowledge

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    Data Center Power Management

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    Listen in as Jon Inaba, Director of Power Management Solutions at Raritan, discusses data center power utilization, power efficiency, as well as space, power, and cooling optimization.
    Click Here to learn more about Raritan's data center power management solutions.
    Data center power usage has been all over the headlines lately. Between February 15th and February 28th, there were over 15 headlines in the news about it. Jon will get deeper into the issue and discuss the real challenges data centers have and the innovative solutions they're finding to meet them.

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    Wireless Data Center Solutions, DCIM, and Secure Cables

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    Just after thanksgiving, we've got a cornucopia of information for you with Greg More, Senior Product Marketing Manager with Raritan.

    Topics we'll be covering -
    Raritan's new wireless data center solution and what led to Raritan's solution.

    We'll discuss where wireless in the data center is heading. For instance, we recently saw that a team from Cornell and Microsoft have decided that a wireless data center could replace one with traditional links. Is it viable?

    We'll cover the upcoming Gartner show in Las Vegas, December 3 - 6. A big topic will be DCIM.

    Finally, we'll cover Raritan's new product called SecureLock that prevents interruptions of service.

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    Reporting on the Green Grid Conference

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    Join Yee Liaw and Jawahar Swaminathan who are just back from the Green Grid Conference in Santa Clara, California as they recap their experience.Yee and Jawahar are with Raritan, a proven innovator of power management, infrastructure management, KVM and serial solutions for data centers of all sizes.In this episode, we discussed "Resource efficient IT," a term the conference uses on its website.We discussed the 4 pillars of the Green Grid Conference - Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data Value of Collaborative Regulatory Activity Software and IT Hardware Efficiencies Financial and Operational EfficienciesYee and Jawahar go into great detail on the following topics as well - Working with the right metrics The Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software from the Green Grid conference.  

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    Data Centers Management and the Cloud

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    Join us as Bill Kleyman, Director of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, discusses the impact of the cloud on data center management. Bill will discuss:

    The immediate and lasting changes virtualization will mean for data center managers
    How those who understand the demands of end users will rise to the top
    Why the new paradigm is not telling people what they need, but finding inventive ways to provide what they want
    Why a data center hardware focus is a thing of the past

    This promises to be a very exciting show.

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    Data center design and management issues 2014

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    Our guest for this show is Ron Vokoun, Mission Critical Market Leader - Western Region at JE Dunn Construction.

    JE Dunn, has built some really cool data centers like:

    Cyrus One
    QTS' Atlanta Metro Data Center (world's 2nd largest)
    The Quality Technology Services Data Center
    CoSentry Data Center Remodel
    National Nuclear Security Administration campus and data center

    With his years of experience on the build side of the business, Ron brings a unique perspective to the issues data center management will face in 2014.

    Please keep checking back to see more posts and interviews as we explore Data Center 2014.

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    Data Center Energy Management Solutions

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    Join us for an informative interview with Jawahar Swaminathan, Director, Energy Management Solutions at Raritan.   Jawahar just returned from the Green Data Center Conference, otherwise known as GDcon, in Santa Clara, California. He'll be sharing with us: The latest thoughts discussed at the show. Concerns in the business community about data center energy usage. Raritan's unique solutions for data center power monitoring and management.   Learn more at -  http://www.raritan.com/products/power-management/

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    In Data Center Planning, Communication is Key

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    Listen in as EDI's Jeremy Gilbertson, VP, Managing Principal – Data Center Practice, tells us the importance of communication in data center planning.
    Recently, Jeremy did a presentation called, "Why Most Data Center Projects Fail Before They Begin  -- The importance of benchmarking and accurate statement of requirements."
    In this show, we'll also touch on how eBay saved money on power usage, on Jeremy's Predictive Growth Model, and on how even smaller companies can plan for flexibility in the growth of their data centers.

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    Dale Lakata – Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Actress

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    “Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Lucky for us at the Jersey Shore, this language is widely spoken. Producer, Singer and Songwriter Dale Lakata has been writing and performing for 20 years at the Jersey Shore and tri state area with styles like pop, rock, country, folk, and blues. The Dale Lakata Band is excited that their song "I Need You" (written by Aaron Neville) was in the top 40 for Acoustic Music in the USA this October. She is currently number 4 on the Reverbnation charts for singer songwriter and has been in the top 10 for close to 2 years. Her musical influences include Radiohead, Woodfish, Black Sabbath, Slim Chance & The Gamblers, Eddie Van Halen, and Bruce Springsteen. Dale has been working for her studio Bluebird Productions with Kendall Scott, collaborating on new mixes which have launched on Soundcloud. Recent performances include Decicco's Tavern in Raritan, Crossroads in Garwood, The Cabin in Toms River and Rockin Joe of Union, where they shot a video Turn to Gold, Clearwater Festival in Long Branch, Riverfest in Red Bank, and The Quick Check Balloon Festival with Joan Jett. The band was recorded live at WRSU on Overnight Sensations in September. Upcoming shows will be at Rock N Joe's in Union on Jan 10th and Jan 29th at The Cabin again for a CD release party. This year Dale made her acting debut in The Souless, a film by Chris Eilenstein, and is also the music director for the soundtrack. After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Super Aging Today

    in Family

    Super Aging Today--Our Guests include:

    Kira Peikoff, author 'No Time to Die' a thriller novel on anti-aging science and the genome
    Claudia Fine, Founder of Senior Bridge Family complex care at home, now acquired by Humana one of the largest health care providers and insurers in the U.S.
    Kenneth Damato-Founder of Doughmain-Financial Literacy for Children-how can parents and grandparents help?
    Howard Weinreich- Attorney on Scams perpetrated on seniors-Super Aging Law Beat Reporter
    Peppy Margolis-Raritan Valley College, Director Adult Ed program for Life Long Learning