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    This is hard, but imagine you are raped, get pregnant from that rape, and decide to continue the pregnancy. THEN, the attacker seeks joint custody…or even SOLE custody of that child! It defies logic, yet 31 states the rapists have parental rights to that child. That means visitation, overnights, perhaps, communication with your attacker for 18 years. It happens more than you think.

    Shauna Prewitt is an attorney, author, and advocate for raped women, and this is exactly what happened to her after she was raped in college. Spurred by these events and determined to make a difference, Shauna enrolled at Georgetown Law School in 2006. During her time there, Shauna wrote the first scholarly piece examining the legal protections afforded to women who mother through rape. Since its publication, Shauna's piece has received much attention from legal scholars, legislators, and advocacy groups.

    She is now a practicing attorney and national expert on the laws protective of pregnant raped women. Shauna frequently testifies in support of stronger rape legislation and routinely contributes to the national commentary on the need for even greater protections. Interviews with and articles written by Shauna have appeared on CNN, NBC, and other national media outlets. And this Saturday she joins us to talk about these kinds of situations and what can be done about them.

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    God (Greys) Hates Rapists Not Gays!!!

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    Sodom and Gomorrah, the “evil wind” (radiation fallout) which destroyed the Sumerian alien-hybrids. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife looked behind her, and was turned into a pillar of salt for her trouble. In Hebrew, the word used for ‘salt’ also means ‘vapor’. Lot's wife wasn't turned to salt. She was vaporized. When Abraham got wind of the event, ‘he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace. (Genesis 19:28).”

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    We've all heard about the backlog of rape kits at crime facilities and police labs all across the country, and all the information locked in those kits that could be used to prosecute rapists and prevent them from raping again. The good news is that some states are actually tackling that backlog and making headway in those DNA tests - AND finding a lot of criminals. The bad news – huge backlogs still exist; it takes money to process this evidence; and some states are actually charging victims for processing and investigating via rape kits.

    Erika Teschke, Founder of RapeKitWA.org, started out as your everyday citizen until she read about the nationwide issue with untested rape kits.  Since then she has talked with leaders at all levels of the rape kit chain of custody in Wa State and with national organizations such as the Joyful Heart’s End The Backlog in order to help bring victim centered rape kit reform to her home state.  RapeKitWA. org began as an educational tool and has morphed into a community based grassroots lobbying effort that helped to both educate the public about rape kits and steer legislation through the WA State Legislature.

    Join us as we talk with Erika to find out what's going on with rape kits around the country with rape kits and the victims they represent.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    The New England Patriots: Serial Rapists of the NFL

    in Football

    Good morning people! On today's episode of Phin Outta Water, we will be discussing some of the biggest games of the weekend, which includes New England's curbstomping of the Lions, The Dolphin's heartbreaking loss in a shootout in Denver, The Cowboys comeback effort against the Giants, the Baltimore Ravens handing the Saints another home loss, and much, much more! Also, make sure to stay tuned for our Best of the Best and You're The Worst segments. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

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    Community Representation - Are we scared we don't get what we deserve?

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    I often wonder if the staunch defense of problematic icons in marginalized communities is some sort of residual internalized self hate? Or desperation? Or both?

    what would happen if we smashed all the pedestals of the rapists, misogynists, and domestic abusers in the black community?

    Not to say these types of predators and abusers don't exist in white communities- but white people have more visibility and more options. I know Rape and domestic Violence are underreported in white communities as well, so we may well be consuming movies and music by abusers. But when consuming white media I can easily choose to watch horror movies not affiliated with Polanski. I can watch comedies not directed by woody Allen or starring Sean Penn.

    But if I want to watch a nostalgic family friendly tv show featuring a black family and I ditch "the Cosby show"... I've got... "family matters". Those were the only 2 mainstream black family shows I remember from my childhood. Those were the only places I could watch people who looked like me, had hair like me, dealt with confusion about dating, family, growing up, and racism all at the same time.

    Is that why the black community hesitates to shun abusers in our midst? Because we won't have any representation if we cut out the bad people? Or is it because we think we don't deserve better representation and we secretly believe the lies we've been fed about ourselves?

    Is it a mix of both? Don't we deserve better? Both in terms of more representation and better role models? 
    Why don't we demand more for ourselves? Are we scared we don't deserve more or scared we won't get what we deserve?

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    TheWorldBeyondBelief 137AfterTheVerdictInHampstead-TheLogicalNextSteps

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    Pod Cast 137

    After the Verdict in Hampstead – the Logical Next Steps

    The verdict has been rendered in a family court by Mrs. Paulffley and it demonstrated the willingness of the establishment (government) to shield the satanic murderers and child rapists and indict the mother who originally called attention to this monstrous problem in the first case. Was there anyone out there who thought that they would do otherwise? Moving into the second hour we look at the difference between Mans’ Law and Natural Law and view the current horrible situation through the lens of Natural Law. Some suggestions are made for concrete actions to try to get this abuse to stop, but we certainly develop a mindset from which to attempt to tackle this situation.

    Check out

    http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/.../satanic-child-abuse-in  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFJh_QLoDpdXKm-uInIP2xw

    Read: Dr. John Coleman’s Committee of 300 or Tavistock.

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul W Marko,Ph.D., author of Belief Magic:Decoding the Belief Matrix available from amazon.com or from our website: http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com, home of UnUniversity.



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    Ever heard of “partying with consent?”  If you hang around a college campus, that’s the buzz phrase that means you don’t have sex without permission. Sounds easy, right?  But some people (like rapists) just aren’t getting it.  What’s the deal?

    Jonathan Kalin, founder of “Party with Consent,” started the movement to help end sexual assault on college campuses and health masculinities.  He admits that most of the efforts to help curb campus rape has led to confusion and a lot of frustration, and he’s identified three barriers to solving that problem. The idea that sexual assault is simply the result of miscommunication; the fact that there is a real communication problem surrounding sexual consent; and the contradiction of athletics.

    Jonathan travels the US to promote and explain the philosophy behind the Party with Consent movement.

    There’s no denying there is a serious sexual assault issue on campuses. Even the president launched a major campaign last fall to address the problems. So does Jonathan have the answers?

    Tune in Saturday at 11 am Pacific time to hear what he has to say and to ask questions about the problem and what some people are doing about it.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like.


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    If you ever had, or are having trouble in your intimate relationships, it could be due to the fact that you were either molested or raped at an early age.

    Molestation &rape "victims" suffer in so many ways after being violated by their attackers. In many cases, there is more than one attacker.  Victims suffer and fall short in attitudes, self-esteem, confidence, character, cognitive thinking, and many other symptoms.

    For too many decades, this was a topic that we could not talk about publicly.  But thanks to the awakening of society, organizations which specialize in helping victims, and authors who are writing all and telling all, we can now stop the madness of "secrets, and secrecy"!

    My special guest, LaTrossica Wilson, is stopping by the show to let you know that child molestation and rape victims can take “solace”  in knowing that they did nothing wrong.  What happened to you was not your fault!!

    So tune in Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 7:00pm (CST), and hear LaTrossica’s story, told in her new book

    “TURNING PAIN INTO POWER”!   Parental Guidance may be advised for this show.

    In the studio with me will be my Co-Host Sybil Marie Presley, and my radio personalities Sharon Coleman, Larone Woodard, and Rev. Douglas Martin.

    Dial into the show and speak with my guest and ask questions, or tell us your comments. 

    SHOW DIAL IN# 1-646-200-3422, and press 1

    OR...Listen online:  www.blogtalkradio.com/theemilypearlsshow

    The "chat room" will also be open.






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    Should women who are raped and get pregnant, have their rapist baby?

    in Current Events

    Today we will be discussing, "Should women that are raped, and get pregnant, keep their Rapists baby? Dial in (646)478-5651, to talk to me live tonight at 6:30-7pm. Send me comments on my facebook radio page " Mouth of the SouthO". Add me and share my page. Want your business shouted out? Leave all the info on my page......lets talk!

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    Back In To Society - The Lenny Singleton/Vandy Hill Story.. Unconditional Love

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     “Love Conquers All”

    The story you are about to hear is word for word, heart to heart true.. 

    Lenny Singleton and Vandy Hill lost contact with each other after high school only to be reunited 28 years later, this is where it all begins! After high school Lenny went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Business.  After college he joined the Navy where his addiction took over his life.  In a 13 day period he robbed 8 stores while under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine.  For this he received 2 Life Sentences plus 100 years. He did not kill or even hurt anyone.  He did not have a gun during any of the incidents.  There is not one victim impact statement made against him.  In total he stole approximately $350.  This was his first felony offense.  In Lenny’s case the Virginia General Assembly recommended 11-18 years.  The judge disregarded these guidelines and without any explanation to the court, Lenny or his family, sentenced Lenny to more time than rapists, child molesters, and murderers.  To date, Lenny has served over 19 years.  His time while incarcerated stands testament to his reformed nature.  He works every day in a position of authority at Virginia Correctional Enterprises.  He lives in the Honor’s Dormitory.  He has never received an infraction for anything during his entire incarceration. 

    I began writing everyone I could think of to bring this situation to light to the American public.  I also began writing Lenny.  Through the act of writing and catching Lenny up over the past 28 years, I began to see what bad shape I was in.  I was horribly overweight.   “Vandy,  You have a tumor, to be continued, listen in to find out the rest of the story..

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    Escaping and Recognizing Emotional Manipulators with Dr. Carol Francis

    in Self Help

    After 38 years as a psychotherapist, Dr. Carol Francis notes that couples, parent-child relationships, business settings, romances, and daily conversations can be loaded with manipulations which are both helpul and harmful.   In this program, we make it more clear when we are manipulating or influencing each other in a positive way (as with Andrew Carnegie's "How to Win and Influence Friends") and when emotional manipulators cause serious damage.  

    Emotional manipulators are individuals who try to defeat, over-take or control others by using emotionally entangling techniques.  Starkely, these types of manipulations keep people in abusive relationships with violent spouses, sickening parent-child abuses, or bullying at work or in romantic relationships which turn very controlling and/or violent.  

    Of course, we all influence each other and in fact parents, teachers, bosses, marketing companies and advertisements can positively learn the art of manipulating their circle to create amazingly positive outcomes or connections.   But emotional manipulators are typically geared to oppression, bullying, dominating, undermining, exerting some power, or bleeding a person's finances or gaining sex on demand, even rape. 

    This podcast, one of many on this topic, helps listeners recognize the importance of 1) self-respect, 2) self-knowledge, 3) differentiaing kindness from manipulation, 4) being clear on personal vulnerabilities that give manipulators access to your emotional bank account and more. 

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in the Los Angeles Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, San Pedro -  can be reached at drcarolfrancis.com for help or comment. 

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