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  • 01:01

    Rantus Politicus Event Update!

    in Politics Conservative

    Folks, this is an update show to inform our fans and listeners about a few changes to the upcoming Armed Services Family Aid Concert for this Saturday, April 30th!

    The event organizer, Cari Johnson, from A Dollar to Care, will be with us to explain the changes, and also to make an announcement about a very special guest who will be calling in to the show during the event!

    Please don't miss this important update, especially if you're planning on attending, as this will affect your plans. 

    Thank you all for your support of both Rantus Politicus and A Dollar to Care.  We'll see you at showtime!

  • 02:01

    Rantus Politicus Episode 26: A Patriot's Story

    in Politics Conservative

    Saturday, April 16th, Rantus Politicus brings you the true story of patriotism, corruption, deceit and betrayal that the "mainstream" media will only lie about.  It is the long-awaited personal story of Co-Host Darren Huff's personal commitment to his duty as an American Patriot -- and the cesspool of government filth he subsequently came to experience. 

    Come join us, ladies and gentlemen.  Let the man himself tell you the truth that Time Magazine and MSNBC will only lie about.  Right here, on Rantus Politicus!


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    Rantus Politicus Episode 20 TWO HOUR PREMIER!

    in Politics Conservative

    Howdy, folks! Here it is! The first two-hour Rantus Politicus show, thanks to Rogue Broadcasting!

    This week your fearless hosts, Rob "The Griz" Browning and Darren Huff, will open up the phone lines to discuss Disaster Preparedness -- with special emphasis on a few considerations that a lot of government experts always seem to neglect, of course!

    The shows just keep getting better and better, folks! So don't miss this one!

    Get involved, right here! This Saturday, February 26th, during our new time slot from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. eastern time! See you in the chat room!

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    Rantus Politicus Ep. 29: Lt. Comm. Walter Fitzpatrick

    in Politics Conservative

    You've heard the story of my Co-Host Darren Huff and his dealings with Big Brother's enforcers and their intimidation tactics.  This week Rantus Politicus presents "the rest of the story", with a Special Guest appearance from Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick himself. 

    Believe me, you don't want to miss a minute of this show, folks.  There's a storm approaching.  Learn the nature of it right here, this Saturday, May 7th, starting at 6:00pm eastern/5:00 central.

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    Episode Eight: Big Brother Tech

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey, folks! It's your beloved host, The Griz, and I'll be comin' at you live this SATURDAY, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time with an exciting show covering some of the nifty gadgets Big Brother has at his disposal to use against us in the coming weeks, months and years! Don't miss all the great fun to be had, discussing all of the many ways our own government has to identify, track, and control us!

    And remember, become a "fan" of the show by clicking the "follow" button on this page! Be sure to sing up and join the show party in the Rantus Politicus chat room, too!

    See you all, Saturday!

    The Griz

  • 01:58

    Rantus Politicus Ep. 32: Real-World Advice for Real Patriots

    in Politics Conservative

    The government isn't listening to The People anymore.  Our once beautiful Republic is being turned on its head by activist judges, thug cops, and corrupt public servants everywhere, in every office, and on every level.  The November, 2010 "election" and subsequent "landslide" wins by so-called conservatives across the country has accomlished nothing of any significance -- like so many Band-Aids on cancer.  2012 will mean even less.

    So what are REAL American Patriots to do? 

    Listen to this week's Rantus Politicus, starting at 6:00 pm eastern/5:00 central, and let the learning begin. 

    Remember, one need not live by the sword, to die by one.

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    Rantus Politicus Episode Twenty-Two: God's Chosen People

    in Politics Conservative

    Ladies and gentlemen, this show is guaranteed to set fires in the hearts and minds of everyone who listens to it!

    This Saturday, March 12th, featured speaker and Rantus Politicus Co-Host Darren Huff will take you all on an unsuspecting journey through time, reason and logic, which promises to stir you to your very core! Thinking outside the box is Darren's trademark, but you haven't seen anything yet!

    Be sure to be HERE, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm EST, this Saturday and get involved in the discussion -- it will change your perception of the world forever!

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    Rantus Politicus - Episode Twenty One: Monsanto and the GMO Controversy

    in Politics Conservative

    Howdy folks! Griz here, letting you know that this Saturday, March 5th on Rantus Politicus, my co-host Darren Huff and I will open up the phone lines to discuss the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms, and the totalitarian tactics of the Monsanto corporation. Genetically Modified crops have become globally predominant to the extent that non-GMO food is becoming less common by the day.

    What is GMO food, and why should you care? Stop by this Saturday evening, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm eastern time to find out! If you eat food, you won't want to miss this!

    Darren and I are looking forward to seeing you there!

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    Rantus LIVE From the Armed Forces Family Aid Concert!

    in Politics Conservative

    Ladies and gentlemen we are LIVE!  That's right, on April 30th Rantus Politicus will be broadcasting Episode 28 live from the Armed Forces Family Aide Concert at Jackass Flats, in Dayton, Ohio! Tickets are $12.50 each, or two for $20!  For ticket and event information please contact Cari Johnson of A Dollar To Care, who is organizing the event.  She can be reached at 888-382-7679 ext. 101, or via email at cjohnson@adollartocare.org!

    During the broadcast there will be on-the-spot interviews with several of the show personalities, including Cari Johnson herself!  Please, make your plans to attend now! 

    And for those who cannot attend, please, give what you can to this noble cause!  Remember, these men and women have defended you...it's time to help defend them.

  • 01:59

    Rantus Politicus Episode 25 - God's Chosen People (Ver 2.0)

    in Politics Conservative

    Friends, fans and Patriots, alas we arrive at the end of one adventurous journey, and the beginning of another!  For those of you who have been following the show, and have participated in the God's Chosen series, this Saturday's show will bring all the events of our journey together to a philosophical crossroads, where each of us will have to decide which fork to take -- the path of truth, or the path of deception.

    For those of you who've not accompanied us on our journey through world history, we invite you to take the time to listen to the series, beginning with Episode Twenty-Two.  Rest assured, what you do with the information presented within, will have a profound effect on the remainder of your life...or your existence.

    Tune in, this Saturday, April 9th, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern time for the closing of the God's Chosen series, only on Rantus Politicus!

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    Rantus Politicus Ep. 30: Joe Nizzari, from Line of Fire, LLC

    in Politics Conservative

    Fans, friends, freedom lovers!  This Saturday, May 14th, Rantus Politicus is proud to have as our Special Guest, Mr. Joseph Nizzari, Director of Training Operations for Line of Fire, LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

    From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm eastern time, Mr. Nizzari will introduce you all to Line of Fire, and cover some of the superb firearms training offered there.  We will also discuss personal defensive concerns, firearm selection, and other topics of ever-increasing importance in these crititcal times.

    Whether you're a novice shooter or have been shooting for decades, you'll want to listen to this important and informative discussion.

    Don't miss it, folks!  We'll see you there!