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    APR Night at the Movies

    in Education

    This week we are offering a holiday triple feature of entertainment for the entire family:

    Feature 1:

    Frosty The Snowman

    (“that old discarded magic hat” the kids found, that brought Frosty to life belonged to an evil magician who now wants his hat back, and who will do anything to get it! Starring Jimmy Durante)

    Feature 2:

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    (A timeless story that all kids can relate to.) What kid hasn’t at one time or another shared Rudolph’s feelings of being the odd one in the room.

    Feature 3:

    A Christmas Story

    (Ralphie, a young boy growing up in the '40's, dreams of owning that one special present that he must have or surely will explode, a “Red Rider BB gun.”) What kid young or old can’t relate to the feelings of wanting something so badly you can’t think of anything else?

    You were so obvious while you thought you were being so cleverly subtle as you manipulated and maneuvered

    every conversation or situation around as an opportunity to let everyone know what you wanted Santa to bring. This film is sure to bring back a lot of fond memories.

    We do offer the following notice: We are presenting these films as education, entertainment, and as a nostalgic somewhat historical tribute to the fond memories of our childhood days of innocence and faith in miracles.

    Plan to join us and as is our policy, we won’t be selling popcorn at the door you need to bring your own! LOL

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    Touring Comedians-Julie Scoggins and Blayr Nias

    in Comedy

    We will have two national touring comedians on this episode of The Charleston Comedy Podcast presented by Comedy Zone Charleston! Julie's regularly heard on XM/Sirius Blue Collar Radio, as well as many syndicated stations including the John Boy & Billy Show, and the Bob & Sheri Show, (Charlotte, NC), & the Bob & Tom Show (Indianapolis, IN). Blayr Nias-"If you can't be a good example, then you'll have to be a horrible warning." She hits the stage with ferocity and high octane humor sharing tales of her misadventures as a post-modern, wisecracking, bad girl next door.She has opened for Natasha Leggero, Ralphie May, Chris Kattan, Jon Reep, and DL Hughley. Call the show at 347-308-8648 and email the show at Charlestoncomedy@gmail.com! We go live at 10pm!

  • “God’s Work in Progress” ™ Sarah Cole and Dave Workman 12/22/2013

    in Christianity

    Sarah Cole- Sr. Director, Business Development   My favorite holiday tradition is watching The Christmas Story with my family. It is the best holiday movie ever: the stocking leg lamp, Ralphie in the bunny suit from his aunt, and of course the Red Ryder BB gun and everyone saying, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” I […]

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    UJR Presents: The Expo Report!

    in Pets

    Join Danny and Andy once again as we recap the events of the astounding Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo.  Find out what it's like up North and what we can learn from our neighbors and more!  We'll also speak with joe Aversa of the NJ Reptile and Pet Expo going on this Sunday Sept 29th in Teaneck NJ.  We'll hear from Joe what you can expect including our official challenge to Brian Barczyk on riding the mechanical bull! Join us live Friday night at 10pm EST!

  • 01:02

    James Heneghen & Steve Hill - Street Politics - NPTR 46

    in Politics Progressive

    He's been called “King of Seattle” by Ralphie May. James Heneghen is a veteran comic.  He first got on stage in 1993 and trudged his way through the rungs of hometown comedy scene. He has been working as a headliner for well over a decade, as well as giving support to touring comics in the Seattle area. 
    With an extremely keen sense of humor, Steve Hill hits the stage with a stand up performance that enables people to see relevant issues from a very funny, but drastically different, perspective. Steve has set his sights on spreading his knowledge for the upcoming 2014 mid term elections and 2016 Presidential election.
    Tune in Sunday September 29th at 9pm EST/6pmPST when Sean Prophet and Dave Phillips talk politics with James Heneghen and Steve Hill.

  • 01:31

    The Jake Pentland Show

    in Entertainment

    Today the JP Crew talks about pedophilia as a diesease, the fatty fallout and Michael Jackson's daughter Paris with Guest Lahna Turner, wife of Ralphie May. 4pm EST/1pm PST

  • 02:44

    Vertically Striped Radio 194 - The Christmas Episode

    in Podcasting

    We all have them: Christmas songs we HATE. On this episode, Craig breaks down the Top Seven Worst Christmas songs and the He-Man Movie Watchers Club discusses A Christmas Story.

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    Part 2 justice leauge info Christmas story 2 green lantern

    in Movies

    JLA movie info follow up batman gl Christmas sorry to did u know there are actually 7 movies with Ralphie from Christmas story and hope its true about Ryan Reynolds returning for gl2 and JLA movie. This is really the last movieworldactionshow of 2012  before year end but hey  I can always do another movieworldxtrashow in 2012 ;)

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    Festive and "Fragile!"

    in Current Events

    My most favorite show ever - 
    Ralphie from A Christmas Story ("You''ll shoot your eye out!") is all grown up and producing the Broadway musical version of his iconic movie.
    And, did you know the Rockefeller Center Tree becomes lumber for Habitat for Humanity? Proceeds from the children's book The Carpenter's Tale benefit this endeavor. Listen to win this and other great gifts. "Tis the Season! xo Kc

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    It Doesn't Matter You're Gonna Die-Lahna Turner (9/24/12)

    in Comedy

    Mon 9/24/12: EFF OFFS!
    Special Guest-Comedian Lahna Turner.  We'll talk about her and her husband Ralphie May's new podcast "The Perfect 10".  You vent about your life (things bringing you down, people pissing you off, etc) and comedians give you funny payback ideas to get the douches back.

    How do we describe this show? It's like comedians giving free therapy each week! What? We're qualified
      Mondays (7-8 PM ET) our website becomes live with expert personal development guests, friends of comedy, your co-hosts comedians Tim Cornett, John Wellington and I all helping you live fearless! That’s right, stop the bullshit…no more stress, worry, anger and negativity in your life. Learn how to replace it instantly in the moment with positivity, laughter, and fun.
      What Are You Bitching About Today?
    Call in and give us your “EFF OFFS” so we can talk about your shitty life live on air. EFF OFFS can be anything you want to vent about including:
    • People (friends, family, neighbors, baby mommas, baby daddys)
    • States of Mind (depression, anxiety)
    • Situations (divorce, financial problems, legal issues)
    • Companies (cable company, bill collectors, bad customer service)
    • News Stories (current events, politicians, celebrities)
      Oh and We’ll F$&! With Anyone Bothering You Until You Feel Better!

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    Celebrity Court Radio

    in Entertainment

    Beth Karas Senior Correspondent for TruTV The jury begins deliberations in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray   Ralphie Aversa Sydicated Radio Host Kim Kardashian files for divorce The paternity suit against Justin Beiber   Jon May Criminal Defense Lawyer from Miami Sexual harrassment charges against Herman Cain Fine against CBS for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction dismissed