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    Pillow Talk with Frances Renee'

    in Romance

    It's early in the morning and; you are still up? Let's talk. What is on your mind? Do you have questions about men? Men; do you have questions about women? Does everything have to be sexual? How is your Pillow talk with God? We talk about EVERYTHING.  Never hesitate to say it or ask it.

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    R&B Pillow Talk Cuffing Season Vol.1 (Unsigned Artists)

    in Podcasting

    WARNING!!!!This show is exclusively for all the lovers.Rapbrownn's Hip-Hop Showcase brings to you.R&B Pillow Talk Cuffing Season Vol.1.So grab your Wife,husband,girlfriend,boyfriend,or side piece,and make your night unforgettable.Cuffing season vol.1  is dropping with unsigned artist such as Shanese Thomas,Hennessey Williams,Devaje Mathis,and Trice Da Artist.This show is sure to have all cell phones on silent.If you love slow jams this is is the show you can't afford to miss.Pillow Talk at it's sexiest.

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    Danno's Pillow Talk: Survivor Series

    in Wrestling

    Danno and Kidney Bean discuss the highlights and ramif....ramuf....consequences of the Survivor Series show, suggesting an exciting new direction for Sheamus.


    Gangrel returns with his injury update.


    Who has the highest pitched voice in wrestling? it's a common question that the pair answer in great detail.


    The Incredibly Dull World of Bret Hart


    AngleGrinder return but have the boys been distracted this week?

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    Danno's Pillow Talk: Quiz Night

    in Wrestling

    LOP Radio's premier Thursday radio show comes to Monday night for one night only!



    OK, Steve's on holiday and I'm stepping into the breach. Oh yeah, my laptop broke too. So basically you've got a half hour show in place of a three hour extravaganza. Am I selling this well?


    Nathan and Amelia have their wrestling knowledge put to the test in a fun filled quiz show featuring the host of Thursday's number one show Pillow Talk, Dannokaboom. Prizes aplenty are on offer for the contestant in the most exciting quiz to ever grace LOP Radio.


    Buy 'Plan's book. 101 wrestling matches to see before you die. BUY IT NOW!!!

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    I.A.M.S.:Pillow Talk...What's My Name?

    in Lifestyle

    A WORD FROM Ci MoMMA “Missy Mello”

    No one likes to be called a rookie. We like to think we know more than nothing about everything, especially when it comes to dealing with relationships. But, as much as what we like to think we know, the sky-rocket increase of the online Boo-Up sites and the overrated lover’s dual  reality shows, display many of us don’t know as much as we think we do. 


    It’s interesting to see how we are quickly to point out potential round-away-rats and the dogs who are no longer walking on fours; but when it comes to dealing out our own sinner pies, we become muted saints. Its as if we are embarrassed to be seen as anything less than our own perfect perception of what we think others should see us as. Roles like the Video Vixen, the Goody-2-Shoes and the Intellectual are played according to what we feel we are capable of perfecting and which would insure us the validation of which we are in search of. As long as we are able to hold that picture, it’s all good. In result, subconsciously, we allow our weaknesses to be pushed to the back burner so we can move on to more important things that requires less of our time; or so we think.

    Dreams Coming True

    Kings & Queens Affirm:

    Dreams Coming True

    God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all-providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the reality of me.,

    And as so,

    My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement, knowing that wonderful people and situations surround me now.

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    Danno's Pillow Talk

    in Wrestling

    Have you ever had one of those days when you don't really have too much to say? Yep, today is that day for Danno & Kidney Bean.


    The pair talk about David Cameron and his liason with a pig corpse; speculating as to whether WWE have strange induction rituals.


    Ganrel gives us a WWE injury update.


    New Day recieve a little shine from the boys.


    The pair have a game of WWE Guess The Theme Tune. Who wins? Listen in to find out.


    Get in touch with the pair via Twitter:



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    Pillow Talk Ep29: Why is Social Media becoming more of a Sex platform?

    in Entertainment

    Pillow Talk is a show segment consisting of: Sex Topics, Sex Education, Relationship Tips, Versatile Love Quotes,Bedroom Tips,Marriage Columns & Real life Experiences.

    Make Sure to tune in tonight to "Pillow Talk" via "Tempting w/Tatachious" @11pm est. Call in to listen to the Show or speak with the Host @ 646-929-0921.

    Show Featured Segments Include: Sell it or Nail it UnSigned Artist Edition, Phuckery of the Day,& Featured Song of the Day!

    Artist/Interviewees/Company's looking for Promotion's can submit their info to:Booking's4Success@gmail.com

    You can follow the Show via www.blogtalkradio.com/temptingwtatachious or via Facebook Group: Tempting with Tatachious

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    Pajama Party Adult Night Time Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Join the Pajama Party Crew for lively, humorous conversation on today's hottest topics, commentaries, TV and movie reviews and more. We've got Poppa DD with "Living for the City" and "What's Poppin," Ketel with the Weird News and the Hollywood Wrap Up and Redwine with "I'm Just Saying" and the "Hit it and Quit it Headlines."

    Each week, we feature a "Cocktail of the Week" and our world-famous "Kiss It List" where we call out people or organizations who got on our last nerves and deserve to be told to just KISS IT!

    We have special guests that drop by, and our callers and we do it all with our special brand of humor, so don't miss a single episode! Sometimes, we even have a live studio audience... so you know we misbehave then!

    Follow us on Twitter @aPajamaParty and visit our website www.aPajamaParty.com anytime to listen to the show archives or find out about the Pajama Party Crew. And if you have a business you'd like us to advertise, email info@aPajamaParty.com.

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    SDG 220 End Time Issue: Creation vs Evolution

    in Spirituality

    1 Timothy 6:20

    O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

    You know we all need the mind of Christ, and that's what we’re going to seek as we turn to God’s Word and deal with the enemy's lie of evolution.
    Sadly many today believe that evolution ought to be taught in our public schools as a science fact and not  merely as the unproven and very poorly founded theory that it actually is.
    So evolutionists simply claim we go from step to step with nothing but lots of time and plenty of chance! And honestly that's just a pillow for a lazy thinker to lay their head upon.

    So tune in to hear three compelling reasons why many intelligent and well-trained people reject evolution.

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    in Politics

    Tonight and the rest of this week we are going to discuss Cleavers NOTES ON NATIVE SON.  In this we will discuss the theory of self hate and displaced love for those who are your enemy and enemy to the thought of a life of liberation for Black People. "After reading a couple of James Baldwin's books, I began experiencing that continuous delight one feels upon discovering a fascinating, brilliant talent on the scene, a talent capable of penetrating so profoundly into one's own little world that one knows oneself to have unalterably changed and liberated from the frustrating grasp of whatever Devils happen to process one.  Being a Negro, I have found this to be a rare and infrequent experience, for few of my black brothers and sisters her in America have achieved the power, which James Baldwin calls his revenge, which outlast kingdoms:  the power of doing whatever cats like Baldwin do when combining the alphabet with the with the volatile elements of his soul.  (And, like it or not, a black man, unless he has become irretrievably "white-minded, " responds with additional dimension of his being to the articulated experience of another black---in spite of the universality of human experience.) 
    I as I imagine many others did and still do, lusted for any-thing that Baldwin had written.  It would have been a gas for me to sit on a pillow beneath the womb of Baldwin's  typewriter and catch each newborn page as it entered this world of ours.  I was delighted that Baldwin, with those great big eyes of his, which one thought to be fixedly focused on the microcosm, could also pierce the microcosm. And although he was so full of sound, he was not noisy writer like Ralph Ellison.  He placed so much of my own experience, which I thought I had understood, into new perspective."  SOUL ON ICE by Elderidge Cleave


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    The Road to Enlightenment, with Kellie Fitzgerald and Lindsey Rainwater

    in Culture

    My guest for this show is Lindsey Rainwater.  Lindsey Rainwater is an Intuitive Coach whose primary focus is to show people that they are enough. She wants you to recognize the power and divinity that is found in your uniqueness, and she feels one of the best first steps toward that is embracing and trusting your intuition. 

    We'll be talking about what an "intuitive" really is and whether or not we think everyone has this ability.  If you've ever thought about developing your intuitive abilities this is your show!  If you've wondered about intuitives, angels or other things of that nature...you will learn a lot.

    As always, thank you so much for listening!