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    Amateur Hour Postgame - Chiefs vs Raiders, 2014

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    Ryan Scott Hall and HisDirkness from AHPKC.com breakdown the Chiefs thirteenth game of the season on behalf of the brothers Thorman and Arrowhead Pride.

    Three. Straight. Losses. Offensive struggles. Defensive breakdowns. Horrible gameplans.

    Nothing seems to be going right for Andy Reid and Co. down the stretch; Kansas City has now forced themselves into the unenviable position of having to win-out in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. This skid began with the Oakland Raiders on a rainy Thursday night... can the Chiefs get back on track against their hated rival?

    The Amateur Hour crew will take questions from Twitter and Facebook, interact on the BlogTalk Live Chat and will take LIVE callers throughout the show.

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    Battle of the bay Raiders Vs 49ers Live

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    Coming at you live!  @26dreath, @bauce_man82 ,  @cobbwebbsports us three together for the FIRST TIME IN STUDIO! This is #BATTLEOFTHEBAY week the Oakland Raiders take on the San Francisco 49ers and we'll be getting into what this rivalry means to each fan fan base.

    1.Which quarter back would you rather have under center Colin Kaepernick or Derek Carr

    2. Would you trade anything for Jim Harbaugh if anything what would you give up?

    3. Under any circumstances would you keep Reggie Mckenzie, is he as good as gone or is he still deserving of another chance?


    boomer Essiason chimes in on the Raiders  and rams moving to LA scenario we’ll get into that 

     St. Louis Rams 52-0 their worst loss in teams history even worst than the super bowl  loss

    The main question is where exactly do the Raiders go from here





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    NFL Preview: Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders, Packers Breakdown, Week 16 NFL

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    After missing Monday's episode, the Hashtag Crew is ready to go with a double dose by previewing the Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders as well as a brief recap of the Bills impressive victory in their final home game of the 2014 season over the Green Bay Packers.  Check out what the Crew has to say about the Bills playoff chances and looking ahead to 2015.

    Hashtag Sports will also give their picks for Week 16 of the NFL, and who are the winners and losers for the 2014 season. 

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    Amateur Hour Postgame: Chiefs @ Raiders - Thursday Night Football, 2014

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    Ryan Scott Hall and HisDirkness from AHPKC.com breakdown the Chiefs eleventh game of the season on behalf of the brothers Thorman and Arrowhead Pride.

    Andy Reid and The Red Team are on a five-game winning streak, while the Raiders are looking for their first victory in more than a calendar year. Kansas City looks to avoid the trap game, traveling to Oakland on a short week for a nationally televised Thursday Night matchup against a long-time rival.

    The Amateur Hour crew will take questions from Twitter and Facebook, interact on the BlogTalk Live Chat and will take LIVE callers throughout the show.

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    NFL Sunday Forecast: Wait a minute... The Raiders ACTUALLY Won?

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    Good evening Phin Outta Water faithful! Tonight, on this late weekend edition of our NFL Sunday Forecast, we will be recapping the surprising Raiders victory over the Kansis City Chiefs, and what that means for the rest of the AFC. We'll also be discussing some previews of the biggest games for this Sunday coming up, including the Lions against the Patriots, Arizona traveling to Seattle in a big NFC West clash, my Miami Dolphins battling Denver, and much, much more! Stay tuned!

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    TNF Raiders upset Chiefs for 1st win 24-20, NFL WK 12, NBA & CFB Talk

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    This Friday we start off with the Raiders getting their 1st victory of the season over Chiefs 24-20. Plus updates on the snow in Buffalo whuch will move Jets vs Bills & Adrian Peterson situation. We will discuss College Hoops after seeing Kentucky dominate Kansas, can they win it all undefeated? Next we will talk NBA with great play from the Spurs, Grizzles, Clippers & Raptors. Are the Bucks & Kings for real? Then College Football Top 25 talk & ranked games like USC @ UCLA. We will finish with Fantasy Football talk & NFL week 12 picks ARI @ SEA, DET @ NE &SNF DAL @ NYG can Romo outshine Manning? Join 6PM ET Call 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    The Sparano's

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    With two games left in the season we'll be discussing the future of the Oakland Raiders and where they stand now.

    1. With both bay area teams facing coaching vacancies which franchise has the better out look for the future and which heac coaching vacancy is the most appealing 

    2. I will tell you why  Jim Harbaugh is NOT the perfect head coaching candidate to fill the Raiders need at head coach and possible head coaches that would be better than Jim Harbaugh.

    3. I will tell you under what circumstances Reggie Mckenzie will stay that will satisfy even the Reggie nay sayers including mys elf!


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    The AFC West Show - 2014 Season Week 16

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    This episode of the AFC West Show will covering the NFL focusing on the AFC West. We feature interviews, recaps, analysis and breaking news in the AFC West.

    Tonight we'll be breaking down Week 16 of the NFL Season and recapping week 15 of the 2014 season.

    Listen for in-depth coverage of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers.

    Watch for updates on special guests joining us to talk about the week's biggest match-ups!

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    Double K's Classroom Episode #07 S04

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    This week on Double K’s Classroom I am going to begin to look at the NBA’s hottest team the Golden State Warriors. Can the Warriors stay this hot all season long or will the cool off and fall to middle of the pack. If they can keep it going do we have to start looking at Steph Curry as a legit MVP candidate this season? Also how many all stars will the Warriors produce this season? I will also be giving you my thoughts on the AFC Playoff picture as we get to the closer to the postseason. All this and your weekly dose of the Lesson of the Day right here on Double K’s classroom, Friday at 8pm PST right here on www.blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

  • Maxximum Football and Sports Talk Radio

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    Maxximum will be talking about the growing intrest in Fantasy football. The college foot ball playoffs, The NBA and the smash brothers. What happened to the NBA, Why is the NFL so Dominate. Why doesnt the NFPA have any real power. Gene upshaw was the man the NFL feared. DemauriceSmith is someone the NFL doesnt Fear. Is MLB about to make a run at the top. Is Dallas Americas team again?

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    Youth Sports: Where is the financial support coming from for our teams?

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    We'll be live in interview wth the Northwest Raiders 170lb Midget National CHampionship Team. We plan on intreviewing the only National Championship Team out of Philly and truly seeing the highs and lows of their road to victory.

    Is the city and State supporting our Inner City Youth Sports Programs??? 

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