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    Gearheads interviews racing legend Bobby Rahal

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    Bobby Rahal has been an American auto racing driver for the last four decades and a team owner for many years now. As a driver, he won three championships and 24 races in the CART open-wheel series, including the 1986 Indianapolis 500. He also won the 2004 Indianapolis 500 as a team owner for the winning driver, Buddy Rice.

    After retiring as a driver, Rahal held managerial positions with the Jaguar Formula 1 team and also was an interim president of the CART series. Rahal was also a sports car driver during the 1980s, and made one NASCAR start for the Wood Brothers. His business interests include a network of car dealerships in western and central Pennsylvania.

    Rahal was also involved in the development and testing of the Honda NSX. The vehicle’s chief engineer Shigeru Uehara and his team were present at the test track to fine-tune the car’s handling according to Rahal’s feedbacks.

    Rahal was inducted into both the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2004. He was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame on March 2, 2013

  • Championship Racing Radio Episode 1

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    Tune in as Josh Farmer of Tribute Racing and Edmund Jenks as they preview the penultimate round of the Verizon IndyCar Series at Pocono Raceway and place their bets on the championship contenders with two races left. Graham Rahal asserted himself as the man to beat with a well strategized win at Mid-Ohio and is now right on the heels of Juan Pablo Montoya. The 2016 schedule continues to take shape with the return of Road America but the loss of Auto Club Speedway. Josh and Ed will give you the whole scoop!

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    In the Gravel Trap: MAVTV 500 Post Race Show

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    Adam Tate, Josh Farmer and Joey Barnes of Tribute Racing dish out the goods after a historic and controversial MAVTV 500 IndyCar race at Auto Club Speedway.

    The boys go in depth on the new aero kit package at Fontana, as well as the leading stories from the weekend.

    Was it tight racing or was it 'pack' racing?

    All this and more as we take you "In the Gravel Trap!"

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Sheryl Glick

    in Spirituality

     "Healing From Within" with Sheryl Glick

    Sandra Champlain author of We Don’t Die it. It is Sheryl’s pleasure to have a talk with Sandra also a medium to share their ideas of energy and life which will hopefully dispel your fears of death and dying and shed light on the creative beings of Spirit and Eternal Life that we really are. This miraculous knowledge can show you how to live an empowered fearless and focused joyful life experience. Sandra will share her fear of dying and the skepticism that led her on a journey of discovery through the disciplines of science and medicine to uncover the clear undeniable truth that we don’t die. Sandra travels the United States and Canada as chef for many world class race teams including Andretti, Rahal and actor Patrick Dempsey. She owns Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company in Connecticut. www.wedontdie.com/

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    Tune in to TalkingRacingZ with Steve Tomaszewski "LIVE@ The www.Autobahncc.com  Country Club Racing Club.

    When first approached about the concept of a private race track just outside of Chicago,
    I thought to myself ” what a great idea!”

    Little did I realize that the real thing would surpass the concept.

    I decided to build at Autobahn because of the quality of the facility, the challenging nature of the track itself and the camaraderie of it’s Members with a common passion for fast cars!

    Over the years, Autobahn Country Club has been a great place for me to entertain family, friends and business associates. It’s truly my motorsports home.

    Bobby Rahal

    Indy 500 Champion & Autobahn Member

    If you own a fast car isn’t this
    what you really want to do?

    Open it up, no speed limits, test the cars performance and develop your ability as a driver. Enjoy your passion on your schedule.

    Everything you need is here including, on site storage, great service, amazing food, karting etc.

    You can leave your car at Autobahn. Show up to drive, race and still be home for dinner if you like.

    To Learn More, call Ron Dabisch at 815-823-8570, or email to 

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    NASCAR: Rule Changes 2015, What Does it Mean? F1: Honda Fights Back

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    Join Michele Rahal, Bill Marlowe and Gene Boyer for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. Unfiltered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is. 

    What will the NASCAR rules changes for 2015 mean?  (No change for Daytona and Talladega ) Engines with less horsepower,  aero packages that will mean less downforce... will these rules requires a true driver? Who's going to benefit, whose going to struggle?

    In Formula One Honda has decided to fight the engine rule that excludes them from developing their engine in-season. This is a huge story either way it goes. Will Honda get the waiver as have Ferrari and Renault? Also, Haas F1 has announced it will be hiring and staffing it's UK headquarters effective immediately. Additionally Haas is hinting that the FIA and Bernie Eccelstone may allow customer cars for 2016. That would be a huge change for the entire series, which is in a bit of disarray.

    In Sportscars, namely the prototypes, LMP2 and LMP3 Tony Ave and Riley Engineering have announced a new car to be built. The LMP3 class is growing and the market includes those track day drivers with more money than good sense. By 2017 the Protoype class in America will be identical to that in Europe guaranteeing crossover teams for different events.

    All this and more at Motorsports Unplugged Radio!


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    NASCAR: Why a Testing Ban? F1: Is Ron Dennis Losing It?

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    Join Michele rahal, Gene Boyer and Bill Marlowe for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. This week we look into why NASCAR has instituted a test ban, why they have reduced the horspower of their cars, will Jeff Gordon retire after 2015? Unfiletered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is.

    In Formula One we have to address the mess that Ron Dennis, the team principle of McLaren has made such a mess of announcing the teammate for the incoming super driver, Fernando Alonso? Why keep two great drivers on the edge of their seats not knowing if either will be alongside Alonso at McLaren in 2015? Has the glorious past of Willimas Formula One finally returned? Great team, great drivers and great engines....it could be the iconic British team is back with a vengeance. Will Formula One allow a relaxation of their engine rules to make the races more competitive?

    In IMSA, the Sports Car series, will we have some clarification of what the rules will be for 2015 or will it be another Daytona Prototype year? Did NASCAR, who owns the series, stack the deck in order for GM to run a Stingray look DP? What will we see when the 24 Hours of Daytona rolls around in February? All of this and much more.



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    F1: Is Honda in trouble? NASCAR: Is the Chase a Gimmick?

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    Here at Motorsports Unplugged we'll be joined this week by Gene Boyer and racing expert Bill Marlowe to challenge the racing world with two big topics. With this past week's debacle for Honda in their Abu Dhabi test, is Honda in for a nightmare 2015 Formula One season with McLaren? Or were they smart to get it out early in testing before the official Jerez tests in February? Does NASCAR really have a great points to Championship format or is too much of a gimmick that will bite them if one or more manufacturers don't get in the playoffs for 2015? 

    Michele Rahal is a former professional racing driver having driven for Tom Gloy Motorsports in Formula Atlantic, for Nissan, Honda and The Championship Group. Gene Biyer is a racing enthisiast since childhood who hangs his hat in IndyCar and Formula One. Bill Marlowe is former NASCAR, IMSA and Formula Atlantic engineer as as a driver in Formula Atlantic. Bill Marlowe has engineered for marquee teams and drivers including: Kevin Harvick, Kasey Kahne, the Woods Brothers, Micael Waltrip Racing and Bill Elliot. He's engineered at Indianapolis in IndyCar for Lyn St. James and Robby Unser and in The NASCAR truck series for Ultra Motorsports.

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    Motorsports Unplugged: Formula One and What About NASCAR?

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    Formula One comes down to the wire this weekend in AbuDhabi with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes fighting for the World Championship. Is Formula One becoming les relevant? NASCAR ended it's season last weekend at Homestead Flroida with Kevin Harvicl taking the Sprint Cup tile under the new playoff system. Did it work? Join Michele Rahal and Gene Boyer to find out , right here on Motorsports Unplugged Radio!

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    NASCAR: Young Drivers Advantage? F1: Ferrari Late, Honda Engine Battle

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    Podcast 1-14-15: Join Michele Rahal, Bill Marlowe and Gene Boyer for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. Unfiltered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is.  

    In NASCAR the rules changes may benefit the young drivers such as Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott.  Chase Elliott joined JR Motorsports in the Xfinity series in a NAPA powered car. 

    In Formula One Honda may be included in the engine rules "Unfreeze" thus allowing it to develop it's engine throughout the season. Ferrari admits that it's late with it's 2015 car and engine development. 

    In Sports car testing at Daytona one of the Daytona Prototypes got airborne for approximately 100 yards, no one was injured, but does this mean the DP's have a problem that needs to be addressed? All Four Ligier cars ran well.