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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Raghu Rai, India's leading photographer

    in Photography

    SAJA.org presents a conversation with one of the world's most influential photographers. India's most pre-eminent photographer, whose prolific and internationally acclaimed career has spanned nearly half a century, Raghu Rai (b. 1942) has focused on candid snapshots of India that masterfully capture the country's continuing regional, cultural, and political transformations. Nominated to the world's most prestigious photographers cooperative, Magnum Photos, by the legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, his work challenges viewers to confront a country where temporalities merge people, objects and animals, and buildings collide in a majestic visual symphony. His classic images are extracted from a complex external reality such that, in Raghu Rai's words, "In the course of my work, I find that I have been moving to focus on the changing equations of our times, trying to record the deeper universal human responses to realities, to energy, to the spirit." In recognition of his lifetime achievements behind the camera, Rai was awarded the Padamshree, one of India's greatest civilian honors, and L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France's recognition of significant contributions to the arts. NYC's Aicon Gallery is currently presenting a selection of Raghu Rai's works chronicling a changing India from the 1970's onwards,
    including his most recent emphasis incorporating staged compositions, all of which culminate in one of the most comprehensive retrospectives of the artist's work held in the United States to date.

    He'll be interviewed SAJA's Aseem Chhabra and photojournalist Preston Merchant and be joined by Prajit Dutta of Aicon Gallery. Details of the show, which runs through March 19, along with 48 web photos at http://bit.ly/raghurai2

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    Mastering Our Hearts

    in Motivation

    I am welcoming back Mary Giuffre, creator of Master Heart Magazine. Mary is all about Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation.
    We've been allowing our minds to be master for centuries. It's time for all of us to Master our Hearts. We see Master Heart as a Path to BEing in our world.
    The Master Heart concept was created using a modern application of the metaphysical science of Feng Shui. Master Heart Magazine draws from the insights of this ancient art to facilitate the movement of energy from thought to feeling, so people recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts.
    Contact Mary:
    Email: info@MasterHeartMagazine.com
    Website: http://masterheartmagazine.com

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    Hindu Radio-Raghunomics-Modern Conundrums and the Vedic Solutions

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    This episode features a special guest host, Raghunath Guiffre. Former Republican Candidate for US Congress Raghu is at the forefront of America's Vedic Revolution.
    Simple Answers to our Modern Crisis
    "Here we are today and both the bank and the insurance company are now writing off their respective ‘securities.’ This means they are actually writing off this same home loan.
    Let’s say each industry has now written off 35% of their own securities. Combined, they have actually written-off 70% of this $100,000 loan. All we are asking is that we take a second look at this issue."

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    Hindu Radio: Financial Empires, Abortion and Social Security

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    In this Episode of Hindu Radio: Breaking the Sound Barrier Guest Host Raghu Guiffre will be covering Abortion & the US Govt’s Social Security Administration. The big discovery about Abortion is that it is actually based upon a financial model. Until we address that side of it (which is the bulk of the emotion driving the issue) we will not be able to actually resolve the crisis that abortion represents. As soon humanity recognizes every new born child as a potential Moses, Christ, Buddha, Haridas, Tulsidas, Mirabai, Tecumseh, Rani of Jhansi, Kabir, MLK or Einstein, we can solve this problem. India's dowry system provides some clues to the solutions at hand. Raghu will also highlight very interesting cross cultural based solutions such as the Hawaiian tradition. This tradition allows young parents the freedom of life as the elders provide the day to day care of the young. As for Social Security, the fraud is not the service, but the US Government’s continued looting of this vast fund; a fund built upon the hard work of millions of Americans. TUNE IN and SHARE IN THE DISCOVERIES BASED UPON THE WORLD’S ANCIENT VEDIC CIVILIZATIONS!

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    Living Heart-Centred Lives

    in Motivation

    My guest is Mary Giuffre an  Inspirational Film Maker, Artist, Writer and Certified Feng Shui Practitioner.
    Mary Giuffre is all about Inspiration ~ Motivation and Transformation. A Filmmaker, Artist, Writer and Speaker, she is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Her ultimate vision is to have everybody, Out of their Minds and Into their Hearts, so we're all Living and Creating Life from the Inside Out!
    Mary is the Creator and Founder of Online Magazine FengSHe.org and the Master Heart Movement. 
    You can reach Mary Giuffre through her websites:
    www.MaryGiuffre.com www.FengSHe.org www.MasterHeart.ca

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    HINDU RADIO-Hindu News, Views & Vedic Economics

    in Culture

    Shows Airs Live in India on Friday 10/22/10 12pm IST (Indian Standard time)10/21/10 8:30pm Hawaii Time ---------------
    Hear about Trinidad and Tobago's Hindu Renaissance and other news regarding Hinduism from around the world. Join us this week in welcoming a special guest. This week we interview Raghunath Guiffre, a Vedic based economist and former Republican Candidate for US Congress. Raghu's website: http://roopa.org/

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    Lou Guiffre - LifeProtekt GPS Tracking System

    in Parents

    President - LifePROTEKT is our guest to discuss monitoring and tracking devices for your autistic child - Gone in an instant: http://www.lifeprotekt.com

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    The Cyberspace Sanctuary with Junious Ricardo Stanton

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    Junious Ricardo Stanton interviews Richard Isaac the Board President of the Khepera Charter School in Philadelpia which held a healthy food fundraiser in conjunction with the Time For An Awakening Farmer's Initiative. Today's program serves as a follow up to a recent interview with Elliott Booker and Reggie Raghu who are spearheading the farmer's initiative to help the Black farmers and avail healthy fresh produce to the African-American community at reasonable prices. Khepera purchased fresh produce from southern farmers and opened the school over the weekend to create a Farmer's Market to sell fruits and vegetables to the community and raise money for a trip to Senegal in 2012.

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    HINDU RADIO-Giving Thanks and Praises

    in Culture

    Thanksgiving Day edition
    In 2008 I went to Orissa to investigate the Kandhamal Violence. I wrote a 450 page report entitled 'Orissa in the Crossfire’. It provides many vital details related to the Hindu-Christian violence that has frequently swept Orissa's Kandhamal district. Many have familiarized themselves with the propaganda that has fictionalized the events surrounding the Kandhamal crisis as yet another case of Hindu extremist anti-Christian violence. My report, revealing the true foundations of the crisis, was presented to the US State Dept by RSS National Executive member Ram Madhavji. In agreement with my conclusions the US State Dept's 2009 Report on International Religious Freedom reported that, "...the underlying causes that led to the violence have complex ethnic, economic, religious, and political roots related to land ownership and government-reserved employment and educational benefits." This was a clear revision from the US State Dept's previous assessment of the Kandhamal Violence. However to this day various media outlets and others continue to parrot the myth of extremist Hindus and the hapless Christians of Kandhamal. This myth is still being used as a great fundraising tool by some unscrupulous church groups and as a club to tarnish the efforts of India's indigenous Hindu activists. I urge anyone interested in the truth regarding Kandhamal and the overall situation related to India's so-called 'Hindu Nationalists' to download this book. Its free and will free the honest seeker from the campaign of calumny raging against India and its native cultures.

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    The Cyberspace Sanctuary

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    Junious Ricardo Stanton interviews Elliott Booker and Reggie Raghu the co-hosts of Time For An Awakening on WURD 900 AM in Philadelphia who have started a program to help Black Farmers by providing a food buying club and co-op in the Philadelphia area where farmers can bring their crops to sell at outdoor farmer's markets, churches and other institutions and venues. Booker and Raghu discuss the project's goals and share the details of the endeavor.

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    Hindu Radio:Chicago Museum:'Be a Vishnu Avatar'/Ganesh in Guinness Records/Afghan-Hindus Struggle

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    Special Guest Raghu Guiffre and his new Book 'Raghunomics' feature viable solutions to our economic woes. Last year 1000s of Indian farmers adopted organic farming and manufacturing. Marketing of panchgavya (cow-based) products also began across the country. Over 400 new goushalas (cow shelters) were set up/existing goushalas strengthened.Over 5,000 workers were trained to start/run cow-based industries in villages across India. With the inspiration of Sri Ramchandrapura Math, Karnataka, a ‘Maa Gou Products’ company was formed to produce and market the panchgavya products in professional manner. An investment of Rs two crore was made in it and the company has started functioning. Taking another inspiring initiative the Math has stopped using mechanised sugar in the Math and only the gur is used there. It also donated over 1000 indigenous breed cows to various farmers. Art Institute of Chicago (USA), one of the major art museums of the world, has developed a "lesson plan" for classroom activity in which students of 4-8 grades solve a global issue by taking the role of one of Hindu deity Vishnu's avatars (incarnations). Sanjay D, a rural youth from Kaadoor, has been recognized globally for his extraordinary talent, a nano Ganesh of 2 millimeter carved in a pencil lead by Sanjay D has made his entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. One centimeter clay art of Ganesh has also made its entry into Guinness Record under miniature category. This Episode also Features the Story of Lord Shiva and the Hunter. It is a popular tale connected to Mahashivratri about a hunter who completed the puja rituals unconsciously yet the Lord grants him the fruits of his unconscious worship.