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    Interview: Paul Hsieh on Radiology in Practice

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    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh will interview Dr. Paul Hsieh about "Radiology in Practice" on Thursday evening, 18 December 2014, at 6 pm PT / 7 MT / 8 CT / 9 ET on Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Most people have seen cool medical imaging devices such as CT and MR scanners on TV shows. But what do those machines really do? Advanced medical imaging has revolutionized patient care in the past 25 years, allowing doctors to make diagnoses more accurately, quickly, and safely than ever before. Radiologist Paul Hsieh will discuss the basics of modern radiology (x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine), how these different tests work, what they show about the human body, and how they help doctors take better care of patients. 

    Dr. Paul Hsieh is a radiologist in practice in South Denver. He is the co-founder of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM). He blogs offbeat tech news atGeekPress. 

    For more details about this episode, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    Lets Talk Get Janes

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    ZHuffington Post Columnist Rachel Thompson and Writer/critic Bennet Pomerantz discusses media topics with guests


    Tonight's guest is the creator of the Jane


    Sharon's own words "

    Janes patient examination gowns were born out of necessity. My Mother and two sisters are Breast Cancer Survivors, because of that family history, I often found myself in Breast Health Centers, Radiology Departments and Women’s Clinics being vigilant about testing and exams. During those times I would sit endlessly in an ill fitting, uncomfortable and very thin patient/hospital gown. The women around me were in the same situation...skinny girls were freezing and other women falling out the front of the gown, exposed and vulnerable. 

    I feel strongly that during these stressful times women have the right to be comfortable and more dignified. There had to be something better and I set out to develop it.

    In October of 2012 Janes were ordered by the Breast Health Center at Women and Infants Hospital. The patients loved them...I was so encouraged by the feedback. From that one Breast Health Center Janes began to sell throughout the country. All very exciting.

    Unfortunately, at that time I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Following surgery, during chemotherapy and radiation my Jane was my best friend! I had not intended to become the “poster child” for Janes...I am here to say that Janes are comforting and make a difference in how I felt and how I was viewed. My Janes gave me confidence as well a secure feeling.

    My passion today is to get the word out to women everywhere that ‘it is okay to bring your own gown’, that women have the right to comfort and that there are alternatives out there to the traditional much lacking patient gown.


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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Breast Health Expert MD Judy C. Dean

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Judy Dean. Judy Dean is a board certified diagnostic radiologist who has specialized in women’s imaging for over 25 years.   She was a fellow in ultrasound and body imaging at Stanford University, and subsequently a faculty radiologist at Stanford.  Dr. Dean has been in private practice since 1987. Because of her interest in ultrasound she joined a research project in 2005 for ultrasound detection of breast cancer, and has co-authored peer-reviewed publications on the results of that trial. To date Dr. Dean has interpreted over 10,000 Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound studies, and detected dozens of small occult invasive breast cancers using ultrasound. She has three daughters and lives with her husband, who is also a physician. WEBSITES: www.sonocine.com, www.eachonetellone.com

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids..

    • having a relationship with a plant and understanding if it is natural by being in touch with it..

    • biggest users of minerals in the body- nervous system, immune system and hormonal system

    • preparing and eating pears and other rose family fruits..

    • cooked foods and raw foods- enzymes and vitamins.

    • bloodroot can only be used when it's fresh and is rare and dangerous..

    • uses for powdered nettle..

    • gingivitis- one drop of bloodroot twice a week on toothbrush and yarrow or echinacea in between..

    • simples and working with one herb at a time..

    • adding oil to salad to break cell walls of leaves..


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    National & International Roundtable

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    ElTyna McCree, affectionately known as "queen of the airlines", because of her innate ability to walk on water and create some of the most astounding airline testimonials. McCree now celebrating 45 years as a travel icon, began her illustrious career with United airlines in Pittsburgh, Penn, in the late 60's. There were few blacks working in the industry then, and she continued her career at Allegheny Airlines (now U.S. Air). Her position at Allegheny was Director of Convention Services. She was named official travel coordinator of the Church of God in Christ in 1968.  She started her first travel agency in 1978 in her beloved Oakland, Calif., and quickly became known as the travel agent to the stars.  She booked travel for the late Alex Haley,  Earl Fatha Hines, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, and Bishop Walter Hawkins, to name a few. She served as official travel agent for "Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame" and became personal travel agent for the late Robert Hooks, Vonetta McGee, Whitman Mayo and many other stars. In the late 90's, McCree had the golden opportunity to book travel for the radiology department of UCSF San Francisco to all of their training conferences in the US and abroad. When the corporate account was removed, Dr. Roy Filly, Drs. Charles & Gretchen Gooding, and numerous other doctors continued to use her services. She is possibly the oldest African American travel professional in the nation, and was featured in Upscale Magazines' August 2000 issue. She was named a power broker for the new millennium in the field of entrepreneurs. She shared the honor with such luminaries as Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Bernard Bronner, and the late Attorney Johnnie Cochran.

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    Jamie Parmer iHeart Foundation

    in Entertainment

    Jamie Parmer, founder of IHeart Foundation loves compassionate, and hard working individual who has started a foundation dedicated to helping patients and their families advocate for optimal healthcare, as well as coordinate multiple health specialist within a broad spectrum of medical institutions.  Although, the iHeart Foundation was founded in 2014, Jamie truly because passionate about advocating for people in need during major medical issues.  Due to the fact her mother passed away in 2009 from grade IV astocytoma giloma brain cancer.

    After spending almost a year at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN.  Jamie became quite educated on certain medical topics such as occupational and physical therapy/rehabilitation for brain cancer patients, diabetic and insulin care, radiology care, as well as overall care for patients with major brain injuries

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    Wilhelm Roentgen - The Manifesto of the 93

    in Education

    Our German Ancestry

    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann

    Wilhelm Roentgen was born March 27, 1845 in Remscheid, Germany.  He was the physicist who, on November 8, 1895, produced electromagnetic radiation and detected it in a wavelength, which he later called Roentgen-rays, or X-rays.  He earned the Nobel Prize in Physics during 1901.  His name was later removed and conveniently replaced as an "unknown" with the letter "X".  Who would deny a great man of his deserved fame, especially when he freely gave his knowledge and discovery to the world, and never applied for a patent?  I will discuss the reason why his name was removed and replaced with an "X" and who is responsible for this misdeed.  Roentgen died on February 10, 1923 in Munich, Germany.







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    The End of Cancer is Near! An Interview with Dr. Garry Gordon

    in Health

    Renowned physician Dr. Garry Gordon shares his insight into a world without cancer. These days you can find countless foods with anti-cancer properties, but none of them will eradicate the disease. Leading a healthy lifestyle will help you prevent cancer, but sometimes it's just the lay of the land. In this episode, host Kathryn Zox discusses an interesting supplement that may be better at preventing cancer than we think! Dr. Garry Gordon shares his insight into Salvestrols - natural dietary compounds from fruits that have the power to destroy cancer cells. Listen in to find out the details!

    About Dr. Garry Gordon:
    GARRY F. GORDON, MD, DO, MD(H), received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1958 from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in Illinois. He received his honorary MD degree from the University of California Irvine in 1962 and completed his Radiology Residency from Mt. Zion in San Francisco, California in 1964. For many years, he was the Medical Director of Mineral Lab in Hayward, California, a leading laboratory for trace mineral analysis worldwide.

    Dr. Gordon is on the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners for Arizona and is Co-Founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). He is Founder/President of the International College of Advanced Longevity (ICALM) and Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA).

    With Morton Walker, DPM, Dr. Gordon co-authored The Chelation Answer. He is advisor to the American Board of Chelation Therapy and past instructor and examiner for all chelation physicians. He is responsible for Peer Review for Chelation Therapy in the State of Arizona.

    Currently, Dr. Gordon is a consultant for various supplement companies. He is responsible for the design of many supplements, which are widely used by alternative health practitioners around the world.

    Visit his website at www.gordonresearch.com

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    Spotlite Radio Presents Dr. Paul Friedman

    in Current Events

    Spotlite Radio is pleased to presents Dr. Paul Friedman,Retired Professor of Radiology at the University Of California.

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    How do I remove Stress and Operate a Wellness Lifestyle

    in Business

    Join Stacey Virgo, host of the Empowered BizpreNeur Radio Show as she speaks with her guest Michelle Govan this Thursday on How do I remove Stress and Operate a Wellness Lifestyle.   We are continuing our series on being healthy while in business.  You may listen online: http://tobtr.com/s/5532541   Michelle L. Davis - Govan is the founder of M.L.Govan Enterprises - a business committed to the growth and empowerment of women through living a D'Stress Wellness Lifestyle.  She is  a certified stress management and wellness coach, who is known for enthusiasm, energy, motivational style and sincerity.  Michelle is also the author of Soldiers in Stilettos: Battle Tested and Still Standing.  The book was developed out of the struggles/battles that she faced and has made it through.      Michelle's professional background includes attending academics at Bloomsburg University, performing clinical in radiology at Lankenau Hospital and upon graduation worked clinically in radiology, while expanding into other areas.  Michelle transitioned into education , where she taught radiology for 10 years.   Join us, this Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 6:30 pm est.  You may call into the show at: 347-838-9316    

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    Life Extension Foundation with Dr. Michael Smith

    in Health

    The Janet Love Show welcomes as a Special Guest, Life Extension, Dr. Michael Smith.
    "The country doctor with a city education," that's how Dr. Michael A. Smith's many devoted fans describe him. Senior health scientist and online personaltiy for Life Extension the wolrd's leading orgnaization dedicated to extending the healthy human life span. Dr. Smith is an author and blogger, creates and conducts webinars .Dr. Smith was a recurring guest in 2012 on the Suzanne Show with Suzanne Somers on Lifetime  Network. He hosts Healthy Talk Radio on ww.RadioMd.com and is currently writing a book on dietary supplements pyramid that ischedule for publication in  spring 2014. Most recently he contributed to Martha Stewart's Whole Living website as well as health articles on Examiner.com, About.com and Expert Beacon.com. 
    The Life Extension Foundation based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla is an organization dedicated to finding new scientific methods to enhance and exapnd the healthy human life span.  For 33 years the Life Extension Foundation has been a pioneer in identifying and reporting the latest antiaging research and integrative health therpaies while offering superior quality dietary supplements to consumers.  It has funded resarch programs aimed at anti aging therapies, heart disease, stroke, cancer andf Alzheimer's.
    Dr. Michael Smith is a graduate of the Universtiy of Texas, Southerwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Smith completed an internship in internal medicine at the University of Utah and a residency in radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

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    Find out what health oriented medicine is

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    This week I will be discussing health-oriented medicine with my guest Dr. Nathan Daley. Yes, the term may sound familiar, but in truth there are very few physicians who practice this. Part of the reason for this is that patients, the public, and our entire culture speak and think in disease-oriented terms and concepts. In essence, this perspective turns medicine on its head and declares that the cause of any disease is impaired health. The approach to improving health is often quite different from those used to treat or prevent a disease. Even integrative/holistic/alternative medicine and preventive medicine are disease oriented. So this week we will be discussing health-oriented medicine, and the related clinical tool of ecological medicine, and differentiate these from disease oriented medicine.
    Nathan Daley, M.D., M.P.H., is the CEO (Caring Earth Organism) behind EcoHolos and a lifelong apprentice in true scale-free health. Nathan is a leading visionary in health-oriented medicine, integrative preventive medicine, and ecological medicine. He is residency trained in preventive medicine, integrative medicine, diagnostic radiology, and environmental health. In a pursuit to understand the true entity of health, Nathan has acquired an impressive background in emerging areas of medicine. His life objective is to serve true healing and positive health, from person to planet, through a synergistic integration of modern science, conventional medicine, ancient philosophies, complementary approaches, and the reconnection of humankind with nature. For more information, please visit: http://ecoholos.com/

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