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    Late Night with Ara'wayakan Indigenous Radio!

    in Culture

    Checking in with the strong people of Ara'wayakan and beyond.

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    Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

    in Spirituality

    September 19, 2014 at 12noon Eastern Time, 11am Central Time and 9am Pacific Time - join Audri Scott Williams and Alessandra Belloni on NOWTIME Radio. To join the call during Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio Call  424-243-9656. You may also  Live Stream or listen to the podcast at any time at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nowtimeradio

    Alessandra Belloni is the Artistic Director, Founder and Lead Performer of "I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA", an Italian Music, Theatre and Dance Ensemble. She specializes in traditional Southern Italian folk dances and percussion combined with Southern Italian singing. Alessandra holds annual healing dance and percussion workshops in Tuscany, Italy and together with writer, philosopher, healer  Angelo Tonelli. She has spent many years participating in authentic drumming festivals in remote areas of Southern Italy, held as rituals of purification in honor of the Black Madonna. An award winning tambourine virtuoso, singer, dancer and actress, Ms.Belloni was born in Rome, Italy and is committed to preserving the strong and rich traditions of her culture. Alessandra will be discussing her recent voyage: THE VOYAGE OF THE BLACK MADONNA, A Musical journey to the Ancient Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, Spain and the Mediterranean.


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    Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

    in Spirituality

    September 26, 2014, 2014 at 12noon Eastern Time, 11am Central Time and 9am Pacific Time - join Audri Scott Williams and Nana Korantemaa on Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio. To join the call during Peace Talks on NOWTIME Radio Call 424-243-9656. You may also Live Stream or listen to the podcast at any time at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nowtimeradio or at www.audriscottwilliams.com

    Nana Akomfohene Korantemaa Ayeboafo Ayeboafo trained as an Okomfo (Shaman) at the Nene Akonedi Shrine of Larteh-Kubease, Ghana. In 2002 Nana received the highest recognition by being named the Akomfohene (King Shaman), as the living representative of her mentor, Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea. As the Akomfohene, Nana functions as the Head of all Akomfo in America while serving as the formal representative in America of the Nene Akonedi Shrine. Nana is also President of the Asona Aberade Shrine located in Philadelphia, PA where she trains Akomfo (Shaman), drummers, singers, Elders, Kings and Royals--teaching protocol and the Twi language of Ghana. Nana is also founder and Chief Creative Officer of StarSpirit International.

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    Encouraging Widows

    in Women

    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widow's Ministry assists widows during the first three years of their husband's loss. TNC offers monthly support sessions in metro Atlanta, weekly blog talk radio show, phone calls, cards, gifts, special evnts and annual getaways. 

    Our mission to exemplify love to widows as the Bible commands  (I Peter 5:3)  Widows know no particular face. The loss can be expected or unexpected. It could be after decades of marriage or within months of the wedding day. There can be financial gain or financial distress. So many questions, so few answers.

    Grief is manifested in many stages. Professional counseling is recommended regardless of your circumstances. There are many emotions that will need to be managed. The Next Chapter can help you when you are ready to move to the next chapter of your life. God has a plan for you.

    Who understands? Who cares? The Next Chapter!!!

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    Syleena Johnson - Chapter 6 Couples Therapy

    in Family

    MGN Radio welcomes Grammy Award Winning Singer, Syleena Johnson to our show. Syleena Johnson is one of the greatest singers and performers of her generation. Syleena is a wife, mom, and popular television personality. Syleena now steps forward with her most anticipated album to date Chapter 6: Couples Therapy! 

    Syleena is a featured speaker at the 5th Dare 2 Aspire Conference in ATL, GA! Register HERE now! 

    Join us Wednesday at 9pm EST as we chat about motherhood, fitness, business, and so much more! Tell a friend you don't want to miss this show. 

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    A Study in the Book of John Chapter 5

    in Christianity

    Hello and God Bless you!!

    Kindly, we will continue our study and digest in the Book of John Chapter 5. The Holy Spirit is leading us in AMAZING places and areas in the spirit realm in and YOUR life.

    We're so happy you can be part of this miraculous move of God. We love you! Thank you.

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    Wisdom From the Elders/w Indigenous Elder, Larry Merculieff

    in Spirituality

    Tune in tonight as I chat with Aleutian, Larry Merculieff, co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples' Council for Marine Mammals, the Alaska Forum on the Environment, the International Bering Sea Forum and the Alaska Oceans Network discussing Wisdom from the Elders.  Larry is one of ten Native Americans in the book, Native American Men of Courage, and he's co-authored Aleut Wisdom: Stories of an Aleut Messenger and Stop Talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning.

    In our conversation tonight we'll discuss....what's a real human being, being present in the moment and in the heart as a way to heal and stay connected, when did the Sacred Masculine become disconnected and imbalanced and why and what Indigenous Elders say about disconnection and its relevance for modern issues, including climage change and other world problems

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    RFB Radio ~ Indigenous Identity (...and Remembering Kim..)

    in Politics Conservative

    This article features out of Canada, but reflects Globally in that we are being told to forget our National Pride, our Founding Fathers' Vision, and accept what the Social Marxists force upon us.

    I also remember my Sister, Kim and thank you for your kind thoughts and Prayers.

    Welcome  to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Sign the Petition (if eligible) to Defend the integrity of Canada:


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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    The Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Its the debut episode of The Radio Show!!!!! The Jerk,Atl Diva,EZ, M-16 and Yo Boi Khujoe will discuss several pop culture and news stories. We will talk to Robert Cooper one of the stars of the upcoming web series the Four0Four and later will chat with rapper Detroit Black about his music and the current state of affairs in the motor city.

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    Flat Track Weekly Radio 7/28/15

    in Sports

    Flat Track Weekly Radio is your weekly Flat Track internet radio station. Third generation motorcycle racers Cory Texter & Scottie Deubler bring you insight you won't find anywhere else. Every Tuesday night at 8pm EST/5pm PST we chat with racers, team owners, mechanics, promoters and more that make up the great sport of AMA Pro Flat Track.

    Presenting sponsor of the show: Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, Evans Coolant

    Associate sponsors: Lightshoe & DesignStar3

    Tonights Guests:

    -Aaron Guardado - Suicide Machine Company | Harley-Davidson Hooligan Racing 

    Check us out on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

    Instagram: @FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

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    Encouraging Widows

    in Women

    Women who have experienced the loss of a husband have a myriad of challenges that they must endure, overcome and accept. There're are many decisions that may create feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion, and even anger. There are varying stages of grief. Loneliness and abandonment are some of the emotions that can be overwhelming at times.  But there is hope. You can make it! The Next Chapter Widows' Ministry helps widows through regular encouragement to get to the next chapter of your life by living just one day at a time.