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    Late Night with Ara'wayakan Indigenous Radio!

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    Checking in with the strong people of Ara'wayakan and beyond.

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    Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

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    September 19, 2014 at 12noon Eastern Time, 11am Central Time and 9am Pacific Time - join Audri Scott Williams and Alessandra Belloni on NOWTIME Radio. To join the call during Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio Call  424-243-9656. You may also  Live Stream or listen to the podcast at any time at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nowtimeradio

    Alessandra Belloni is the Artistic Director, Founder and Lead Performer of "I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA", an Italian Music, Theatre and Dance Ensemble. She specializes in traditional Southern Italian folk dances and percussion combined with Southern Italian singing. Alessandra holds annual healing dance and percussion workshops in Tuscany, Italy and together with writer, philosopher, healer  Angelo Tonelli. She has spent many years participating in authentic drumming festivals in remote areas of Southern Italy, held as rituals of purification in honor of the Black Madonna. An award winning tambourine virtuoso, singer, dancer and actress, Ms.Belloni was born in Rome, Italy and is committed to preserving the strong and rich traditions of her culture. Alessandra will be discussing her recent voyage: THE VOYAGE OF THE BLACK MADONNA, A Musical journey to the Ancient Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, Spain and the Mediterranean.


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    Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

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    September 26, 2014, 2014 at 12noon Eastern Time, 11am Central Time and 9am Pacific Time - join Audri Scott Williams and Nana Korantemaa on Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio. To join the call during Peace Talks on NOWTIME Radio Call 424-243-9656. You may also Live Stream or listen to the podcast at any time at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nowtimeradio or at www.audriscottwilliams.com

    Nana Akomfohene Korantemaa Ayeboafo Ayeboafo trained as an Okomfo (Shaman) at the Nene Akonedi Shrine of Larteh-Kubease, Ghana. In 2002 Nana received the highest recognition by being named the Akomfohene (King Shaman), as the living representative of her mentor, Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea. As the Akomfohene, Nana functions as the Head of all Akomfo in America while serving as the formal representative in America of the Nene Akonedi Shrine. Nana is also President of the Asona Aberade Shrine located in Philadelphia, PA where she trains Akomfo (Shaman), drummers, singers, Elders, Kings and Royals--teaching protocol and the Twi language of Ghana. Nana is also founder and Chief Creative Officer of StarSpirit International.

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    RFB Radio ~ Indigenous Identity (...and Remembering Kim..)

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    This article features out of Canada, but reflects Globally in that we are being told to forget our National Pride, our Founding Fathers' Vision, and accept what the Social Marxists force upon us.

    I also remember my Sister, Kim and thank you for your kind thoughts and Prayers.

    Welcome  to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Sign the Petition (if eligible) to Defend the integrity of Canada:


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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    Indigenous Peoples and Wolves with Dr. Raymond Pierotti

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    Join us for the premiere show of Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time!!

    On Monday, March 23 at 8pm EST/5pm PST, your hosts – Skylar, Samantha, and Nicholas – will sit around the table with our prestigious guest, Dr. Raymond Pierotti, to discuss the “Relationships between Indigenous American Peoples and Wolves”. We will examine these historic relationships, as illustrated through the stories of the North American Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains and Intermountain West regions and as exemplified by the Cheyenne, Lakota, Blackfoot, Pawnee and Shoshone peoples.

    Dr. Pierotti is a longstanding member of the wolf and wolfdog community and is the author of numerous publications on topics such as domestication, wolfdog phenotyping, and the evolutionary history of dogs. Dr. Pierotti has been instrumental in saving the lives of many animals over the years, including those at great risk as a result of the Michigan ban in 2000. “Over the last twenty years, there has been increased reliance on DNA evidence to investigate ‘dog’ origins.” (Pierotti, 2014)

    We will delve into the amazing world of wolf/human connection with our good friend, Dr. Pierotti, and encourage others to call in and join us around the table. We invite everyone in the community to share in this exciting show with us! 

    To learn more about Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time please visit our website at www.wolfdogradio.com

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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    Doreen Bennett Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Raukawa, Te Arawa and Te Wainuiarua. My life’s work is reflected my belief to restore traditional values, beliefs and practices as the basis for our Maori families to forward in today’s world.  My career objective is to add value to Indigenous people through sharing knowledge and experiences.  This has been an active part of my work since 2011 establishing a Cherokee and Maori network, international cultural exchanges for your youth and education programs.   
    Naku tou rourou, Nau toku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi (with your basket and my basket our peoples will strive)
     Mashu White Feather of the Chickamauga, Ani Gaduwa Tsalagi (Cherokee) and also Osage.  We are Ani Tsisqua (Bird Clan), one of the seven clans that make up the Tsalagi (Cherokee) tribe. I am a retired healthcare professional and have also worked Indigenous education, in the state of Wisconsin, with Baraboo school district and also as Indigenous American Student Advisor at Madison Area Technical College. I also have been lecturing on our people and culture , internationally, for about 45 years.

    Doreen and Mashu are Indigenous Consultants for Two Feathers International.

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    Sianot Wiaria Urtitk good morning, good afternoon and good evening around the world, welcome back to the Black Lotus Civilization Broadcast thats B.G.N.N B.L.C. Radio I am your host E'muNrak'ati ap'adumir'a iui'i and my co-host Omo Sango also brother arius and brother taa all 4 original Black Lotus Civilization Broadcast enjoy african family

    We are going to get a lesson today first hand from 2 indigenous australian's.  One of which is a wise elder that speaks a extinct language that was believed to be extinct but is very much alive african australia australia african brothers sisters around the world unite.





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    Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez

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    Listen to my March 26, 2015, Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News From the Navajo Rez show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/navajonewswithoutborders/2015/03/27/navajo-news-without-borders-aka-indigenous-news-from-the-navajo-rez The show was the voices of Dine' and Apache people who are and who have been at the Apache Stronghold at Oak Flats, Ariz., where people of all ages are making a spiritual occupation of a ancestral place of prayer. The voices that you will hear are Leroi Morgan of White Cone, Ariz.; Anna Rondon of Chichiltah, N.M., Standing Fox of Oak Flats, and Kooper Indigenize Curley, also of Oak Flats and Chichiltah. There were a few minutes of technical difficulty between the voices of Leroi and Anna and so please continue to listen to the show. My apologizes. Thank you for Tuning In and Staying Informed. May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth!

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    Infinite Possibilities-The Art of Living Your Dreams-Chapter 7

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    Our Mission at OHMTALK Radio is the Uplift, Motivate, Inspire and Empower YOU!!!

    The Final Chapter of our series based on the "Infinite Possibilities" Workbook is entitled "The Meaning of Life."

    Does your life have direction and purpose or are you just "hanging in there" until it's over? Are you Thriving or just Surviving? IS there a meaning to any of this, or are we just part of a random series of unrelated acts of Nature?

    Join us Friday, March 27, 2015 for what should prove to be an interesting discussion!

    Our host, Kalimba Love, is the facilitator of the Mindful of Miracles Mastermind Alliance (MoMMA) and Spiritual Director of Open Heart Ministry aka OHM,. a 501c3 Charitable Organization.



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    Stripping off a Lien in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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    A second mortgage/HELOC lien can be removed from your home in a chapter 13 bankruptcy IF the first mortgage balance is greater than the fair market value of the home.  Tune in with Attorney Timothy Hughes to learn more about stripping a lien in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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    James Chapter 1

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    James Chapter 1

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