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    THURSDAY, 05/30/13 AT 10pm EDT/ 9pm CDT/ 7pm PDT Is usually our REALITY ROUND TABLE SHOW.  But, sadly, on May 31st, 2011, we lost THE FOUNDER of THE RAD REALITY SHOW NETWORK, RON RADKIEWICZ to his battle with the congenital heart defect he was born with. So, in Dedication, in Honor, in Remembrance, and in Respect to our Beloved RON RAD, this show will be about HIM. How he touched so many of our lives and brought so many people together.  We'll talk about some of the Reality Shows, and The Reality People he loved so much. We've all got favorite or funny stories to share of RON RAD. You're all invited to spend a little time sharing in memory of our Beloved Founder RON RADKIEWICZ.  If you had the pleasure of knowing him, you were definitely Blessed.  Whether you knew him and have a story to share, or if you've joined The Rad Reaity Family since Ron passed and would like to learn more about the wonderful man who started it all, everyone's invited!  Let's share our memories together of "The Big Guy with the Heart of Gold"....RON RAD. You can call in at 1-347-237-5506 and press the #1 to let us know you want to join us on air. We hope you'll join us. 

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    The Rad Reality Show Ron Rad Birthday Bash

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    Party with Ron Rad when he parties with past guest and fans of the show!

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    A Rad Reality "Flashback" Show

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    Thursday @ 10pm et  9pm ct  7pm pt  Please say you'll join us for this very special Rad Reality "FlashBack" Show to help us Celebrate the life of our beloved friend Ron Radkiewicz. Ron was Loved by SO MANY PEOPLE.  He brought Joy, Laughter, Entertainment, Friendship, and a Huge Caring, Kind and Giving Heart to ALL of us! It is because of that Joy and the Wonderful Memories that so many of us have of Ron that we are doing a Rad Reality "FlashBack" Show on Thursday, May 31st. We'd Love for YOU to attend and bring YOUR Memories of how Ron touched your life, made you laugh, or encouraged you in some way. I am sure there may be a few tears, but that's not what I want this show to be about. I want this show to Celebrate the JOY that Ron brought to all of us. I want to remember Ron's laugh and his sense of humor. I want to remember that wonderful, caring, kind and inspirational Ron, who had lot's of little quirks, (we call them Ronism's) but each and every one of his quirks made him that much more endearing! Please say you'll be here for this Special "FlashBack" show to remember a man who, at some point, I know touched your heart and put a smile on your face. At 10pm edt., 9pm cdt, 7pm pdt we hope you'll bring your memories and help us Celebrate Ron's Life.

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    RMT Live: B-Rad, McWeeds and The Caveman Rolls another

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    You haven't heard us sense February, time get rolling again with B-Rad, McWeeds and Joe The Caveman and time in for a big announcement for 2016

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    Actor Bill Allen and His RAD Career

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    Bill Allen, star of the 1985 cult film RAD and the new release Heroes of Dirt, drops by to discuss his acting experience in both BMX racing-theme movies. Allen titled his fascinating autobiography My RAD Career. Although a failure at the box-office, the VHS release of RAD turned it into one of the most successful rentals in history – and turned Bill, who played the main character of Cru Jones, into an underground superstar. RAD and Cru Jones influenced an entire generation of extreme sports athletes and enthusiasts:  there have been parodies of the film on American Dad and The Tonight Show, and Bill’s many fans include Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh. Plus, there are now fake Cru Jones Twitter and Facebook accounts, children (male and female) named “Cru,” and even a clothing boutique in Argentina named after Allen’s character. In Heroes of Dirt, Allen is back in the world of BMX-themed movies, co-starring as father to a young biker. And he is also working on a new film inspired by RAD where he’ll get to ride again as BMX hero.

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    The Rad Reality Show- Survivor

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    Reality Recap , Ron Rad Talk about his Health Issue, Play a Game , and so much more!

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    The Rad Reality Show - UPDATE SHOW

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    Join us on the Rad Reality Show to find out what's going on now that Big Brother is over & THE AMAZING RACE & SURVIVOR are just getting started!!  We'll explain the line-up & what we'll have for you this season!  Just a quick show @ 10pm est. for UPDATES from the RAD REALITY SHOW!

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    SUNDAY 12/13/15 at 7pm ET/6pm CT/ 4pm PT Join us for our Finale Night of THE AMAZING RACE 2nd PIT STOP SHOW w/Host LOUIE STRAVATO (TAR 16)!! We finally know who won the 27th Season of #TheAmazingRace! Congratulations from All of us here at The Rad Reality Show Network to #TheReporters KELSEY and JOEY for hitting the mat 1st and bringing home the #TheFinalWin, and a million dollar cash prize! You said you were going to pass The Green Team, and you did it when it counted the most! We've also appreciated what an #AMAZING Race #TeamGreen ran this season, so Congrats to them for living their dream to the fullest, and with such passion! This was such an enjoyable season of #TAR! We wish each and every team all the best! All season long, we know many of the current teams have been listening to our show. We'd like to Thank You for your support! Tonight, LOUIE STRAVATO will be recapping the final episode, and you are ALL invited to call in at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down the page to our Live Chat Room where you can talk to us during the show!  Cherry Garcia and Paul From Minn will be there as Co-Hosts. #LetsTalkTAR #LetsTalkTheAmazingRace

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    The Rad Reality Show - Manic Monday

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    Manic Monday's with Michelle Costa!
    Join the Rad Reality Show for Manic Monday's with the One & Only Portugese Princess- Michelle Costa (BB10) !!  She's sweet, she's sassy, & she always has GREAT GUESTS on the show with her to talk all the dirt on Big Brother!!  You never know what you're going to hear, or WHO you're going to hear, but chances are, you'll hear it first on the RadRealityShow's Manic Monday!!  Don't be shy, join the fun!  Call in & talk to us!
    Here's the #347-237=5506

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    "MIKE ON THE MIC" w/Host MIKE ALLBRIGHT w/Members of Charities DWSC & GKTW!!

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    THURSDAY 02/04/16 at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 4pm PT Join us for "MIKE ON THE MIC" w/Host MIKE ALLBRIGHT and Special Guests: BOB CROWLEY, SURVIVOR GABON WINNER and Owner of MAINE FOREST YURTS, along with JOHN VATAHA, DURHAM WARRIORS SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Creator and Host will join MIKE ALLBRIGHT in our 1st segment to discuss the DURHAM WARRIORS SURVIVAL CHALLENGE! They'll discuss how "Survivor Like" the challenge is, who participates and how you can attend, and how it helps support our Veterans! Then, KELLY SHINN (aka Purple Kelly) from SURVIVOR NICARAQUA, along with LEAH BUNDY,  Sr. Manager, Corporate Development of GIVE KIDS THE WORLD will join MIKE to discuss GIVE KIDS THE WORLD! They explain how to attend, why this charity is so important to kids with critical illnesses, how many #RealityStars are involved each year and more! Don't miss this incredible show! There will be some wonderful stories told and a lot to learn about the Reality Stars who give back! As always, if you'd like to participate in the conversation with Mike and any of our guests there are 2 ways to join us: Call in to chat with us on air at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down till you see our Live Chat Room, where you can also chat with us during the show! Cherry Garcia will be there as Co-Host.