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    Racism and the Justice system in America

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    Is there Racism in the Justice system? Is Justice the same for Black and White People?

    Or is the real inequality economic injustice?

    Will the statistics really answer the question?

    To see the racial breakdown of arrest in our country view the link below.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation arrest table


    How do we over come the racism in our country? With people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Malik Shabazz race bating the issue and now the KKK is starting to race bate and get their voice out.

    KKK Rally



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    Racism Exists In America

    in Culture

    Does racism exist in America? Are people blinded  and in denial when it comes to wether or not race matters?   Where were we before all the racism began and how do we get back to where we once were prior to the racism? Through the ancient Hebrew and Egyptian cultures the clothing was the only thing that set them apart. Race as we know it did not exist then. So, why is it so blatant here in America? Please tune in and listen to this evenings show and hopefully you'll have some of these questions answered. 

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    Racism in America, a Philosophical Commentary

    in Education

    In light of recent events in the United States, some commentary on the intellectual nature of racism and its flaws.  Included, building up a more robust explanation then the "because it is" explanation commonly implied in media commentary or in elementary schools.

    Also including the analogous commentary on sexism and prejudice generally.

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    End Institutional Racism Before Racism Destroy America

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    Racism in America is not like racism was a century ago. Once upon a time Blacks accepted being treated as property. I'm not referring to the days of slavery. I refer to the time after slavery was abolished. Blacks most definitely was referred to as a lot of things none of which we'll talk about here. After slavery Blacks were acceptant of names, and adjectives to describe their actions. Blacks were told what to do and when to do it. Racism was a way of life  for Whites and Blacks. Blacks were oppressed and just staying alive and not being beat was a successful day. Through all the troubles of daily life Blacks kept the faith, did the work, and made the necessary changes to gain respect of the people they now slaved for scraps and basically pennies. Change wasn't easy for Blacks nor the majority race then nor now. Even when we want change, when others fight against the change or just refuse the change it is most difficult to change. America we must change our actions toward one another. We must end institutional racism before racism  destroy America. Racism is real. Racism is visited upon Blacks daily by Whites. There is no Black racism. Skin supremacy exist but today it is more money than skin

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    Racism/Prejudice in America are real

    in Politics Conservative

    The events of the past few days reminded me that racism and prejudices are still alive and well in America. 

    Some of the conversations I have heard makes me wonder if we have made any headway in this centuries old battle, or should I say curse. It seems everytime I think we are making the turn in the right direction another "Ferguson" pops up and ruins the parade.

    This morning we are going to have a discussion on racism/prejudices in America. 

    Do I expect to solve the issue in just ninety minutes? I wish! However, perhaps we can better expain where and why they exist and then go about our day with a little hope.

    I hope you will join me "In the Pickle Barrel" at 7AM-8:30AM as we make an attempt to face some realities.

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    Fearbola in America...Just Another Disguise for Racism in America

    in Current Events

    Let your inquisitive host at SevsDeadSerious get this straight; a disease that began in West Africa amongst the blacks left after the Diaspora and reached the shores of one of the most racist countries on earth by the sheer ineffectiveness of the American health system in this case in Texas (don't mess with Texas) through an individual returning from Liberia and then dying, infecting 2 nurses who are now fine.  The Liberian was black and the only person to die of Ebola in America and America is acting like a bunch of lunatics led by the Editors-in-Chief of total lunacy based on a prophecy of ignorance, Fox News...are you kidding?  It is nothing more than pure racism...a black man trying to kill America (he must be in cahoots with ISIS or ISIL...whichever you prefer) with a virus from the country that gave you the slaves.  Haven't they paid enough?

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    Racism in America 2014 on Everyday People with Monica Douglas Davis

    in Spirituality

    Everyday people with your host Monica Douglas Davis will have a candid talk about racism in America.
    Has racism change from the civil rights to the present day 2014?
    Tune in Monday night December 1st 9 p.m. Eastern standard time to take part of this conversation. Call 914-205-5909.

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    Why America Can't Get Past Racism?

    in Entertainment

    America has advanced in many ways concerning the issue of race. Slavery was a legal institution that America must continue to recognize. Slavery was abolished in America but the issue of race never went away. The civil rights movement sought to bring a end to discrimination and equality. The movement had great success but many lives were lost. The presidency of Barack Obama is something many in this country black or white thought would never happen. Many felt racism was over with once he stepped in office. I wish that were the case but racism have gotten worse in 2014. We are seeing things happen today that we thought we got past. We seen the response to George Zimmerman and how it tore the country apart. The shooting of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson have created another divide. Police are doing clearly racist acts and when blacks speak up it's a problem. Why can't we move past racism? We have so many issues to deal with as a people yet the problems of the 1800's won't go away.

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    Racism in America- what is the real deal?

    in Politics Conservative

    Racism has been a prevalent issue in America that has often divided us as citizens, but it has also been often exploited by those who seek to use it for their own benefit, and misunderstood by those who over define it- what is the real deal about racism in America?

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    Is racism in America nearing it's final days?

    in Culture

    I would like to get everyone's view on racism , what racism is to them, and if they believe that it is dying , changing, or nonexistant in America. White, brown, yellow, and black Americans views on the same issue are needed to see where we all stand,because ,even if we don't stand together, we can fall together. Is there a privilege with being one race vs another or is there a disadvantage with one over another?  When you think of America,what comes to mind? Does every child in America have the same any other? Does the ugly past still affect our futures? Is the ugly past of america really our history or has it evolved into something else today? Does sex or sexuality play a role in the American 'dream'?

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    Politically Incorrect _ Racism in America, 11/18/2014

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    With the decision of the Grand Jury in Ferguson Mo on the horizon and the President maintaining his threatening stance on deferring action against an anticipated 5 million illegals, we turn our discussion again to the one thing that remains in the back of every American's head; the question of racism and if it is as big a problem in our society as the media makes it out to be.

    Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. Have you been holding it in? Wouldn't you like to put things in place?

    Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.






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