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    The Scoop - Racism In America

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    The Scoop - Racism In America.  Has America reached its racial boiling point?  Be sure to listen Tuesday at 8pm cst, we are discussing "Race in America."  We want to hear from you!  Join the conversation at (929) 477-2304 or click the link to listen online.  Plus, hear the latest news as Winfred, Q, Ray Chan and Kisha deliver THE SCOOP.

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    Addressing Racism in America Today

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    Racism is a word that we've heard over and over in the last year. Are police killing people due to their race? The Washington Post put out an article Monday titled "Did White Privelage Prevent the Planned Parenthood Attacker from Being Killed". They later changed the title to include the word "whiteness" instead of white privelage.
    The LESMA team promises interesting and thought-provoking dialogue on this topic and what we can do today to change the narrative repeated in the media so frequently. Tune in!

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    Social Injustice: Institutionalized Racism In America

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    Months after the city of Flint, Mich., switched from a Detroit water supply complaints were ignored  about water. Late in 2015 state officials declared a  public health emergency of lead poisoning which cause lasting health and developmental problems in children, the pregnant and the weak.Michigan state officials knew of health risks: a state legislator warned the governor in a letter that his constituents were “on the verge of civil unrest.”  A hospital in Flint saw that the water was damaging its instruments . The hospital and a local university started filtering its water. 

    Such disregard of the health of black people is not new nor is it only domestic. Dr. William Thompson dmitted to falsifying data published in the journal Pediatrics in 2004. CDC scientists deliberately altered data. The real data showed that giving children vaccine before the age of 36 months increased the risk of autism by 69% and Black children risk of autism triples to 240%.  In 2015, Dr. Wahome Ngare found an antigen in the vaccines administered to 2.3 million girls from the World Health Organization and UNICEF  which causes  miscarriages

    .In America, there has been an erosion of the “pretense” of the American “Melting Pot”. Mainstream practices of abject offensiveness are “apologized away” and quickly removed from public discussion. . Everyday slights, indignities,  and insults that people of color endure are now tolerated by good white  people.  It is the sum total of multiple microaggressions by whites to blacks that has pervasive effect to the stability and peace of this world.

  • The New Face of Racism in America

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    This week we take a look at a subject that is difficult, but necessary to discuss - racism in America.  Have race relations improved since the Civil Rights Era?  Or have we just made ourselves believe that things are better because we have the first African American president?  Do we go overboard in "pulling the race card" or is it necessary?  (Rescheduled from a previous date)

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    America and Racism

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter, we will spend the hour discussing racism in America. With the recent racially motivated massacre in a black Church in Charleston, SC, many feel racism is alive in well in America. President Obama took to the podium shortly after the murders and spoke of more gun control. Are guns the problem in America? Please join the emotion filled discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    Racism In Small Town America

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    Racism In Maine, I will discuss my journey living in small town America. I will discuss positive ways to deal with the stress of living in a pressure cooker where you see beautiful trees mountains & skys, but underneath it all is serious lack of respect for anything or anyone that is not white or orginally from this part of Northern Maine. Aroostook County. 


    Being Black or Native American in Maine, your elected officials become your enemy's in a effort to keep their constituents happy.  Federal dollars are not spend fairly & adequetly. 

    Guest Call In Number (602)753-1788

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    Racism In America

    in Christianity

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we confront the race issue in America. The highly publicized struggle in the relationship between the Police and the African American community has freshly fanned the flame of race relations in America!

    We have all chosen a side which is deepening, if not widening the gulf that exists between us!

    What is not appreciated is that all sides of this dynamic have a point of view, and until we are courageous enough to explore the whole topic, the whole argument on all sides...we have little hope for healing. 

    Join us as we address this unaddressed issue! 


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    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America

    in Christianity

    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America with host Derek Stephens.  Derek with talk about the Charleston Massacre, The Confederate Flag in America, Racism in the Workplace, Church, Schools and our Communities.

    How does God view Racism?  How can we unite regardless of Race in America?  How does Racism destroy families and communities?

    When:  June 26, 2015

    Time:  7 PM CST/8 PM EST to 9 PM CST/10 PM EST

    Studio Call #: (347) 989-1893

    Online:  www.blogtalkradio.com/realwalk


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    Racism and the Justice system in America

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    Is there Racism in the Justice system? Is Justice the same for Black and White People?

    Or is the real inequality economic injustice?

    Will the statistics really answer the question?

    To see the racial breakdown of arrest in our country view the link below.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation arrest table


    How do we over come the racism in our country? With people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Malik Shabazz race bating the issue and now the KKK is starting to race bate and get their voice out.

    KKK Rally



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    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America, Part 5

    in Christianity

    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America with Host, Derek Stephens.  Discussing how to tackle Overt and Covert Racism in America.  Also a  focus on Media Diversion, Racism in Politics, Charleston Massacre, The Destructive Symbolism of the Confederate Flag in America, Racism in the Workplace, Church, Schools and our Communities.

    How does God view Racism?  How can we unite regardless of Race in America?  How does Racism destroy families and communities?

    Excerpts from "Conspiracy & Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible.

    When:  July 30, 2015

    Time:  7 PM CST/8 PM EST to 9 PM CST/10 PM EST

    Studio Call #: (347) 989-1893

    Executive Producer:  Kyle T. Mosley