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    Introduction to the Injustice System

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    I started the Injustice System in 2002.  Came to Blogtalk in 2009.  In 2011I went to _______ but now I'mmmmmmmmmm back.

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    The Compact for Racial Justice

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    Originally aired 11/2011

    From Facing Race 2008's Plenary 3, held on Saturday, November 15. The Compact for Racial Justice offers concrete strategies and policy proposals to reverse racial disparities and move our society towards full equity, inclusion and dignity for all people. The Compact transcends talk of personal prejudice with compelling evidence of institutional racism and realistic proactive solutions. It seeks to engage a broad multiracial base of activists, opinion leaders and policymakers in making government and powerful institutions accountable for eliminating racial inequality in our schools, hospitals, courtrooms and workplaces.

    Moderator: Tammy Johnson, Applied Research Center http://www.arc.org

    Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center http://www.arc.org
    LeeAnn Hall, Northwest Federation of Community Organizers http://nwfco.org/
    John Jackson, Schott Foundation for Public Education http://www.schottfoundation.org
    Andrea Batista Schlesinger, Drum Major Institute http://www.drummajorinstitute.org
    Karin M. Wang, Asian Pacific American Legal Center http://www.apalc.org/

    Rinku Sen: Locating Justice

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    American Injustice and Racial Divides

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    Join host Kay Quinn as she spotlights the injustices and racial divides that still exist in America today while  community youths are vowing to show their expressions by hosting a concert in homage to Trayvon Martin, the young 17yr old Florida teen who was gunned down and murdered by the neighborhood watchman.
    REAL Talk is a community oriented show that focus and engage dialog on very real issues that repeatedly plague and disenfranchise local communities.  It is designed to open the lines of communication to address the hard issues many are afraid to discuss in this climate of racial divide.
    We can no longer afford to walk around and ignore the elephant in the room.  This is our time to engage the proverbial elephant head on. 
    Follow Kay on Twitter.  Like us on Facebook and buy her book "How Much Does God Co$t"  to show your support!
    Are you ready?  Let the conversations begin...

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    Ferguson and St.Louis, Racial injustice and Abuse of Power continues......

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    We will continue last week's conversation on the Racial tension in  St. Louis and Ferguson in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown and how it is currently polarizing the City of St. Louis and creating anxiety in the community. Does this struggle for justice by the Black community today reflect the struggles of the Jim Crow south.  Is the Justice system in St. Louis determined to follow Justice Tanner in the Missouri case of Dred Scott by holding that a Black Man has no rights that a White man is bound to respect.  Join us as we talk about the grand jury, other events and how this tragedy has stirred the world and especially the Youth to call for Justice and further highlights the need for "Unity in the community"  

    Our guest will include Ferguson based attorney's Jerryl Christmas and Athil Muhammad along with disaster preparedness expert Saddiqq Muhammad. 

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    Ferguson and St. Louis a Conversation about Racial injustice

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    Ferguson and St. Louis have a history of racial oppression much like most of America. Racial Profiling and discrimination have been common practice in the  Gateway City.  Some commentators have referred to St. Louis as the New Mississippi. Is  this a fair depiction?   Join us for this episode as we talk about some of this history and also speak with our guest local Ferguson attorney Jerryl Christmas and other Ferguson based community activist and residents of the surrounding areas as we discuss this community, in the wake of the killing of Mike Brown. We will further discuss how this tragedy has stirred the world and especially the Youth to call for Justice and further highlights the need for "Unity in the community" 

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    When Injustice To Black Men Leads To More Injustice

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    When will the injustice to Black Men Stop in America. Michael Brown - no indictment, Eric Gardner no indictment, John Crawford no indictment. You put your hands up, they kill you. Your surrounded by several officers, you show no defensive moves against them, they chock you to death, your in a walmart with  one of their toy guns and they shoot you to death. Some call that justice, then I say they are crazy and it shows that our justice system is broken and it needs to be fix. The end result was revenge that a baltimore man decided to take into his own hands by shooting his girlfriend, call her mother on the cell phone to tell her what he did and that he was going to New York City to give two officers, who where sitting in a marked police car, their wings by shooting both of them to death. Will continued injustice lead to more injustice?

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    The Aftermath of Injustice

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    The Aftermath of Injustice. Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere. We must begin to stand up for our Human Rights and expose the lies that are spread about our actions and our race. Voice Your Opinion Live on air. Today at 10:30am CT

    Special Guest Co-Hosts Shaun The Proflic Acheiver and Rhonda Supreme of Fresh Talk a show focusing on Our Culture All The Time based out of Burlington NJ.

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    Let's talk about the Injustice System

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    If you don't call in it will be a short show.  No bad language.  I will ty to refrain from using street language.

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    World Alliance of Religion Peace Summit To Address U.S. Racial Injustice

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    Seoul, South Korea is the gathering place for this years meeting of the World Alliance of Religion Peace Summit  on September 17, 18, and 19, and Denise Love, advocate for the rights of the incarcerated, will be a special delegate from the U.S.  Representing the Chriss-Shaun/ Jesse Ma Houston Prison Ministry, Denise Love plans to share her passion about righting the injustices of those trapped in America's prison system. She will get an opportunity to meet with Ambassadors, Heads of State, religious leaders, healthcare advocates, and others who will speak about justice and prisons in countries struggling to end war and live in peace.  The eyes of the world are on America, and after the Ferguson uprising over the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, many more videos have surfaced on the Internet showing shocking scenes of police brutality. Ms. Love intends to present the case of America's racially biased Criminal Justice system to the world community with the hopes that international attention and pressure may put an end to the killing of citizens by police that continue to be casually dismissed particularly when the person killed is an African American male. The outrageous numbers of imprisoned U.S. citizens is a subject of concern for Ms. Love, who hopes to bring light to the profit motive that has corrupted the criminal justice system into a mere business. What can the international community do to bring pressure to the powers that be in America to end racial injustice? Is this the next step before taking America before the World Court to sue for human rights violations? 


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    Injustice, Injustice: It must stop so what do we do and how???

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    I have to do something!!! Many people are feeling this way about the injustices people of color, especially Black people and in particular, Black Men, have been experiencing and dealing with for centuries. The police seem to be out of control or are they? Is this injustice just geared towards black and minorities or is their a bigger conspiracy at play here? What is really going on in America and the American Judicial System? And, what can the regular, everyday citizen do to make sure their voice is heard because voting alone doesn't appear to be enough?

    We will get into all of this tomorrow night as we try to find our way out of this centuries old maze of INJUSTICE!!!

    CALL IN #773-897-6297

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    The Ferguson Uprising: Can Economic Empowerment Of African Americans End Racial Injustice?

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    The name Black Wallstreet conjures up images of an economicaly thriving African American community attacked and burned to the ground by jealous whites. Today's efforts to resurrect an economically thriving African American community in the wake of the recent riots in Missouri prompt the question "How Ca Econoic Empowerment of African Americans End Racial Injustice?" The disrespect of African Americans has been at the root of American politics, economics and culture, the result of the wounds of slavery that remain unhealed. Can financial affluence alone reverse attitudes of disrespect for black life? Are neighborhoods more likely to get respect from law enforcement officers if the residents are also the business owners in the community? How can a stronger economy in formerly economically depressed communities result in more tangible political gaines? What collective action will it take to circulate money into areas that are currently suffering the consequences of longtime neglect. Chicago activist Mark Allen discusses the plans for Black Wallstreet and how economic development can diffuse racial tensions end the gang violence that is often used as an excuse for excessive police force against African American youth.

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