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    Should the Syrian refugees be compared to sex offenders instead of rabid dogs

    in Politics Conservative

    Can anybody tell me what is the big deal with the comment GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made a comparison between Syrian refugees and rabid dogs.  Have we gotten to the point in this country where you can't make a comment without people not understanding the meaning behind the comment. Are we the only country that can take in these refugees? Leadership don't know what to do with the people we already have here. It is a good thing that the illegal Mexicans are packing up and making their way back to Mexico.  If liberals/Democrats are concerned about the well being of the refugees, why don't they open their homes to the homeless in America? It only applies if they can use somebody else's money and resources to get things done.  We have some insurance companies backing out of the healthcare exchanges because it is not financially feasible to maintain.  

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    Peter Shankman - Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans

    in Business

    Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans by Peter Shankman

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Peter Shankman. The original live interview was 1/20/15.

    Marketing and PR expert Peter Shankman has been working with the biggest companies in the world to create what he calls “Zombie Loyalists,” fervent fans that help companies massively increase their customer base, brand awareness, and most importantly, revenue. After all, why should you have to tell the world how amazing you are if you can have your existing customers do it for you? Imagine an army of customers who will do your public relations, marketing and advertising, without being asked, each and every time they give you their money. These are Zombie Loyalists. They are ready to buy what you sell, respond to your email offers and demand that their friends to do the same.

    His websites are http://shankman.com/  


    To order his book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com



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    THE TRUMP HANDICAP Why a Trump nomination casts a 5-25% handicap on all GOP

    in Politics

    In the last debate we saw what a debate looks like minus crying, screaming, pounding tantrums.  Tantrums are difficult to listen to for prolonged periods.  And, the American voters are reaching their limit.

    When we take a breath and see the whole picture we have to ask, “What do the pre-school antics of an adult do to the overall country?”  Answer:  The Trump Effect.

    Assuming a Trump nomination, the GOP will experience a heavy handicap in races all over the country.  And to us a little seasonal football talk, “The red jerseys are going to have a huge point spread to try to cover if the party plans on winning it’s Capitol Hill parlay card.”

    Trump and Trump’s copycat-crimes have spoken their truth with relatively little backlash from a nationwide electorate.  More importantly, these comments, philosophies and promises have not faced the full force and effect of a very capable Democrat National Committee’s attack ad campaign.  This is deliberate, not accicential.  This is strategic.

    Make no mistake, the DNC is praying, lighting candles, crossing their fingers, tossing coins in fountains…possibly sacrificing chickens if there was a chance that would help to keep the GOP primary going as it is.

    When the general election campaigns begin we will see an American backlash emerge from the political centrist majority, from non-extremist Republicans, and obviously all Democrats.  This spells big problems for all GOP congressional and senatorial candidates as well as down ballot races.  This will happen organically as well as with the rabid encouragement of the DNC.

    Ultimately, a Trump (or Trump-esque) candidate will fuel a mammoth “anti-R” sentiment that will be a strenuous hill to climb for all Republicans.

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    TCH Ep.24: Paul J. Porter and Hayley Derryberry of Rabid Love

    in Film

    Producer/Actor/Writer Paul J. Porter and Actress/Writer/Producer Hayley Derryberry will be on to discuss their film Rabid Love and their careers.

    We will also be reviewing Midnight Releasing's Rabid Love and Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release of The Beast of Hollow Mountain, as well as having several bands in the Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    How To Deal With Stress At Work

    in Self Help

    Like that cute stray puppy, work can seemingly benignly follow us home—a little here, and a little there.

    How do you keep it from becoming a rabid dog that chews up your free time and destroys your work/life balance? 

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    Can T.D. Jakes Intervene In Time To Save Paula White From Randy's Wrath? (238)

    in Christianity

    Randy White a.k.a "Mount Dumbo" is about to explode and the toxic fallout is headed straight for his former wife and fleecing partner Paula!  It seems that a spurned, jilted, heartbroken and crazed Randy has decided to get some PAYBACK (ala James Brown) by adding two tell-all chapters about Paula in his soon-to-be released book.  Can T.D. Jakes, the Pope of the African-American Church intervene in time to save his prize Sow Paula from his rabid junk yard dog Randy?  Tune in as Wolf Tracker shares his ever insightful perspective!  In addition, Wolf Tracker University has made the decision to put Paula White's First Fruits Offering Teaching on trial since she has repeatedly refused to debate Dr. Elisha Coles.  This historic mock trial will start Friday January 1st 2016 and end Sunday January 31st.  E-mail us at wolftracker14@gmail.com if you desire to follow "The Trial of the Year" and receive the WORKBOOK containing ALL OF THE DATED OUTLINES that will cover the proceedings in this 31 day mock trial.  There is no cost for WORKBOOKS.  YES, WORKBOOKS are yours FREE OF CHARGE!

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    Sports Tuesday with Host Steve Manderson, Peter Richmond, Frank Russo

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Sports Tuesday with Host Steve Manderson as he welcomes 2 amazing guests into the studio.

    6:15- Peter Richmond is an author and writer whose stories have been anthologized in more than a dozen (at least 13) books, including “Best American Sportswriting of the Twentieth Century”.  (And, yes, he had the title essay in Riverhead Press’ “I Married My Mother-in-Law.”) He is the co-host, with author David Kamp, of a public radio show about his tragic attachment to the New York Giants called “Tangled Up in Blue,” which airs weekly on NPR’s smallest affiliate, WHDD-FM.

    He has published six books — one a New York Times bestseller — and his most recent, “Badasses,” a history of the Oakland Raiders of the Seventies, has recently been released in paperback. 

    7:15 Frank Russo is a nationally known baseball researcher and baseball necrologist who has been researchingdeceased major leaguers for more than 45 years. He is owner/webmaster of thedeadballera.com, the first website dedicated to deceased major league players and personalities. A rabid New York Yankees fan, he is also a fan of the New York Football Giants and the New York Islanders. A member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), he is also a former radio announcer and former blogger for Mike Silva’s nybaseballdigest.com, where he covered the Yankees for seven years.Russo’s friends in the media include Mike Vaccaro and Kevin Kernan of the New York Post and Bill Madden, formerly of the New York Daily News and member of the writers wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    ATF Show: Puppies... Sad Rabid and Sick!

    in Politics Conservative

    I honestly have no idea what we're going to talk about.. .  and even if I had a plan... it wouldn't work out that way at all.


    What's the point?

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    The Intentional Creation of Islamist Militants for Invasion and Conquest

    in Christianity

    Call in Show, with Michael-Jay. 347-826-9733 This program airs live at 6:00 pm, PST, this evening, 25 October 2015. We are going to be considering the international crimes of Satanic/Luciferian secret governments using tactics of destruction, mind-control, mass murder and terrorist financing to send hundreds of thousands of heathen, God hating religionists into other nations as agents of chaos, acts of war and pillaging, and crimes of treason by the monsters that engineered this huge, decades long plan for the implimenting of the Noxious, Worldly, Odor, complete with the stench of war crimes, drug trafficking, hatred for Christians, the raping of women and the necessity to put down rabid animals in the name of justice and self-fence. What do you think is about to happen in North America, as these morally diseased predators are invited into this nation by a morally diseased and treasonous government?

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    Create Rabid Fans with 'Zombie Loyalists' Author Peter Shankman

    in Business

    Peter Shankman is an author, a consultant, and an entrepreneur with three companies and multimillion dollar exits under his belt. He speaks to companies all around the world about how to provide amazing customer service, and how to take advantage of the social conversation economy that will be driving the global commerce engine for the next 100 years.

    He teaches companies like American Express and Sheraton Hotels how to create customers who are so loyal, so addicted, and so passionate, that they go out of their way to bring new customers with them each time they come back. In his latest book, "Zombie Loyalists,Using Customer Service to Create Rabid Fans" he is going to teach you to do the same thing for your business!

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    in Religion

    I wanted to begin services today by making an opening prayer and reading from the book of Isaiah, chapter 25: verses 1-5 so please vow you heads and close you eyes!

    And now I want to make the following ANOUNCEMENTS:

    It looks like God has been intervening in my "unfortunate" predicament of being bitten by a rabid raccoon the other day, I was worried cause I felt some burning and tingling but so far I seem to be OK! So please continue to pray fo me for a full and prompt recovery!

    In WORLD EVENTS: I was reading a story about one of the old Russian states that was a part of the SOVIET UNION during the cold war has a problem with shady characters who are trying to sell "radioactive" material and components to ISIS simply because they want to see AMERICA destroyed and they still hold a grudge against modern day Israel! This is very "interesting" because I saw a long time ago a special show on the HISTORY channel were the CIA, the FBI and even the Secret Service and Homeland Security were aware that next terrorist attack on US soil coming fom all islamic fundamentalists and terror groups would be NUCLEAR! By creating "home-made" bombs to be detonated in ALL major US BIG CITIES! So this is really serious brethren and this kind of threat is becoming more plausable and REAL!

    My friends and brethren NOT ONLY will this take place but it was encoded in THE BIBLE that WORLD WAR 3 would take place in 2016 and it would be a NUCLEAR WAR! Let's turn with me to the book of Isaiah the 24th chapter and let's read what it says there!