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    Robert Thompson's Thought Grenades

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    Edgar Cahn, the founder of TimeBanks, joins Robert Thompson and co-host, Mike Neiss in their latest installment of Leadership and the Common Good. What exactly is TimeBanks and why has Cahn dedicated much of his life to this effort? We think TimeBanking is an extraordinary way of giving and receiving to build supportive networks and strong communities. It's "Pay It Forward" on steroids.  Leadership for the Common Good is a new Thought Grenades series highlighting real leaders demonstrating real leadership and solving real problems in real time. We'd really love you to join us. Practical, simple and effective ideas on how you can make a positive difference for yourself, your organization and the world. Oh, and we have fun too! Listen live on Mondays at 10 a.m Pacific, or subscribe on iTunes and listen when convenient.  

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    A 1940’S tribute to a Truly Timeless Lady

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    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    A 1940’S tribute to a Truly Timeless Lady

    9 songs

    (1)  Ella Mae Morse Why Shouldn’t I?

    (2)   Les Brown and His Orchestra ‎– Sentimental Journey

    (3) Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians ‎– Maui Girl

    (4)  Aloha No Wau I Ko Maka

    (5)  Rosemary Clooney – Shot Gun Boogie

    (6)  Beautiful Brown Eyes

    (7)  Harry James and His Orchestra ‎– You Made Me Love You

    (8)  ‎– A Sinner Kissed an Angel

    (9)  Les Brown and His Orchestra ‎– Twilight Time

    This Show is dedicated to the memory of my Friend Sharon Cahn and with a Truly Heartfelt Thank You to her Husband David

    Link to podcast to listen and enjoy this music:


    For information on the background of the songs and contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten music on 78 records

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    TRUNEWS 01/21/15

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    Rick and Pastor Jonathan Cahn, author of the Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah, discuss the likelihood of a severe financial storm in 2015. This is a Trunews program you’ll want to share with everybody!

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    Gene Krupa and His Orchestra– I Should Care / Cry and You Cry Alone

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    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Gene Krupa and His Orchestra– I Should Care / Cry and You Cry Alone

    A: I Should Care  1946 

    Vocals: The G-Noters, Lillian Lane,  Written: Stordahl, Weston, Cahn

    Fox Trot from "Thrill of a Romance"  1946

    B: Cry and You Cry Alone

    Vocals: The G-Noters, Written: Cahn , Styne

    Fox Trot from "Tonight and Every Night"

    Hollywood, 1-22-1945

    Label:  Columbia ‎– 36784, Manufactured By Columbia Broadcasting System

    Shellac, 10", 78 RPM 

    Genre: Jazz , Style: Big Band 

    Eugene "Gene" Krupa (1-15-1909 – 10-16-1973) was an American Jazz and big band, drummer, actor and composer, He made a cameo appearance in the 1941 film, Ball Of Fire, in which he and his band performed an extended version of the hit “Drum Boogie", sung by Barbara Stanwick (whose singing was dubbed by Martha Tilton), which he co-wrote with trumpeter Roy Eldridge 

    All credit due to the artist,musicians and Columbia records 

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:  oscssw@juno.com . I welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. 

     Martha Tilton Side A  Capitol 529-2-A 184 “I Should Care” 


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    Martha Tilton

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    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Martha Tilton (A) I Should Care (B) Stranger in Town

    Side A -; Capitol 529-2-A 184 “I Should Care” written by Weston-Stordahl-Cahn

    From the MGM Movie “Thrill of a Romance”

    Tenor Saxophone Eddie Miller does both sides

    Sides A/ B recorded in 1945 location unknown

    Side B Capitol,   428-2-b 184 “Stranger in Town” Written by Mel Torme
    Genre: Swing , Jazz, Big Band

    All credit due to the artist and musicians and Capitol records, No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:  www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 . I welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions

    Trying to preserve the largely ignored original analog sound of the old 78 records, plus learn some music history along the way 

    According to Wikipedia Martha Tilton (November 14, 1915 - December 8, 2006) was an American popular singer during America's  swing era  and  traditional pop  period. She is best known for her 1939 recording of "And The Angels Sings" with  BennyGoodman. 

    Tilton had a major success from 1942 to 1949 as one of the first artists to record for  Capitol Records .

    Among her biggest hits as a solo artist were "I'LL Walk Alone ", a wartime ballad which rose to #4 on the charts in 1944; "I Should Care" and "A Stranger in Town," which both peaked at #10 in 1945; and three in 1947


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    The Refractive Thinker® Radio Show: The Wisdom of Failure that Leads to Success

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to the Refractive Thinker® Radio Show hosted by the award winning and international bestselling author Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur.

    Meet the scholars of the award winning doctoral anthology series: The Refractive Thinker®, where we focus on getting doctoral research off the coffee table and into the hands of business owners who can benefit from the results. Academic solutions for business results.

    Join us each week for 30 minutes of thought provoking radio, every Tuesday Morning at 9 am MST, designed to discuss emerging topics in higher education and business.  We will meet today’s industry thought leaders and college professors leading the way. 

    This week we welcome David Shriner-Cahn, President of TEND Strategic Partners,

    For more information:





    For additional information regarding the award winning series, The Refractive Thinker®, to learn about doctoral scholars in our community, as well as to purchase books in the series, visit www.RefractiveThinker.com;  Books may be purchased in paperback and eBooks, as well as eChapters available on Kindle via Amazon.com


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    GodTalksRadio W/ Lenora & Co-Host Rabbi Brian Ben-David

    in Religion

    Prophetic Intuition Ministry welcomes Rabbi Brian to the show. Credentialed by Jonathan Cahn, a Rabbi of Beth Israel Shalom Messianic congregations, and sits on the board of the Temple Institute.

    Along with the Rabbi's assistance, Lenora will be offering personal prophecy, dream interpretation, and prayer live to all who call in and speak with her.

    We will begin at 7PM, New York Eastern time on Sunday, 1/4/15.

    For the admins - chatroom will open at 6:45 PM.

    Next episodes to be scheduled -




    Come out & join us for a great time with the Lord!


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    The Shemitah-A review of the new book by Jonathan Cahn with Dave James

    in Religion

    What is the Shemitah? Does it apply to the United States and the church today?

    My guest today is author and bible scholar, Dave James of Biblical Integrity.org.

    Dave is the author of "The Harbinger, Fact or Fiction.

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    Americas Rise and Fall , Interview with Jonathan Cahn

    in Current Events

    http://www.wdeanshook.com            This Update is FREE to download and share!    Sid Roth interviews Jonathan Cahn

    It's been shaping world events and charting the rise and fall of nations for 3,000 years. The last one brought the Great Recession, and the one before that, the 9/11 attacks. What will this Shemitah hold?

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    Pennyroyal Farm Owner Sarah Cahn Bennett

    in Travel

    Peter Greenberg travels to Northern California's Heritage House Resort in Mendocino. He sits down with Pennyroyal Farm owner Sarah Cahn Bennett to discuss the bounteous land of NorCal. They also talk about the vineyard and why Northern California is one of the best locations for growing grapes and what makes the land special. Sarah Cahn Bennett, a Mendocino native, also talks about the hard work it takes to run and sustain a farm. 

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    The Shemitah Year and The Economic Ripples of the Day

    in Politics Conservative

    A while back before I became focused on my "get a replacement car" mission I was presenting and talking about a number of points relating to American history, the American economic system and the Federal Reserve, and the secularlist agenda.  I've drifted away from that for the simple reason that I had that gap where I didn't do any shows and moved on to other things.  But one subject that has become very relevant out of that, not because of me, but relevant all the same is the biblical year of the release or the "shemitah year".  Jonathan Cahn of course has a book out on this and while I've not read the book, I have read enough elsewhere to strongly feel that every 7th year, during a "shemitah year", we go through a correction.  A number of economists have pointed to 2015 being perhaps a very bad year and with the Shemitah year officially starting on sundown September 24th on our calendar, we've seen our share of interesting things since then.  Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about this as well as reference some of the arguments against it from some Christians out there and also if there's time share a couple of articles relating to the market and the economy that again point to potential trouble brewing.  That's today at 5:30 Eastern time and archived afterward.

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