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    The Write Step with R Jeffreys

    in Writing

    Tonight's marvelous guest is celebrated author, director, actor, filmmaker and multi-published short story writer, Taylor Grant. We will be having a lively and informative talk about writing and filmmaking. 
    A former military journalist, Taylor Grant began his creative writing career in the field of children’s entertainment, writing for animated and live action series such as Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, Stan Lee’s The Accuser and Saban’s Power Rangers. 
    Later, Taylor segued into writing music videos for international superstars such as Whitney Houston and Diddy which aired on both MTV and VH1. Taylor has sold, optioned and developed feature film projects for Universal Studios, Imagine Entertainment, Dreamworks, Lion’s Gate Films and more.    Taylot Grant is also a professional script consultant, award-winning copywriter and multi-hyphenate filmmaker.   Join published short story writer; poet; essayist; playwright; Editor-in-Chief and featured blogger, R. Jeffreys ‘Jeff’ and his stellar Producer, Rae Popek for an unforgettable show! 

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    Quarantine Radio Interviews Up and Coming R&B singer J-Vic

    in Music

    Quarantine Radio sits down and talk to up and coming R&B singer out of New Jersey about his path of stardom and his up coming project, J Vic. If You have been listening to Quarantine Radio since the start, you might of heard tracks from this singer and notice he puts out nothing but hits. Now we get to sit down and hear his story.

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    Jay'e R. Live with Frank "Fella" Floriano

    in Indie Music

    Jay'e R. will be back with another up and coming Hip Hop Artist, Frank "Fella" Floriano. Frank will be talking with Jay'e about his smash hit, Ayo and his most recent tour. Continuing to bring you the best in Underground music from the hottest Unsigned/Independent Artists in the world. Tune in to Underground Soundz with Award winning R&B/Pop singer and songwriter, Jay'e R. Thursday nights at 9PM EST on Blog Talk Radio. Guests and listeners can call in to speak with Jay'e R. and his guests at (713) 955-0745. 

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    Jay'e R. Talks with House DJ B Knowledge and Recording Artist, Jay Blahnik

    in Indie Music

    This show is all about House Music!!!! Jay'e R. will be talking with House DJ B Knowledge and Award winning EDM recording artist, Jay Blahnik. This show will be dedicated 100% to House Music that will put you in the mood to dance the night away, you DON"T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!!! Tune in every Thursday at 9 P.M. EST with R&B/Pop singer and songwriter Jay'e R. as he brings you the best undeground music from some of the hottest Unsigned/Independent artists in the world. Guests and listeners can call in to (713) 955-0745.

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    Jay'e R. Talks with Rap Artist, Big Monee

    in Indie Music

    Jay'e R. will be in the studio with Independent Rap Artist, Big Monee. Big Monee is one of the hottest emerging Rap Artist and will be talking about his music, how he got started, upcoming events or projects, and how he encourages other up and coming artists. Jay'e R. will als being doing a special musical tribute to mothers and women in honor of Mother's Day. You don't want to miss this show!!! Guests can call in to the show at (713) 955-0745.

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    Jay'e R. Talks to Rap Artist, Big Monee

    in Indie Music

    Jay'e R. will be LIVE with Independent Rap Artist, Big Monee.  Discussing how he got started, upcoming events and talking on air with some of his fans. Jay'e R. also will be doing a special musical tribute for Mother's Day. Bringing you the best Independent Music from some of the hottest Unsigned/Independent Artists around. Tune in every Thursday night at 9PM EST or call in to (713) 955-0745 to talk LIVE with Jay'e R. and Big Monee. You don't want to miss this show!!!! (Parental Discretion is Advised)

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    Todd Dulaney: Song Release "Anthem", One-On-One Behind The Scenes with Pastor J.

    in Religion

    Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications Online Radio Shows - The Pastor J. Rouse Show, The Discussion & Wright On Point Hot Topics...syndicated on Saturday afternoons at 3pm to 5pm on TruLight Radio (SAST) (9am to 11am EST and 1pm to 3pm GMT):

    The Pastor J. Rouse Show - Todd Dulaney New Song Release "Anthem" and a behind the scenes special One-On-One with Pastor J. Rouse:

    The anticipated May 18th release of Todd Dulaney's new song Anthem;

    A One-On-One sit down behind the scenes interview with Todd Dulaney and Pastor J. Rouse;

    The Stellar Gospel Awards, the other artists, the story and the testimony.

    - Up close and personal....

    Join us for the live on air and release show.

    -  Updates and Announcements (13th Anniversary) and much more...

    We always want to hear from you! Have your say! Email us at rouseministriesbroadcasting@gmail.com or pastorjrouseshow@gmail.com, via TruLight Radio at pjrshowtrulightradio@gmail.com, message us on Facebook, connect with us on Twitter @ pastorrouseshow

    We're covering a covering under God - Live on The Pastor J. Rouse Show...

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    Tru Talk Radio Kicks It with J Biz R

    in Entertainment

    Tru Talk Radio will be having a very special SALUTE!! to the Juggaloes that listen to Tru Talk Radio

    you deffinity dont wanna miss this broadcast of fun fuck up friday the 13th

    we will have a live interview with J Biz R and the up coming events that he will be at in the near future

    an whats up with up coming projects he is working on for 2015 

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    The Write Step with R Jeffreys

    in Writing

    Please join me and my marvelous guest; celebrated, mutil-published romance author, Kellyann Zuzulo.  We will be having a lively and sensational talk about incredible adventures with Genies and romance. . 
    The Write Step with R Jeffreys is a show focused primarily on the lead players in the Arts; with a strong emphasis on professional authors, poets and well known writers.
    We will frequently have as our other guests the marvelously talented people who create works of Art in drawing, painting and photography.
    Occasionally, we will feature exclusive guests from behind the scenes in Publishing and the Arts. Agents, editors, writing coaches, publishers of both physical and electronic e-book formats, literature and Fine Art teachers will be among some of our very, special featured guests.
    Be prepared to hear some of the most recognizable authors and artists of our times speaking about their craft and creations.
    You will also have the distinct pleasure to phone in and speak one-on-one with these remarkable guests.
    Join published Poet; Essayist; Novelist; Playwright; Editor-in-Chief; featured Blogger; Radio Show Host and Producer, R. Jeffreys ‘Jeff’ for an unforgettable show!

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    Dakota Network with Andrew J. Senski

    in Radio

    On this episode of HTR we will be doing a crossover show with Andrew J. Senski who is the host of the Dakota Network talk radio show here on Blog Talk Radio. The Dakota network covers aquarium and fish keeping, as well as herpetoculture, and even delves in to the paranormal. Check out the Dakota Network at: