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  • 03:18

    R&B Slow Jams

    in Entertainment

    Happy Sunday gorgeous ones!... Welcome to R&B Slow Jams, hosted by the King & Queen to Diversity Of The Minds. Come take a journey down memory lane with this duet, as they cater to all of your sensual pleasures. Every Sunday evenings you can expect nothing but the best sultry music, from some of your favorite artists of all time.  The King & Queen definitely knows how to spice things up to get you in that right kind of mood. So please click on the play button and strap up your seatbelts, cause when these two get done pleasing you, you'll return to work with a smile on your face, and R&B Slow Jams on your mind! The doors to the Red Carpet Room are open, Will you come inside?.... Presented by Diversity Of The Minds.. If you'd like to interact with this power couple, please dial 516-531-9334. You'll love them!



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  • 01:09

    Mic Check: Who Can Save R&B?

    in Music

    On tonight's Mic Check the crew continues their talks on the state of R&B with a discussion on who can possibly bring R&B from the brink of extinction. What artist can grab the torch and possibly take R&B to a new height. We'll be talking this and more on tonight's Mic Check. So get plugged in.

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    Airi Mori ... R&B

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes R&B Singer Airi Mori to the Show!


    Performing professionally since 2004, Airi Mori is a Japanese-born, Los Angeles-based, Pop/R&B Soul Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer/Audio Engineer in the style of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, Airi started singing American Pop songs at age seven--long before ever learning to speak English. A very serious student, she practiced music for up to six hours a day for over fifteen years and earned a degree in International Studies with honors from the prestigious Waseda University in Japan. She also studied in England for a year as an International exchange student at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

    In 2013, she moved to Los Angeles where she was soon acknowledged by other great writers/musicians, such as a Grammy winning songwriter, Allan Rich (who has written songs for Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, and ‘NSYNC). Adding to her list of credits, she has danced in Japanese television commercials for major brands (Takarakuji and Parco)
    She is currently working on her debut independent album, “Reason of Love”, which showcases her writing, producing, mixing and performing talents.

    All Media Inquiries: 
    LaFamos PR & Branding

  • 02:17

    R&B Slow Jams

    in Entertainment

    Good evening beautiful ones!

    If your in need of some sexual mental healing, then we have just what the doctor ordered. Welcome to R&B Slow Jams, hosted by the King & Queen to Diversity Of The Minds Radio. Every Sunday evenings we slow it down for you by playing that feel good kind of music. Inside the Red Carpet Room, we take you on a journey into love land with some of your favorite tunes. Like the sweet sultry sounds of artists as, Anita Baker, Barry White, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Mary J Bilge and more, this show is definitely worth tuning in on.  So if you don't mind giving us some of your time tonight, we will certainly make sure we give you what you came for. You'll love the experience!. Presented by Diversity Of The Minds Radio.

    Studio number is 516-531-9334. Thanks for your support!

  • 01:01

    DJ Ty Boogie Str8 R&B 11

    in Music

    The Hottest R&B Jams.

  • 00:32

    Hot16RealTalk Rap and R&B

    in Entertainment

    Hot16RealTalk is back with the best unsigned rap,and r&b artist around the world.I also deliver to you the best live interviews.If hip-hop is want you crave,then Hot16RealTalk is what the doctor ordered.With new songs daily,and new interviews weekly internet radio will never be the same.Tune in and rock out with your boy Rapbrownn as I bring hiphop back.It's not just radio,it's radio revolution. 

  • 02:00

    Melanated Music and Culture: Good R&B Music

    in Culture

    When was the last time you heard some good r&b and not some"pop" songs? Rhythm and blues is an essential part of that melanated sound we all love yet, over time it has become more underrated and ventured into the realm of being "pop music". Getting back to that real r&b with real soul and spirit within the music. Music with real emotions that can be felt through every ear and every heart of the listener. Join your host Jeremy, Jesse and Jerry as they bring that real r&b sound back to the forefront of our melanated sounds. If you have any requests, let us know and we'll play and dedicate the song to you.

  • 02:07

    "R&B Slow Jams"

    in Entertainment

    Are you ready to cuddle up to some sexy sultry love songs that will put just the right touches on your evening?... then please join us for a night of pleasures indside the Red Carpet Room. Welcome to R&B Slow Jams, hosted by the King & Queen. Come hangout with us as we play those beautiful, and tasteful slow jams that will send you back to work smiling! You'll love the experience that Diversity Of The Minds, bring!. Our Studio # is 516-531-9334.  The show is for the mature audience....

    *Warning* Some contents may not be suitable for 17 & under, Listeners discretion is advised!!

  • 02:02

    "R&B Slow Jams"

    in Entertainment

    This show is for those who loves to indulge in the sweet pleasures of romantic music to stimulate your mind. Welcome to R&B Slow Jams with the King & Queen. We have once again collectively formed together a sexy list of some of the best love songs to put you and yours, in the mood. Yes, we take it there by catering to your needs. The types of music that's played inside this studio, will send you back to work tomorrow with a smile on your face. Trust me, You'll love the experience you get when you tune into R&B Slow Jams. Presented by the network thats becoming popular with every show we produce, Diversity Of The Minds. If you'd like to chat with the hosts, please dial 516-531-9334. See you there!

  • 03:37

    "R&B Slow Jams" with the King & Queen

    in Entertainment

    Since the weather in your city or state is frightfully cold, why don't you cuddle up with a warm blanket, your favorite beverage, and tune into R&B Slow Jams with the King & Queen of Diversity Of The Minds, for a full three hours. We know excatly what to play to take your mind to that special place and time, when love felt so good. With sweet sultry melodies by Whitney Houston, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat, and more of your favoirte artists, how could you miss this opportunity to take that trip back to the past. Join us, You'll love the experience! Presented by, Diversity Of The Minds Radio. If you'd like to speak live to the hosts, or hear a special request in song, dial 516-531-9334.


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  • 02:05

    Everything with Kathy B Indie Soul Saturdays Leisha J & Taya Envy Jazz Meets R&B

    in Entertainment

    Saxophonist/ Vocalist/ Poet/ Composer/ Recording Artist - 2:15pm

     Leisha Joy Harvey, aka “Leisha J” One of the most inimitable talent in the Jazz scene today. An accomplished recording artist and performer, “ Leisha J” induces her unique style to match any audience.“Leisha J”  has performed throughout the Southeast at many festivals and event. Her mellifluous riffs on the Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone in the genres of Jazz to Smooth Jazz, Blues to Rhythm & Blues, Easy Listening and Gospel brings every audience to captivity of her musical versatility.

    Taya Envy - R&B Artist - 3:15pm

    Born in Springfield, Illinois; raised in Aurora, Colorado. Taya Envy; why I gave myself this stage name is, the person I felt and began to see myself grow into had potential of no other. Taya is half of my name; Envy is what I see beyond my eyes. My craft comes from within a place I couldn't lead you to, though I can take you to that place within my music.

    Being raised by my "Maw maw" I grew an "Old Soul", around the house all I heard was music. My Maw maw gets all the credit. She'd always told me I'd be a star all I have to do is believe in myself. I was inspired by Marvin Gaye he was a man of many words. When I'd listen to him speak I heard a story, I heard the world through his song. Still to this day I'm always wondering "What's Going On". My motto is ""Keep It Real". That's the only way to be, being who you are is what makes you the person you want to evolve to be.