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    Sekhmet Anthology & the Danger of the Quiverfull Movement

    in Spirituality

    At the top of the show we'll have Prof. Candace Kant discussing the Heart of the Sun:  An Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet discussing the importance of Sekhmet and how this book expresses what our lion-headed warrioress/mother Goddess means to people, particularly women, today.
    In the second part of the show, we are also discussing women's empowerment and how patriarchy tries to dis-empower women as we delve into the dangerous Dominionist Evangelical Quiverful Movement with Vickie Garrison.  Vickie will expose Quiverfull's growing influence among Evangelicals as she exposes what goes on because she lived it!

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    A Look Inside the Quiverfull Movement ... and Escaping It.

    in Religion

    You may have seen her on Joy Behar's show. You may have seen her in The Secret Lives of Women. Or you may have visited her site, No Longer Quivering (or, Qivering – Where YOU are left out). Our guest this Thursday is Vyckie Garrison, who escaped in order to give her children a better life and to have a more meaningful life herself. Nowadays, she lends support and encouragement to other women who may be dealing with spiritual abuse.

    The Quiverfull Movement is a fundamentalist Christian practice that does not believe in birth control, following the mandates of Psalms 127. Its hallmarks are huge families (like the Duggars), homeschooling, and raising an army of Christians. Find out more at

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    Having Our Quiverfull: Rachel Scott, Large Family Advocate

    in Caregiving

    How in the world did the Church adopt the pro-choice agenda of "family planning", and what do we need to do to get back to God's plan for marriage and family?
    BHtv Expert Rachel Scott is a homeschooling mother of eight, and a passionate speaker and spokesperson for large families. She is a well-known “Quiverfull advocate”, and she and her family have been featured on many major national TV networks (ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS, HLN, BBC, ETWN, WE-TV), as well as in Newsweek Magazine.
    She is the author of Birthing God's Mighty Warriors, an eye-opening pro-family book that exposes the anti-Biblical pro-choice agenda of birth control, and its relation to God's plan for marriage and family. 
    We'll be talking to Rachel about her personal journey to both faith and having her "quiverfull".   She'll also be sharing practical, Scripturally-based tips that you can implement immediately to live life as our Creator intends it.
    Contact Info for Rachel Scott:     
    Website:  www.GodsMightyWarriors.com Email:  rachelmscott99@aol.com
    Join the Revolution:  www.BiblicalHealth.tv


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    No Longer Quivering

    in Education

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    The Quiverfull Movement is a lifestyle among fundamentalist Christians which believes that an abundance of children is in compliance with God's perfect will.  Contraception equals abortion, a heinous sin against God, so the only "family planning" that's done is a prayer to the sky that His will be done.  The Quiverfull Movement is highly patriarchal and often has a dark side in relation to the rights of women and children.

    In this episode, we explore The Quiverfull Movement, we speak with Kathryn Joyce, author of the book: "Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement," and we speak to some who once experienced this culture inside its walls, including Vykie Garrison, who hosts the online community, "No Longer Quivering."

    Kathryn Joyce's book:  http://www.amazon.com/Quiverfull-Inside-Christian-Patriarchy-Movement/dp/0807010707/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233348792&sr=8-1

    Link to "The Onion" article:  http://www.theonion.com/articles/no-one-should-have-the-right-to-die-until-god-is-d,37418/

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    Quivers Filled With Abuse & Who Would Jesus Sue?

    in Religion

    UPDATE - Also joining us in the 3rd Hour is Julie Anne Smith, sued by her pastor and helping the victims of Calvary Chapel. 
    When it comes to the “pro birth” attitudes of fundamentalist Christianity, Vyckie Garrison is one of the leading experts.  She’s going to be speaking at the upcoming Women in Secularism Conference scheduled for May 17-19, 2013, in Washington DC. 
    We’ll explore how  “biblical” reproductive health dogmas can be harmful to women and their families.  Part of what prompted this show is the fact that Judy Jones, the “spiritual midwife” who attended Vyckie during a difficult and life-threatening pregnancy, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license and for manslaughter of an infant.
    Vyckie is the founder of No Longer Quivering, which not only offers support for women but tells the story of her escape from the Quiverfull movement — a movement that encourages couples to avoid any kind of birth control or reproductive planning so that God is in charge. 
    Joining us will be Renée Davis-Pelt, whose experience in a fundamentalist Christian denomination included spousal abuse. Her ex-husband used biblical scriptures to back up the abuse. Although Renée has escaped this situation, she has had 20 years of post-traumatic stress.
    Due to space limits here, visit GodDiscussion.net for more details.

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    The Good and the Ugly Aspects of Christian Homeschooling

    in Religion

    Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option in the United States and is particularly appealing to fundamentalist Christian parents.  By 1992, homeschooling was recognized as a legal option in every state. 
    A stellar panel of guests will share their insights on the good and nasty aspects of the Christian homeschooling movement.  Due to space limitations here, we cannot post their entire (and impressive) resumes, so please visit GodDiscussion.net to learn more.  Our special co-host this evening is VYCKIE GARRISON, founder of No Longer Quivering. Guests include:
    Ryan Stollar – Extraordinary Debater and Co-Founder of Homeschoolers Anonymous. Kathryn Brightbill – Law School Student – Youngest Republican Precinct Committeewoman. Nicholas Ducote, Author and Co-Founder & Community Coordinator at Homeschoolers Anonymous. Sarah Jones – Journalist and Activist. Heather Doney – Quiverfull Daughter & Social Justice Advocate. Julie Anne Smith – Homeschooling parent and advocate for victims of spiritual abuse.  
    Among other things, we’ll discuss themes common to Christian homeschooling, such as patriarchy, revisionist history, creation “science,” the hidden life of LGBTs, and much more.  We’ll also hear about Homeschoolers Anonymous’ work in stopping child abuse taking place in homeschools.

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    Quiverfull...Is it up to God how many children you should have or you?

    in Women

    Steph and Deb will debate the Quiverfull movement. This should be a heated debate on whether God is responsible for how many kids we have or we are? is Birth Control wrong? Are women subservient? Join us as we discuss this hot topic in the Christian community.

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    A.F. Alexander-Is the Religious Right a Threat to Democracy

    in Spirituality

    Open Minds Open Hearts radio show. Monday, 8/20/2012, 8-9 PM EDT. Blog Talk Radio. Our guest is A.F. Alexander, author of the explosive new book:
    “Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy”    Ms. Alexander was born and raised in Colorado and witnessed first-hand; the relocation of Focus on the Family, and its impact on the city. She was one of those far right conservative Christians. She even completed a Bible Institute program that ingrained the conservative worldview into her being. She left the movement, after a few decades of ardent involvement, over the position that women should stay with abusive husbands. She graduated from a church sponsored Bible Institute, worked as a part time church secretary in her spare time, was a Sunday school teacher for approximately eight years, and wrote for a monthly church publication. She holds a BSBA degree, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Theology. She has worked in Fortune 500 companies her entire adult life. This was the book that had to be written and would not be quieted.
    This work is a timely exposé on the Religious Right that gives insight into the network’s blueprint for America. This book covers everything from Christian Reconstructionists, Dominionists, Quiverfull, Seven Mountains Mandate, to the war on women and attacks on public schools. You will find out who the leaders of the movement are and their tactics. It explains and documents a stealthy hijacking of the government, courts, schools, even our history, and popular culture. It explains and documents a stealthy hijacking of the government, courts, schools, even our history, and popular culture. For more information on all our shows, go to: www.openmindsopenhearts.net

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    Vyckie Garrison: Christian Marriage and Abused Women

    in Religion

    Vyckie Garrison was once a prominent member of the Quiverfull community, a Christian fundamentalist movement that bans birth control and encourages huge, Biblical families such as the Duggars.

    Garrison  wrote a popular newsletter and home-schooled 7 children. She made waves when she left the Quiverfull movement, divorced her husband, and began speaking out against the lifestyle.

    "No Longer Quivering," Vyckie has appeared on Joy Behar's talk show and in The Secret Lives of Women.  She is a well-respected adversary of Biblical patriarchy and the damages that it can inflict.  She started the Take Heart Project to provide support to women and children who are escaping abusive religious movements, and to provide the public with accurate, compassionate information on the unique challenges faced by the spiritually abused.

    Focus on the Family has recently declared that it wants to make it more difficult for Christians to obtain a divorce and to reduce the Christian divorce rate to 5% in order to create an example of family values to the secular world.  For a Christian woman who is in an abusive relationship, this "no divorce" policy will be a nightmare.

    Vyckie reviewed the ramifications of the Focus on the Family directive at her blog on Salon.  We will discuss this topic in depth with Vyckie.

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    Homeschool Cults (Part 2 of 2)

    in Education

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    The U.S. Department of Education says that over 1.7 million children in the United States are homeschooled.  But what happens when homeschooling stops being about education, and instead becomes insulation?  Isolation?  Inodctrination?

    This broadcast isn't a referendum on the concept of homeschooling.  It's an exploration into some of the more extreme religious homeschool environments, and into the lives and personal stories of those who experienced them.

    This is part 2 of a two-part broadcast. 

    Homeschoolers Anonymous:  https://homeschoolersanonymous.org

    Vyckie Garrison "No Longer Quivering:"  https://youtu.be/EGiv_o6YGKU

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    Living a Godly Life but at a Very High Price - Escape from Spiritual Abuse

    in Spirituality

    What is Quiverfull? Listen to Vyckie our Guest on Tuesday! I am a single mother of 7 wonderful kids. I am a former “Quiverfull” mother who dedicated my life to bearing and raising up “Arrows for God’s army.”

    My pregnancies nearly killed me on several occasions, but I was so dedicated to the ideal that I continued to risk my life. I left the movement and my Christian faith, so that’s led to learning a whole new way of thinking and living. My kids and I are really having a blast and enjoying the freedom to be ourselves rather than ordering our lives according to some predefined roles based upon an ancient patriarchal society.

    I am a former Christian homeschooling mother of seven who finally walked away from fundamentalism after our radical extremism drove my oldest daughter to attempt suicide. I was so convinced of, and committed to, the Biblical family ideals espoused by what has been termed the “Quiverfull” or “Biblical Patriarchy” movement.